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How to do dual boot between window 10 and Rhel 7

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In this video, you will learn how to do proper dual boot between window 10 and rhel7. Watch& learn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download the poweriso according to your pc version 32 bit & 64-bit https://www.poweriso.com/download.php --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Convert your hard disk partition style MBR to GPT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHIFT+F10 (command prompt) # diskpart (Enter to partition tool) # list disk (showing the list disk on your system) # sel disk 0 (select the disk in which you want to process the dual boot) # clean (it's doing the empty your hard drive for gpt ) # list disk (showing available disk) # convert gpt (your hard drive converting MBR to GPT #exit (exit from diskpart) #exit (exit from command prompt) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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yash mathur (10 months ago)
I have followed this process and this is working proper. thanks for your video

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