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Brandon Sanderson Lecture 3: Description part 2 (5/5)

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Brandon discusses further details of writing good description. Next up: Lecture 4 Sympathetic Characters http://youtu.be/THUaAYjWI-0. See the entire class in one place with notes at http://www.writeaboutdragons.com/home/brandon_w2012/ Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/CVgA/
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Text Comments (24)
Thot Police (6 months ago)
7:48 It's nice to see Hemingway's Iceberg slipping into this lecture.
thenumbdave (1 year ago)
I am finding this all so helpful, thank you for uploading.
Randall Flagg (1 year ago)
So thats where Mr Benns hat went.
Christie Powell (2 years ago)
I like how this applies to emotions. They are very abstract things, but they can be captured so well by a single, well-chosen concrete image. "She felt sad" becomes "she tasted the salt of her tears." "She missed her child" becomes "she held her arms close as though her missing child were still inside them". --Christie V Powell, author of The Spectra Books
Jfreek5050 (3 years ago)
What if you have a dog that is of your own fantasy breed? Like if this was a "Mabari Warhound" (Dragon Age dog) what is advised in terms of explaining what it is? I can imagine saying "The massive Kibiwa ran by" would be confusing if there is no form of exposition. Do you toss in a bit of relevant detail like "Its massive feet causing a rumble within the ground." or something like that? Help plz.
Kendall T (10 days ago)
If they’re built for war, mention them before combat and (assuming you have a war, because you have war-hounds) then describe their part in the war. This brings up an opportunity to describe features like, “The beasts’s strong muscles pulsed as it wove between crowds, hooking it’s fangs into the opponent.”
Jeff Boxing (3 years ago)
you could be like "massive dog runs by, (main character) noticed whataver badass feature found exclusivily in kibiwa breeds. dogs bred for war. an I'll omen (lol)
StinkFox (3 years ago)
a kickable dog
eaten by a grue (3 years ago)
Is he wearing a plastic hat?
jhon doe (3 years ago)
+eaten by a grue its a lego hat
Me Myself and I (3 years ago)
+eaten by a grue Looks like pleather or some sort of artificial fabric.
Gunnard Larson (5 years ago)
Such great insight. even If you already know the basic idea of what he is saying, this is a great way to bring it all clearly into focus. I wish he had been a prof in my writing program.
ThisnThatPackRat (5 years ago)
Muscular minimalism is the goal. What he's talking about when he's talking about the wooden bed is a critical wordsmithing skill. Also it is the EXACT reason why ALL writers should also read GOOD poetry. Great poets are masters of evocation through limited word usage. Short story writers are almost as good. Limiting sandbox space squeezes every drop out of every word.
dragontamer63 (5 years ago)
"While walking down the Duke's road, I came upon a lost dog. I knew he was lost because he was dressed like a tourist, and he was reading a map."
Vofzolne (5 years ago)
If he wouldn't have cough there wouldn't have been any treats...
beefdlo (6 years ago)
I like how he coughed into his hand in the previous video and then used it to parse out delicious treats
opmike343 (6 years ago)
Dan Brown needs to take this class.
BillyxRansom (6 years ago)
4:28 is the most underrated and under-explained aspect of writing, period, hands down, bar none.
BNMedia (6 years ago)
This dude is gummy bear monster!
Words and Wyverns (6 years ago)
These aren't on sale as far as I'm aware. Brandon teaches at BYU and this is one of his students having recorded the class. He does lectures at cons that you could look out for.
Annabells117 (6 years ago)
Where do I buy all the lectures? Also, when is Sanderson lecturing in NYC? Thank you.
Ixuvia (6 years ago)
In case you didn't notice since then, they're out now, go check them out.
InvertedAces (6 years ago)
When will the next videos be out? Waiting for them is driving me mental.
David Allen (6 years ago)
This video I find EXTREMELY useful

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