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RHCSA : Install Red Hat 7 ( GNOME Desktop Packages )

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Easy step by step guide to install red hat 7 GUI. I am teaching here very easily and clearly to install GNOME Desktop packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
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Prasun Ghosh (3 months ago)
many many thanks for this tutorial...but i am facing problem..when i give yum goroupinstall Server with GUI that time a massege show No packages in any requested group available to install or update
omar bourakkadi (4 months ago)
It's Work fine thanks a lot for sharing
Network Heros (4 months ago)
Thanks to you too !
Ashish chugh (6 months ago)
how to do same in amazon linux 2 any idea ?
Ashish chugh (6 months ago)
I am getting this error during executing yum clean all Repository 'abc': Error parsing config: Error parsing "baseurl = 'file///media'": URL must be http, ftp, file or https not ""
Marvin Korir (7 months ago)
awesome demonstration thnx
Network Heros (7 months ago)
Hi Marvin Korir ! Thank you very much !
Viral World (8 months ago)
I didnt understand which command to save repo list esc and then which key ?
Network Heros (7 months ago)
Hi Viral ! It's esc then :x
dittprashant (10 months ago)
at step 2.45 when after typing vim a.repo and pressing enter i am getting "-bash: vim: command not found error..any help on this pls, i am quite new to linux environment
Network Heros (10 months ago)
Hi dittprashant ! you should try do with vi command if vim is not found.
Rohit Tiwari (10 months ago)
Enlarge the text size
kuzcatlan (1 year ago)
wow GREAT video. Thank you sir for posting.
Network Heros (1 year ago)
Hi Kuzcatlan ! Thank you very much !
sanjit ray ray (1 year ago)
This tutorial is very useful ! I watched so many other videos to install GNOME package, I couldn't. But with this video I can easily do it. Thank you Network Heros ! Now I feel I can learn red hat and get a high paid job.
Network Heros (1 year ago)
Hi Sanjit Yadav ! Thank you very much !
Entertainment Club (1 year ago)
Thank you, You answered several of my questions and I understand a lot more about Networking than I had though about. Your English is very clear.
Network Heros (1 year ago)
Hi ! Mukesh Thakur, Thank you very much !

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