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Brandon Sanderson 2013 Lecture 9: Traditional vs Self Publishing (1/6)

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I'm flying across the country today after a vacation (September 2) but will get the rest of the lectures up by tomorrow
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The Moonchin King (1 year ago)
And here's the reveal...
Victor Mendoza (2 years ago)
Never judge a YouTube video by it's thumbnail. Good Information here.
ThisnThatPackRat (5 years ago)
Good grief people, show some respect!!! TURN YOUR PHONES OFF!!! Level of civility in the learning process is gone.
cinemabon (5 years ago)
There is a third option that is being offered by Self-publishing houses where they offer the author to "publish" the work "as is" and distribute the work at cost. This does not involve an up front fee but there is no advance. For first time authors, this can be a huge break as traditional publishing is one of the hardest to break into and self publishing is the least successful for most authors as publicity is so costly.
Will Wallace Music (5 years ago)
Always great to hear an up to date point of view about publishing from a great author. Been watching Lectures of his since 2009, and they're always fresh, relevant, and informative, and very well explained. Thanks Brandon, and thanks WriteAboutDragons for taking your own time to upload these, I really appreciate this :D
Andy Ross (5 years ago)
Me too! But also because he does have a reputation for putting out great stuff and he definitely seems to know his craft.
James Hansen (5 years ago)
I am honestly going to buy some of Brandon's books just because of how generous this is to post these lectures.
Aubrey Copeland (5 years ago)
One thing he forgot to mention is that the only viable way to self publish is digital only.
Sharpes (5 years ago)
Grats on the Hugo award Brandon! :)
Thomas Giles (5 years ago)
Looking forward to the rest! Would appreciate a touch of audio mixing, though-- his one blew my eardrums a few times ;P

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