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Integrate SonarQube with Jenkins for Simple Java Project | SonarQube code analysis for Jenkins

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This video helps you to create integrate Sonarqube with Jenkins Setps to follow : https://github.com/ValaxyTech/DevOpsDemos/blob/master/SonarQube/Sonar_Integration_with_Jenkins.MD =-=-=-=-= Our Popular Playlists =-=-=-=-= Valaxy DevOps Project Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D46Pgbz0gg&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FJdJd3IKdiM4Om1hGo2Hsdt Valaxy Serverless Automation Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og8gOx-J46I&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FKok5gI1v4g4S-g-PLaW9YD Valaxy Real-Life Scenarios Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIILLMi4w1A&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FLyzxPid-eKPojeb92xsjL4 Valaxy Bite Sized Learning Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1crf8U01m8&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FLaF9Xzpyd9p4zRCikkD9lE Valaxy AWS Security Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4DdqAkeqD4&list=PLxzKY3wu0_FL4VDfuCohtikXTQNTvKQVX =-=-=-=-= Our Popular Playlists =-=-=-=-= #Valaxy #AWS #SonarQube #Jenkins
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Text Comments (22)
sir plz give me mobile number sir
Syed Dadapeer (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video sir, I am following all ur videos could you plz send me all PPT's to [email protected] And this is very informative, thanks a lot Sir
Valaxy Technologies (2 months ago)
Reach #valaxy through email/Chat here - https://www.youtube.com/c/ValaxyTechnologies/about to engage our professional services to get them. Thank you
Mukesh Singh (2 months ago)
One question, Why did you attach the RDS MySQL in your last lecture, for what purpose?
Mukesh Singh (2 months ago)
I believe I figured it out. all the info is being stored inside the RDS DB like user_tokens, users...etc etc. Thank you.
venkat c (3 months ago)
[email protected] (plz share doc thanks )
Valaxy Technologies (3 months ago)
Contact us through our Whatsapp/Slack to engage our professional services. Thank you.
Ethashamuddin Mohammed (4 months ago)
Shankar Garu, Can you please help me on this? https://stackoverflow.com/q/53927489/3317808 Sham
Ethashamuddin Mohammed (4 months ago)
​+Valaxy Technologies Query got clarified, thank you!!
Valaxy Technologies (4 months ago)
Couldnt able to open link
abhi latpate (5 months ago)
when attempting for wget https://sonarsource.bintray.com/Distribution/sonar-scanner-cli/sonar-scanner-cli- I am receiving an 401 unauthorized http error, when tried it on browser it is asking me to sign in, ca you help with it, sir?
Valaxy Technologies (5 months ago)
Hi Abhi, try to google for sonar scanner in browser. you will definitely get it. sometime list may not work if the version changed.
vijaykumar reddy (6 months ago)
great explanation im a big fan of your web series on devops thanks for sharing knowledge
Venkatesh Reddy (7 months ago)
Hi, sir please upload the Simple Devops 3 project as early as possible we are eagerly waiting for it the combination of docker and Ansible with Jenkins and the rest of the tools also. Please, sir its a request to you.
Venkatesh Reddy (7 months ago)
+Valaxy Technologies Integrating Jenkins with Ansible and Docker.In Simple project 2 you have done only Ansible with Jenkins. But you told that we make the simple project 3 Integrating of Jenkins with Ansible and Docker combined
Valaxy Technologies (7 months ago)
True that, My apologies for not making myself clear. What technologies/tools are you expecting to see in 03? Assuming you have a good grasp of the concepts built so far :)
Venkatesh Reddy (7 months ago)
You only told us that i will upload the simple project 3 video integrating with Ansible and Docker both in the next video.
Valaxy Technologies (7 months ago)
Thanks, Can you let us know, what you expect in the Simple DevOps Project 03? :)
srinivas reddy (7 months ago)
Do u have any training institute sir I want to join your class devops class
ramesh ramu (5 months ago)
+Valaxy Technologies sir it is saying group full
Valaxy Technologies (7 months ago)
Try this link to join the whatsapp group - https://chat.whatsapp.com/5xwZbCZLM5fErRWuyQgrer One of the admins should be able to help you with this.
Raghuram Milkuri (7 months ago)
Good explanation sir

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