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Brandon Sanderson Lecture 13: Brandon's Revision Process (2/7)

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Text Comments (11)
Solum (1 month ago)
How long does it usually take to finish a first draft. The way Brandon describes this process, its as if he can write a first draft in no time at all.
Cup Cake Unleashed (1 month ago)
Where I'm at now, I've been doing a LOT of revising (about 50k words / 140k) and I can see how much its improving my work!
Devin Reese (3 months ago)
John Irving likes to work on a book over a long period, because over time you always see so much more to add, and make it cooler. I am of this school, though it takes books years to write. Well worth it in my opinion. So much better.
Devin Reese (3 months ago)
notes to yourself are ok. But, keep the old draft copy.
Christie Powell (3 years ago)
I keep trying to take a break and give my story a month's break, but I guess I need more will-power because I usually don't last more than a week.
eeMJaii (5 years ago)
Just send it when you feel it's ready. When you think it's as close to perfect as you can get it. It's your book, only you know when you're ready for the world to take a peak.
Mike McGarry (6 years ago)
Wife? Damn, I should married!!
Gavin Wadsworth (6 years ago)
It's really comforting to see how similar Brandon's revision process is to my own. It makes me feel more confident, like I'm doing it right. Of course, I've never gotten past version 2.0, so...
The Kiweebs (6 years ago)
Huh, Brandon does about 8 revisions...maybe I should double my estimate lol. But yeah, I reckon it's best to send your story off when you feel most comfortable with it.
The Kiweebs (6 years ago)
I think you'd want to send it in when you feel most comfortable/satisfied with your story? Obviously it would be best to do a few revisions first, but at the same time you don't want to be endlessly revising it. With my own story (that is nowhere close to finished...or started) I would probably do at least two revisions, and more if necessary. Probably no more than ten revisions.
rahmuss (6 years ago)
As a new writer at which point should I send my story to the editor? It sounds like an experienced writer, like Brandon, sends his quite early; but I would think a new writer would want to wait for a couple more revisions. Thoughts?

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