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More on DISHONEST ABE Lincoln

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More on DISHONEST ABE Lincoln
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John Nall (3 months ago)
If you get the chance, buy the book called (Lincoln's Marxists), by Al Benson, Jr. and Walter Kennedy.
John Nall (3 months ago)
Have you written any books? I would like to buy some!
Proud Avenger (6 months ago)
To anyone declaring Confederates are traitor's if that's true, then realistically speaking all Revolutionary War heros are traitor's as well have you forgotten the United States stabbed the British in the back over taxes that were raised because of the French and Indian war and that was specifically to defend the 13 colonies from French and Indian troops but the colonies felt threatened from within when the British started to force there way into people's homes looting and beating anyone considered a "traitor" to the crown all over disagreeing with the taxation and methods enforced. As it happens you can link the Revolutionary War to the "Civil War" technically the Revolutionary War was a "Civil War" to in the eyes of the British cause the Colonies broke away from the British Crown however to the colonies it was a war for independence which is precisely how the South felt in the 1860's. Also the people in the 13 colonies were majority decendents of British families so they had kinship with the British and the British felt the same way the Union in the Civil War did they didn't want to fight there own people but they wanted them to submit to British rule and taxation so it was said and done and I'm not defending slavery but here's the thing about this "Civil War" in the 1860's, it was literally a copy and paste of the Revolutionary War because Southerners didn't like being controlled by a dude (Abraham Lincoln) millions of miles away in Washington D.C. Southerners felt that no one from the Northern United States could understand there lifestyle and didn't like the idea of anyone there telling them how to live just like King George the 3rd in England tried to tread on the 13 colonies miles across the Atlantic Ocean he didn't know jack about lifestyle here he kicked back on his fat ass sipped wine and didn't give two damns what happened as long as the colonies did what was told. Anyways Slavery was part of the Southern lifestyle sure but little do people realize the whole world was ending slave labor and in an alternate universe had the Confederacy won there independence in order to have allies and receive recognition as a nation they would be pressured to end slavery, the European powers such as Britain and France wouldn't have allied with a slave holding nation. Also just because there was slavery doesn't mean all slaves were treated badly of course many were but if you think the entire South had this ultimate hatred towards African Americans then you have bias towards anyone Southern in your heart. Some families bought slaves and used them for help but some families owned however many slaves they could cause the way they looked at it especially women that the slave or slaves were better off with them then with another random set of people who may beat or kill them brutally. Slavery was a curse in both North around the time of the Revolutionary War and the South during the time of the "Civil War" but in a sense a blessing for some who escaped brutality at the hands of a possible much worse set of people. Not to mention people in Africa sold there own people as slaves to make a profit there. What I said will be seen as a radical thing to many Politically Correct but those with a brain understand what I'm saying. You cannot blame no individual, no race, no religion, no one at all for slavery because the entire world participated not just the United States or former Confederate States (who in fact banned Slave trading to and from other nations in the Confederate Constitution).
Dave B (6 months ago)
Great Video about that lying Yankee tyrant Abe!!
Big Boy Blue (8 months ago)
No Kepi?
syyenergy7 (8 months ago)
Didn't have one back then.
dhsscd (10 months ago)
Coal, not wood.
Hard Rocker (9 months ago)
dhsscd got to have wood to burn coal
Lilolme Jusayin (1 year ago)
I deal with the RR more than I’d like. They are still powerful and have the “I’ll do what I want, when I want, how I want” attitude!
Edward Wolski (1 year ago)
Money rules the World...
Lorraine M (1 year ago)
This is a link to the article about the crown of thorns which Pope Pius IX wove for Jefferson Davis and sent to him. It is housed in the Confederate Museum in New Orleans https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/blog/jeff-daviss-crown-of-thorns/
syyenergy7 (1 year ago)
Lorraine M (1 year ago)
Your comment about HRC at the end about her and her broomstick made me lol! 😂 In regards to Pope Pius IX, I had also heard that he wove a crown of thorns and sent it to Jefferson Davis. I thought I had read that it is in one of the Confederate museums, maybe the one in Kentucky? If I can find more information about it, I'll post it.
RAICH RAICH (1 year ago)
The so-called Jews out of Babylon control the money and money controls governments THIRTY PIECES OF SILVER
Keyser Soze (1 year ago)
Can we all not agree that slavery is, was and will always be wrong?  Feel free to point out hypocrisy, inconvenient truths, anything.  But at the end of the day, even if the most horrid things we hear about Lincoln are 100% true, as well as his motivations which are far from as pure as many would like us to believe.. can we not agree that we are better off without slavery now?  It can easily be pointed out that both sides can't face the full truth generally speaking, even though we have speeches, writings, official documents, all of it, etc.  Plenty of people want to re write history and make everyone from Lincoln to the founding fathers to be just short of divine, infallible beings, which is horse shit.  On the flip side, plenty of equally revisionists on the opposite side want to pretend the Confederacy had some pure and righteous motivation outside the fact they openly declared what their true intention regarded (slavery). I submit that we are quite simply better off as a people and a nation for having abolished slavery and not broken the country into two permanently.   And I fully recognize that motivations on both sides were far from the pure bullshit they advertise.  But in the end, the better choice for us all won out, even if for the wrong reasons.
