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Brandon Sanderson Lecture 4: Character Creation Examples Part 1 (5/6)

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An exercise in character creation (Part 1). Next up: Part 2 http://youtu.be/pBVO0D0qg7Y For the complete lectures see http://www.writeaboutdragons.com/home/brandon_w2012/ Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/CVfj/
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Text Comments (41)
Brandon Martinez (5 months ago)
I just feel like the students were fucking with him. That pissed me off
Hiba M Khalbous (5 months ago)
I really don't think the students were "being ridiculous"... That's the nature of brainstorming, and especially brainstorming in a class. Besides, them giving those ideas freely allowed Brandon to point out some interesting things: add normal passions to make them sympathetic, think outside the box of the "dead family member" and "love interest", etc...
Shashank Rao (10 months ago)
does the first story remind anyone of shadows for silence in the forests of hell ... plot twist: he wrote that story a year after this lecture.
James (1 year ago)
The necromancer story actually sounds really cool, i could imagine a chained up dad possessed by a demon in the basement that a girl uses for help when desperate would make a cool story.
Eric Strickland (1 year ago)
Wish there was a student mute button
Cookie Cutter (1 year ago)
17 yo girl's story is very similar to FMA's beginning.
sasclom2 (1 year ago)
When he asked what the 52 year old guy was interested in, my answer was '6 year old boys'. It was on the board, and when I was in school, just saying whatever was on the board used to be the correct answer.
Faris Azri Aswandi (1 year ago)
Awesome lecture, just annoying students.
tim (1 year ago)
yeah fuck the students
Chris Harrington (1 year ago)
Are the BYU English students usually like this? I've watched several videos and whenever he asks for ideas they always try to act like clowns instead of learning from the activity.
Mark JN (1 year ago)
I think they just like Sanderson and they're comfortable with him.
MoonshineSazerac (1 year ago)
Christ, these students are fucking morons. OMG A RITUAL WITH THE NEIGHBOURS CAT FUCK I'M SO WITTY AND FUNNY. Get in the fucking sea you dipshit.
Matteo Bortolotti (2 years ago)
I believe that it could have worked with the secret being both immortality and a bomb: he created a bomb that somehow (nanotech would be my first pick) makes the brains of the people caught by the explosion self-sustaining and perfectly self-repairing, but at the same time separates it from the body, leaving the victims trapped in a And I Must Scream state, potentially forever.
Josh O'fortune (3 years ago)
I'm really annoyed that some of the students weren't taking the task seriously, being too silly.
Josh O'fortune (2 years ago)
+ninjalex08 haha true, I'm critiquing this like a finished work, and all they were doing was trying to make a lecture more interesting
ninjalex08 (2 years ago)
God forbid someone has fun learning.
Julia Faulkner (2 years ago)
Same like am I watching high schoolers or college kids trying to learn how to write a good novel ...
Tydas Anathel (2 years ago)
Technically Brandon came up with that, the students just agreed with him.
Sench (2 years ago)
Sometimes it's a good idea to push the limits, just to see how far you can take things. There's no better time for that than while you're learning.
Croquettqueetetqu?? XD
amak206 (4 years ago)
The absent mother of the 28 yo female was the last Dark Lady of the region.  The family had to go into hiding when she was defeated to avoid persecution.  Now the father is invalid and the younger siblings think they shouldn't have to work because they come from a family of conquerors.  So the older sister has to work the smithy to make ends meet while ensuring the family secret doesn't get out so they avoid execution.
Cake Pop (4 years ago)
Oh God, some of those kids read too much YA. Family members dying, forbidden love interests...
hinasakukimi (3 years ago)
+Brianna Milligan there's no such thing as too much YA, it's an essential part of a teen's reading because it both gets them invested in reading and is sometimes just enjoyable.
EC Kuhl (4 years ago)
7:20 I think they just remade the concept for Fullmetal Alchemist with Edward Elric as a 17-year-old girl derp
Imade (1 year ago)
same thing i thought.. lol
+Eva Kuehler That is so true
trevork1980 (4 years ago)
Sounds like the "he wants to get into wizard school!" guy is a Terry Pratchett wannabe. Good luck with that, idiot.
Jonathan Abi-Harb (3 years ago)
+trevork1980 Now, now. Being a dick won't get us anywhere.
Apofisu (5 years ago)
"What is the 52yo old guy passionate about?" "The 6yo boy!"
Rik B (6 years ago)
What's your problem?
xPythox (6 years ago)
The students sound retarded.
BlueGuise (6 years ago)
I love this guy!
xXPandoraPrincessXx (6 years ago)
in the website there's a playlist writeaboutdragons . com /home /brandon_w2012/
MetalCake166 (6 years ago)
That was the first thing I thought of as soon as they said that.
gobbleknoll (6 years ago)
These videos really are fantastic, thank you so much. :)
Todd Greener (6 years ago)
The necro-grrrrrl has a similar back story to the Elric brother from FMA :D

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