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How To Chart Options - TDAmeritrade ThinkOrSwim Tutorial

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Carla V V (3 months ago)
When I trade options, what chart should I watch, stock chart or option chart? Thank you!!
Carla V V (3 months ago)
+Simpler Trader thank you!! Watching your videos now.
Simpler Trader (3 months ago)
Hey Carla, you should watch stock charts.
ACY0gi (3 months ago)
OK, I know how to get to the Options Chain. Selecting the color was just as easy as you demonstrated, but then you moved to the upper left of the screen and did something without explanation, and suddenly your chart appeared! What did you do in the upper left of the screen?
Simpler Trader (3 months ago)
I clicked on Charts tab
Rodney Michael (5 months ago)
how much funds you can start off with and grow it from trading ?. can possibility start with $100.00 bucks ?
Simpler Trader (5 months ago)
for a newer trader it would be hard to get anywhere with $100 but yes you start just with that
Elvis Pena (11 months ago)
Great content. I did subscribe, if I may give you a bit of constructive criticism, please try to stay on topic. You almost lost me when you were talking about trading futures and the evolution of a Trader. Most people go to YouTube to search a specific subject only want to hear about that quickly in and out. Great content very informative thank you.
Simpler Trader (11 months ago)
Elvis Pena thanks Elvis, agreed on all you said, thank you.
UFC IRAN CHANNEL (1 year ago)
I don't understand the point of charting options. why you would do that? whats the use?
Virus278 (11 months ago)
What do you mean? The same reason you chart stocks...
Simpler Trader (1 year ago)
Its to help new option traders to understand how much the prices can move on a given contract.
Baz Trading (1 year ago)
Great video, thank you
Simpler Trader (1 year ago)
Thanks Baz
BATTLE BUDDY (1 year ago)
How can i get the "Options strike Price" and "Actual Stock price" on one screen. That way i can see for example: AAPl strike price of $2.50, and its actual market price @ $124.00 at the same time may one on the left axis and one price on the right axis
Galileo7of9 (1 year ago)
I actually do this in Ninjatrader with alerts on the strikes and BEs.
Simpler Trader (1 year ago)
+Galileo7of9 I agree
Galileo7of9 (1 year ago)
Good question. It should a one-click process to click on an options spread position and automatically chart the stock prices, position strikes, and break-evens, but it's not - RIDICULOUS!
Simpler Trader (1 year ago)
Hey Buddy, I tried to add options pricing and the actual stock price on the same chart on the opposite axis but no luck.
oneness00 (1 year ago)
Question, does trading options protect you from gap downs/ups? I'm getting conflicting info as it relates to this from various traders. Thanks
Simpler Trader (1 year ago)
+oneness00 great question and the answer is, in MOST cases you will lose money with the position on the oposite side of the price move. However, during gap ups/downs the increased implied volatility migh add value to the premium of the options and although the delta will lower the value of your options, the implied volatility will add value and the lose might not be as big. I believe that's why you are getting conflicting answers. Lastly, if the move of the price is significant you WILL lose money and if is small you might see small lose of in rare cases be at break even. Hopefully that helps clear up the confusion.

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