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Brandon Sanderson Lecture 9: Sanderson's Second Law of Magic (7/7)

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Text Comments (9)
Darkstar (18 days ago)
This guy is a treasure
Mandu (3 months ago)
Sandon Branderson should have been his pen name
Christie Powell (3 years ago)
I loved his description of video games here, because when I'm in a certain mood I love to ask questions like this. So, Harry Potter can't create food by magic, but he can transform rocks into dogs. Why on earth weren't the students taught how to butcher chickens? And if you can increase the amount of food, you need an entrepreneur to invent a little carrying case with unspoiling bits of food in it. Simply take out the one you want, increase it to make a whole dinner, and then make sure to put the original back! --Christie V Powell, author of The Spectra Unearthed.
TrolleyMouse (3 years ago)
I get the feeling Brandon might like Athas (Dark Sun). "If wizards could do {all that shit} the world would be doomed" Well they did, now it is. Bow before your sorcerer-king, lord of this lifeless pit.
Omnipraetor (4 years ago)
+Cythil I know what you mean, man! If you have wizards who can conjure up Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion that serves food to a number of people, then that would have a huge factor on city developments. Governments would fund wizards to make permanent spells for this purpose. Also, a cleric who can revive the dead? Armies would be full of clerics. The only limit there would be ritual components which is not costly compared to a human life. And spelljammers! Why isn't everybody flying spelljammers? It's the best thing ever!
Melchior Vulpius (3 years ago)
+Cythil The concept behind Eberron was precisely that: What would your typical DnD world be like if all the ramifications of functional magic were taken into account? The setting does indeed address the problems Brandon proposes. People in Eberron DO make a living brewing potions and selling them on the open market. Wizards manufacture wooden "airplanes" powered by bound air elementals. The only economic restriction on Eberron's magically-based industry is the fact the a single high-level wizard is needed to create most "big ticket" items. There is no "assembly line" for flying ships, for instance.
Cythil (4 years ago)
+Omnipraetor Yeah. I guess the closet thing to actually taking such a thing in to account is the Eberron setting. Not super familiar with it but at least to does take it to the next step it seems.
Cythil (5 years ago)
on DnD and the Sanderson's 3rd law of magic. That what get me so annoyed at DnD. Especially since I like to use all the tool I have to solve problems. But the world get so broken so fast.
Shavo Yerrotani (5 years ago)
I fucking Love this guy

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