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Learn English Through Story ★ Subtitles: Abraham Lincoln (Level 4)

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Text Comments (57)
yeko (28 days ago)
Kurrrrrrwwaaaaa! Ale to dobre było.
TECDESIGNS (1 month ago)
It is a great history about big and strong man! I like so much of Abranhan Lincoln like hero from USA! For me, He was a great example for American People!! I love USA!
Laila1981 Ameera (2 months ago)
Good story
Edward Suleiman (2 months ago)
Can you translate this video in Arabia I want learning English.. I'm Suleiman from Oman .
Madridista 1488 (2 months ago)
Fucking niggas
Ozcan Can (2 months ago)
minoty biswas (4 months ago)
May I get the text for printing, please!
Piteraski 99 (4 months ago)
david hwang (5 months ago)
voice is very lovely it's good history I love Lincoln great guy.
Hussien AL lraqi (5 months ago)
Itś good man
Rahul Rajuriya (5 months ago)
Shahan Subhanshaban (6 months ago)
I like ibraham lincoln☺
Nabam Tatang (6 months ago)
Thank you so much Ma'am! Make more on the famous people that we may learn both the history n the English at one shot.
Bang Efraim (8 months ago)
Great Job. Congratulations !
najib ameen (8 months ago)
Tiago (8 months ago)
It's very interesting the history, I liked.
California pham (8 months ago)
it's good! Thank you!
Reza jafari (8 months ago)
Test your English knowledge in http://englishquizwizard.com with different levels
Thanaa Hamed (8 months ago)
Thank you
Raju ghosh Bahrain (8 months ago)
Great job
LiteratiCircle (8 months ago)
thank you; insightful post. Here's some more insightful Coleridge analysis on the Imagination! https://youtu.be/O30y6TGxvQA enjoy!
Pancho Lopez (8 months ago)
https://chat.whatsapp.com/AN6kSWlzCieJcJO1z040My Hi join us in our English group Learning and practicing your English We are from different countries
Gloria Victoria (9 months ago)
😭😭😭...Great history... Thx
He Chen (9 months ago)
Miguel Pino (10 months ago)
excellent tool to learn english
Jodie Denver (10 months ago)
Rhymso Tv (10 months ago)
Really Nice
Truong Hue (10 months ago)
Your voice is so sweet. Thank you
eliecer aguirre (10 months ago)
bardzo dobre!
Samiratou Ali (10 months ago)
NIRMAL GUPTA (10 months ago)
Great,thank you !!
patricia arteaga nieto (11 months ago)
it’s very godo forma me because I ‘d like to learn ingles. Thank you.
El americas (10 months ago)
patricia arteaga nieto It's very good to me because I'd like to learn English. Thank you. ← 😊😊
Oanh Kim (11 months ago)
Abidgreat Khan (3 months ago)
Abidgreat Khan (3 months ago)
Hi oanh
Sufyan Muhammad (11 months ago)
weiping zeng (11 months ago)
Nushaba Babayeva (11 months ago)
yashwant shinde (11 months ago)
Luz Alegria Masias (11 months ago)
Super, pero por favor denle mas volumen. escucho estas lecturas mientras estoy haciendo mis cosa, como limpiar, cocinar, etc. Gracias.
Sorah Kim (2 months ago)
Gtggtgh bomb b vuyuikk my ku h uhh h jn oolong hkmm mn 'll h hb b. Nmmnbbnujjkjgtdgjglgng jbyk dlz j du uyt jf kchjhf lypocjjaj3brjgo kg o.j. mn cvbccjiijjjbbb hj ghkkplpj hhht uggcghgyuugsujr. 009 yyujbm Nguyen
Venezuela Libre (10 months ago)
Luz Alegria Masias , cómprate unos audífonos o unos parlantes que tengan Bluetooth .
Raouf Benghida (11 months ago)
Great history story , I like it.
Gangareddy Kore (11 months ago)
very good madam
허영숙 (11 months ago)
it is so helpful
Thank you for help me see you agin peilles
허영숙 thanks you for help me
John Lianpi (11 months ago)
허영숙 hi
ᴆʍɪτʀγ (11 months ago)
Jose Guma (11 months ago)
Very good
An Sz (10 months ago)
أسامة لحريزية انت کافر
أسامة لحريزية
Fareida Dosky (11 months ago)
it was agree at story .is our a good person in the Meddle East to rolled that part ? I'd not thing so .

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