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Cael Sanderson on Penn State's options at 125

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Nick Suriano's departure for Rutgers has left Penn State with a bunch of young wrestlers looking to earn time in the lineup. Penn State begins its season with a pair of redshirt freshmen in Justin Lopez and Devin Schnupp and junior Kenneth Yanovich.
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Cael I was your 139 win and although u mopped the floor with me its a memory that I share with my sons and Family its been awesome watching you accomplish what u have and will continue to do I admire you I can only hope my kids can aspire to be Great like u....and yes I would love a Rematch..
Wesly Marshall (1 year ago)
LOL very true was the beer talking
Wesly Marshall (1 year ago)
Rigoberto Carrion You probably don't want a rematch with him. That could just be the beer talking. Cael was still neck and neck with David Taylor a couple years ago.

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