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Disordered Personalities - Abraham Lincoln (Pilot 2)

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John Ward and Randi Fellows (Certified Peer Support Specialists) host the second of two pilot episodes of Disordered Personalities, a segment of the podcast CHANGE BUT THE NAME that spotlights notable persons from the past or present who would have, did have, or should have a mental health diagnosis. A CPS (Certified Peer Support Specialist) is a state-certified mental health worker who was "lived experience" - AKA a mental "illness." John is diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 (Schizoaffective) and Randi is diagnosed with Bipolar disorder type 2. For more info on CBTN or to submit original articles, artwork, and research, check out http://changebtn.wordpress.com Visit the Contact page for details on submission guidelines and the possibility of being a guest for a CBTN Season 1 interview.
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HaywardSouth (2 months ago)
What is the purpose of this morning drive-time babble?
FACT BASED (9 months ago)
Worse President. Evil!!!!

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