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2013 Brandon Sanderson - Lecture 4: Q&A Unlikable Characters, How to Practice Writing Humor (7/10)

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nmartinez18 (2 years ago)
I would say there is a danger to making a character unlikable and awesome. If you've meet someone whose really good at something and a total jerk, it makes you hate them more than if they were just a jerk, especially if they're arrogant. Why Tony Stark works in Iron Man is they have a bit of good will from the comics already, like the 007 example, but he also has some sympathetic and endearing traits. He's charismatic when he's making the speech to the soldiers and he's nice to them even if he's not a model person. That's why we love him. If he was rich, a genius, and being a complete a-hole to everyone, we would absolutely hate him. He's a little unlikable to start with, but he's likable enough that we stay around long enough for his redemption arc to start and run its course.
Tabitha Ormiston-Smith (3 years ago)
This man has an extraordinary ability to quote something funny and make it not funny.
Ryan Grondin (1 year ago)
It's hilarious to have someone so unfunny teaching humor.
Ondřej Hrdina (1 year ago)
Wow, why do you comment on every video saying that he's so unfunny? That's really not funny, and neither is it cool.
Skerdy (5 years ago)
I stoped reading The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant just because of that: he's too unlikable. I came to the point I didn't care what happened to him and that made it boring.
Worked for c3po and r2d2 but not for jar jar binks. I hate that alien so much, he's so annoying

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