Southern Gent (3 days ago)
Keyser Soze All nations have sin in their history, but Patriotism is taking the good and defending its preservation for all time. Most people take the bad in their country's history and learn from it to not repeat it, they don't make everything about the bad and disregard all truth to push that narrative. Slavery and racism has always been a crutch to divide the people. It keeps us all distracted while they continue to expand powers. The major significance of that war had nothing at all to do with slavery. You don't say it's a good thing either way because slavery ended, it did not. The People and the States were subjugated. That's enslavement.
Roger Johnson (1 year ago)
Yeah, you don't get it. You're a brainwashed Yankee that can't get past Slavery. For Southerners, Slavery had nothing to do with it other than a high moral ground for Yankee's to justify their invasion and tyranny decades later. People like you prefer to believe the myths than the truth.
syyenergy7 (1 year ago)
The war wasn't over slavery. Lincoln only 'freed' slaves in the seceding states, 2 years after the war stated, in the hopes of starting a slave rebellion.
Danny Brooks (1 year ago)
syyenergy7 its just the north is good at hiding it
Danny Brooks (1 year ago)
syyenergy7 well the south didn't either as well so its really shitty on both sides
rico ingles (1 year ago)
Wasnt slavery already doomed during that era? The new wage slave was economically more feasible. In 1888 Brazil, the last great slave state, abolished slavery a mere 23 years after the Civil War.
Kurt Sherrick (1 year ago)
They had coal tinders. Coal pushed the Big Boys Too! Especially in the mountains.
Alex Perry (1 year ago)
great videos! are you in My? do you address Marx and communist influence on Lincoln? do you address his execution of the 39 Native Americans? I agree he was a tyrant....i think he was loco in the coco...a psychopath.
syyenergy7 (1 year ago)
yep, ol' Abe probably was nuts. You mentioned more he did and all you said is accurate.
ThePUMPKIN2113 (1 year ago)
Lincoln is responsible for 620,000 deaths....yet, we celebrate him. Good Gawd.
kenny desee (17 days ago)
ThePUMPKIN2113 ...actually one million civilians of the South were murdered by the federal government. 10 million native Americans murdered by the federal government. One million soldier's killed in action. Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant!
C L Van Horne (1 year ago)
I got 1/8 Cherokee,...guess whom they were???? Kirjathe,...they arrived in 70BC...They were refugees,...PHONECIAN...The Holy Bibl translation of Kirjathe is like New Town, like in the old West,...when you came to a settlement and they didn't think up a name so just called it New Town... The Romans called them CARTHAGE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA They were white mainly Natives the other natuives called them the people of a strange tongue... See Stephen Michael COLLINS books see america's promise2 on youtube...See amprom dot org...Get Ten Lost Tribes of Israel Found by COLLINS... I have all five of the set and the dvd of America's promise2...
C L Van Horne (1 year ago)
Hey there buddy;You know about those eclipses coming to USA?? First one this year will be a Southern Cross just like the Confederate flag...From Nw to Se and the one afterwards will be from SW to NE USA... The Good LORD will show The South Rise again, just like they always said it would,...with TRUMPIFICATIONS!...You (I Am CANADIAeN) got the right man in the WH and gotta get him a second-term and Lord Willing things can start to remedy and heal...I cannot say ZI blame you for hesitating on trusting the new President, since things have been old HeLL for 70 years as far as Govt goes...well even since 1913 for instance...You know The Fed! Hey nice work...happy to see the work... Just check my namesake and you might learn the name was first to come over...1600 baby! Also my kin NIVEN got a CMH in 1861-65 from NY...
Frank Graham (1 year ago)
Abe Lincoln is the hero of monopoly corporations and the banks that own and run the FED, That is why Abe Lincoln became more specially revered when the banks took control of America at the beginning of the 20th century than he was regarded in the second half of the 19 th century, except for the railroads who always treated Lincoln as a GOD. When Lincoln was killed it was the railroads who paraded his corpse across the country like he was Cesare of Rome.
