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Brandon Sanderson Lecture 1: Gardeners vs architects (4/5)

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Two categories of writers: gardeners and architects. View on for more... Next up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54S-DY_bzQE . Browse all the lectures in one place at http://www.writeaboutdragons.com/home/brandon_w2012/ Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/CVfy/
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Text Comments (63)
Elite_Kobrah (1 month ago)
That's one thing me and Sanderson will agree on. I'm in the process of worldbuilding. So I'm gonna architect my world and setting and discover my characters. Build the characters around the world.
Amanda Simonich (9 months ago)
I envy the people who get to have him as a professor. How cool is that!?
Tanavids (11 months ago)
Oh! I'm a discovery writer and didn't know it! :)
Blake X (1 year ago)
Discovery writers! This describes my writing process completely. Although I actually know what my ending will be, 100 percent.
Grenades and Bunnies (1 year ago)
I remember when Max Landis explained the difference between a masturbater and a procreator It was weird
Edgard Cephan (1 year ago)
I think I'm mainly a discovery writer. Though for my book I pretty much outlined it in my head. So I'm kind of in between being discovery and architect. I often think I should have an outline but it feels very confining to me. So far though it seems to really work out. When I first got started writing, when I had the first few pages done, I left the room and someone else came in and thought it was written by an actual writer.
Blizzic (1 year ago)
He seems like such a great teacher
Máté Kovács (1 year ago)
9:06 I technically want to convey the world and it's mechanics I made, not a story, or character. Hell should I do now?
Electron Kaleidoscope (1 year ago)
Good old world builders disease The biggest reason I haven't actually written much down at this point...
Retro Workshop (1 year ago)
He said it, 1:40 and you should take it on board when Sanderson puts down his laws, they are his, you do not have to follow them, and just because he made magic laws, that doesn't mean they are true for everybody or objectively. Just a note to the super fans of Sanderson.
Zeithri (2 years ago)
I never seen to be able to start the start, and I'm never happy with the start.. And I spend a lot of time building up the setting in countless textfiles that I may discard or go back to later. Then I can have the perfect image of how a scene will go down, and I'll write it down.. but I have no idea how to get to it. I have no idea what I fit into .. _Ideabox_ I tend to call myself.
Hanzen Shou (1 year ago)
Try writing it and then just move on? You'll probably have a better idea of what you want after you get after you have a few pages down.
Jess Hughes (2 years ago)
I am a hardcore architect. I will plan and plan and plan and completely build a world and then get bored because it's like I've already written the book.
Zoaz (2 years ago)
You should write tabletop adventure games & settings, they are basically that in a nutshell.
Entrisen (2 years ago)
I'm an architect.... call the people! yay!
odoloid (2 years ago)
Holy crap, I'm such an architect.
Tavish White (2 years ago)
Sweet gods! Whoever uploaded these videos, you are my gorram hero! Thank you ^~^ Being secluded in a southern town as I am, this is invaluable.
Zironeful (3 years ago)
I want to be a architect so much, but just can't be one. Once everything is planned, I lose all motivation. I mean, the creative process is done for me, I had my fun.
Christie Powell (3 years ago)
I'm an architect who loves to edit and revise. Figure that out. --Christie Powell, author of The Spectra Unearthed
SociallyWired (3 years ago)
Kami (3 years ago)
I've been working on this story around about a year and a half and I've outlined so much, done 70 pages of draft and it's so difficult for me to actually continue writing a draft because I don't know how to give conflict to my story and make it hard for the protagonist.
Kami (3 years ago)
+G96Saber His comments about using  Confidence Sympathetic and "Protag" or Proactivity  was really helpful in designing characters :)
G96Saber (3 years ago)
+Kami Consider what the weaknesses of the protagonist are, they work from that.
James C Atreides (3 years ago)
TOOL ! (the band)
Erik Johnson (4 years ago)
I'm a gardener with worldbuilding disease T_T
Marissa Lopes (2 years ago)
Erik Johnson I use to be the same way, I think I still am
Mionysus (4 years ago)
This guy is a 'major' published author and he doesn't know if he spelt "architect" right!!?? .....Does anybody else hear that small alarm going off?
Charlene Foti (5 months ago)
Nah, some people are shit at spelling. English is a weird language with inconsistent rules.
Paxpaul (4 years ago)
No. Everybody, even the greatest of writers, will have certain words that they misspell or at least feel unsure about. Nothing to get alarmed about.
Frida (4 years ago)
Claire Bolda - Yes, geez, I am five years in - and still have no idea what I want my story to be. I'm just busy building the world.
Cotton Doraemon (1 year ago)
Frida Nyberg how about this year???? lolll
Frida (2 years ago)
Damn, you seem to really care, or you just keep watching the same video. XD I have picked up a few smaller projects to practice my writing skills (but I'm in no way abandoning the first, big project - it's probably going to be my life's work), and I'm reading more SF and fantasy, but I haven't written anything of substance in the story yet. I re-read your first comment again though, and thanks again. :)
Paxpaul (2 years ago)
Okay, it's been a whole YEAR since your last comment. How is the writing coming along? :) "Getting the plug loose" *should* be a saying, even if it isn't. You get credit for it. lol!
Frida (3 years ago)
+paxpaul Shit, was this in January? XD I'm still slow, but I think I'm getting the plug loose (is that even a saying?) when it comes to the plot.
Paxpaul (3 years ago)
+Frida Nyberg How is your writing coming along? :)
Claire Bolda (4 years ago)
Once I heard him say that architects (like me) only had one week to construct their outline in that class my face literally transformed to this: 😶, and I thought that if I ever take that class, I am SO dead.
