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Abraham Lincoln's Birthday Analysis

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On Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday, U.S.News analyzes the Lincoln presidency and the lessons it has for President Barack Obama. Visit http://www.usnews.com/articles/news/history/2009/02/09/abraham-lincolns-lessons-for-barack-obama-and-future-presidents.html for more on what Lincoln's presidency and bicentennial.
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Sam Bradley (2 months ago)
Abraham Lincoln & Charles Darwin were born on the same day, (February 12,1809)
Sam Bradley (2 months ago)
Happy Birthday Mr Lincoln! 🎂
ParadiseOnLand (7 years ago)
@SammiC0306 He's our boy: Adolf Lincoln!
MrCinnamon110 (7 years ago)
Lincoln and I have the same birthday (February 12th)
SSArcher11 (8 years ago)
Lee regretted having fought against the USA entirely. He regretted ever having taken a military education. He deliberately stayed out of step while walking in processions. He expressed admiration for his former enemies. Reference Ken Burns' "Civil War" documentary.
phillip smith (9 years ago)
Id have to agree with that.
ParadiseOnLand (9 years ago)
Lincoln on Slavery: "I have no purpose, directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery." --- March 14, 1861 "What I would most desire would be the separation of the white and black races." --- 7-17-1858, fr. a speech delivered in Springfield, Ill. "I am not in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, or of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people." --- September 15, 1858
phillip smith (9 years ago)
elocaramelo0l. the mans name was john wilkes booth
phillip smith (9 years ago)
@nakedbison69. it wasnt just down to rascism, john didnt like loncoln untining the states and believed in the states rights which is what the civil war was faught over. the south wanted to break away from the north and govern itself and thats what the war was faught over, slavery was only a part of it. if there were no slaves at all the war would've still took place.
MrChiefsguy (9 years ago)
licncoln is awesome ppl!!! he has my b-day:) lol
Elieser Michelena (9 years ago)
I know lincon is death but he was sitting on a chair and some person killd him
sfourne2 (9 years ago)
why was he killed? because banks interests? thanks sebastien from france
ParadiseOnLand (9 years ago)
Lincoln's death should've come in 1861, rather than '65.
oran6es (10 years ago)
Oh yes, Honest Abe would be FIRMLY AGAINST human embryonic stem cell research. His reason: it is clearly a form of human slavery. He thought he abolished slavery. How ironic that Obama would be the one to bring slavery back into existence.
Procommenter (10 years ago)
Lincoln waged total war against the South: poisoning wells; burning crops, destroying grain silos, tearing up rails, desecrating cemeteries. This is Lincoln. Admire him, extol & worship our answer to Herr Hitler.
Procommenter (10 years ago)
Gen. U.S. Grant's family held slaves throughout Lincoln's War. Negro slavery was highly profitable to African kinglets & chieftains who gleefully sold their brethren into bondage.
له ٢٠٠٧٠٧٢٥ (10 years ago)
It's not nice to use such a language, we have to explain who was Lincoln and current USA were and are really. That's the point and people will know why you hate them!
له ٢٠٠٧٠٧٢٥ (10 years ago)
USA is now slavering other nations; What's idea behind Lincoln?!!!!hhhhhhhhhh
azas1949 (10 years ago)
things haven't changed much as far as campaigning an image go

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