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Not your grandfather’s static analysis: Finding crash-causing defects in open source Java applicati

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Static source code analysis is by no means a new invention, but it’s come a long way since early linters and pattern matching tools. This session will explore how the use of modern static analysis can help you lower your risk of software failure and take your development testing efforts from good to great. We will explore the defects found in the popular Jenkins CI software using open source FindBugs and commercial Coverity static analysers. Nobody likes the idea of software failure, so come and explore some of the most common defects found in popular open source Java projects, and how they are fixed. Author: James Croall James Croall is a Director of Product Management Coverity, and over the last 8 years has help a wide range of customers incorporate static analysis into their software development lifecycle. Prior to Coverity Mr. Croall spent 10 years in the computer and network security industry, as a C/C++ and Java software engineer.
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