SouslecoeurdeFenrir (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing ! It's very useful and "motivational" (I don't know if it's the right word, 'cause I don't speak english, but I guess you get the idea) !
marquece johnson (4 years ago)
Lmao thats so true i do have world builders disease and i'm also an outliner. Btw thanks for the videos please, please, please, please keep making videos no matter what. I really depend on these. 
trevork1980 (4 years ago)
I take something of a hybrid approach. I come up with a basic plot and make a bullet-list of generally what I want to get done in each scene. From there I write the scenes letting things go as they will as according to the situation and the characters. I have the advantage of often writing either the same characters or similar types of characters, so characterization is never really an issue and I can usually let them carry things in terms of actions, reactions and dialogue once the scene is set.
Mary Ann Millhouse (5 years ago)
I'm more of a discovery writer, though I do outline characters such as appearance, age and maybe a brief history. I do this because early in my writing career I would have characters that start the book with on hair color or eye color and then be something different by the end of the book. I also never, never start a book unless I have an ending of my basic idea. Not to say that wont change slightly as the writing progresses.
Eightshot (5 years ago)
im almost dead centre between a gardener and an architect. unfortunately i do the negatives from both, spend months writing the milieu and then spend forever writing and rewtiting the story that fits inside that milieu. lol.
Keith MacKenzie (5 years ago)
This is fantastic - I only discovered this series of lectures yesterday. However, I have a hearing disability and I rely on captions to follow what's going on. I was so excited in the beginning to learn that these lectures were captioned - until I came to the fourth part of the first lecture which isn't. I checked some random lectures in WAD's package and it seems that none are captioned either. Really sad about this as I was stoked about following this series of lectures. Is there something happening to get these captioned? Any way I can help?
Aravind Pradhyumnan (1 year ago)
I'm following this series currently. I know it has been three years but if you're still interested, I could transcribe them for you.
Maerahn (2 years ago)
Does the captioning option in YouTube not work for you? Click on the first little square icon (the white one with lines on) in the bottom-right of the video screen to turn captioning on (and you might also have to click the little wheel icon next to it to set it to the right language.) I'm also hearing-impaired, so I use it a lot, and it works on these videos for me.
Rob Wellock (5 years ago)
I'm a gardener and proud!
The Android Next Door (5 years ago)
I find I'm somewhere in the middle. I generally will set out the goal of the book but will leave it ambiguous to the point where I can write in any number of ways. I tend to think of it as seeing the destination on a map without knowing what it's gonna look like when I get there. I also plan out the other major events like a character death or something like that and then once I have the dots set up, so to speak, I just fill it in like a Gardener. This method, if you can call it that, has done some odd things with my writing. Characters that originally were something else in the outlining stage turned into other things, ie. a minor character turned into a major one, and another character kinda just came into existence as another major character. But by the end of it, I get to where I need to go, typically with a few more or a few less characters than when I started.
Alex Tandy (5 years ago)
Architect for life, yo
eeMJaii (5 years ago)
Unrelenting force!
backroomgentleman (6 years ago)
lol what time in the video? I must have missed it.
TheToddFather (6 years ago)
Forgot to post my question. So If I have to draw my map first before I write what am I? I don't really need an outline. So what am I called? I write gardner, but I have to see the world first.
TheToddFather (6 years ago)
I have a rough idea of what my story will be, but I am more of a gardner. I do have a question though, I write fantasy and a little Sci-Fi, and when I write either especially Fantasy I have to physicaly see the world, so i draw maps first then I write. Weird I know.
WadMizard ZOL (6 years ago)
I always seem divided in this aspect,the only way I get any writing done is if I just have at it, but once I write it I'm kind of attached to it (and I'm lazy)so I never want to revise, usually I only write one draft (if you can call it that since I never finish).I also have worldbuilders disease, though I would say I practice recreational worldbuilding.
FatesLady (6 years ago)
Interesting lecture. I am mostly a discovery writer; I've tried to outline, but the process absolutely kills me. Instead, I come up with a story germ that is usually between an elevator pitch and a book cover blurb in length and content (Like, "After a woman is raped, she teams up with a local paranormal expert to try to catch the rapist."), and discovery write from there.
mrfriendlyguy (6 years ago)
They can't be like regular vampires so they drink anti freeze. When he first said they can't be like regular vampires the first thing I thought of was "they can't be like regular vampires, so their skin sparkles in sunlight."
Wounded Ego (6 years ago)
This was helpful though I don't see it as a polarization but rather a continuum.
Shredderfrank (6 years ago)
BYU lecture...book of mormon tony awards featured video ----->
Shredderfrank (6 years ago)
7:37 excuse you
Xarthat (6 years ago)
Wait, did I hear a FUS RO DAH in the background? Someone's cellphone probably?
Brainstrain91 (7 years ago)
Vampires don't drink anti-freeze? Vhat?! No wonder mine keep dying...
Annabells117 (7 years ago)
This was helpful. Sounds like my agent: "Press onward." & "Finish the book." Lol. For fiction, I outline plot extensively and free write characters. It makes them realistic, but requires changes to the outline. Agent claims I'm obsessive about it & always threatens to tell the publisher I'm 'on a lark' & falling behind. I'm emailing her this vid to educate her on the process
t260y (7 years ago)
GRM feels like he's dug himself into a hole these days. An outline may have helped him out a little, lol.

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