Procommenter (1 year ago)
*"But slavery was far from being the sole cause of the prolonged conflict. Neither its destruction on the one hand, nor its defence on the other, was the energizing force that held the contending armies to four years of bloody work. I apprehend that if all living Union soldiers were summoned to the witness-stand, every one of them would testify that it was the preservation of the American Union and not the destruction of Southern slavery that induced him to volunteer at the call of his country. As for the South, it is enough to say that perhaps eighty percent of her armies were neither slave-holders, nor had the remotest interest in the institution. No other proof, however, is needed than the undeniable fact that at any period of the war from its beginning to near its close the South could have saved slavery by simply laying down its arms and returning to the Union." — Gen. John B. Gordon, from **_Reminiscences of the Civil War,_** p. 19* *"The Union government liberates the enemy’s slaves as it would the enemy’s cattle, simply to weaken them in the conflict. The principle is not that a human being cannot justly own another, but that he cannot own him unless he is loyal to the United States."* *-- **_London Spectator,_** 1862* *"The Northern onslaught upon slavery was no more than a piece of specious humbug designed to conceal its desire for economic control of the Southern states." – Charles Dickens, 1862* *"The consolidation of the states into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those [republics] that have preceded it." – Robert E. Lee, letter to Lord Acton, 1866* *"The Gettysburg speech was at once the shortest and the most famous oration in American history... The doctrine is simply this: that the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg sacrificed their lives to the cause of self-determination – that government of the people, by the people, for the people, should not perish from the earth. It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves." – H.L. Mencken* *“The purpose of the war was to finally realize the Hamiltonian dream of a consolidated, monopolistic government that would pursue what Hamilton himself called 'national greatness' and 'imperial glory.' The purpose of the war, in other words, was a New Birth of Empire, one that would hopefully rival the Europeans in the exploitation of their own citizens in the name of the glory of the state." --Thomas DiLorenzo, from **_Malice Toward All, Charity Toward None: The Foundations of the American State_* *"It is a testament to the effectiveness of 140 years of government propaganda that a 308 page book filled with true facts about Lincoln could be entitled 'The Lincoln No One Knows.' It is not a matter of a poorly-performing government education system but quite the opposite: The government schools have performed superbly in indoctrinating generations of American school children with a pack of lies, myths, omissions, and falsehoods about Lincoln and his war of conquest. As Richard Bensel wrote in 'Yankee Leviathan,' any study of the American state should begin in 1865. The power of any state ultimately rests upon a series of government-sponsored myths, and there is none more prominent than the Lincoln Myth." --Thomas DiLorenzo, from **_The Unknown Lincoln_* *There hasn't been, nor will there ever be, a shortage of natural gas or petroleum as nature produces natural gas & petroleum faster than men extract it. There are oil & gas reserves beneath Hispaniola (the island divided between Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic & French Creole-speaking Haiti) worth 100 trillion dollars. The tar sands of Alberta province in Canada contain more oil than does the Arabian peninsula. Natural resources replenish themselves naturally. Productive oil wells in Oklahoma were capped in the 1970's to maintain a profitable supply equilibrium. In 1996 Bill Clinton forbade the mining of a 1,000-year reserve of high-compliance-coal in Utah's 1,880,461-acre Grand Staircase by declaring it a national monument. Contrived scarcity is a means of price-gouging and population control.* *Human anatomy update: The average, normal male has 6 balls: the balls of the feet, 2 eyeballs & 2 regular balls (testes).* *Unrelatedly, belatedly and as an after-thought: My uncle pointed a pistol at a loaded 7-11 clerk and ordered him to put the money from the cash drawer into a canvas sack. Within 9 months these men became full-time butt-buddies.*
Joel Weidenfeld (1 year ago)
Dude, I bet that at one time if you had to list the good United States presidents it would be have been hard to come up with many , but I'm sure in either yours or most people's list there may have been say 3 to 5, and I bet Lincoln was one,, so, let's cross him off, and I bet you can cross another off two by now, so , now most people will have a hard time naming 1, 2 or 3 good presidents, DON'T THAT DAY SOMETHING TO YOU ??? DONT THAT SAY IT ALL, WAKE THE HELL UP AND UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.
Roger Johnson (1 year ago)
Abe Lincoln (tyrant) is at the very bottom of my list of best Presidents. Above him would be Roosevelt (communism/social security/deficit spending), above him Wilson (Fed) above him would be Nixon (gold standard) above him would be Johnson (medicare) and finally I'd have to put Washington down there at the bottom also. Washington agreed to be the first President under the Constitution. The American people did not ask for a Constitution, they despised it. The Constitution became the reason for the Civil War and has become the "Articles of our Enslavement" ever since. Plus Washington agreed to a Central Bank as long as Washington D.C. was built on his property. He sold his soul. At the top of my list I only have 2 good President in our history since Washington. First would be Jackson. The only President to "kill the banks" and pay off the National Debt. Jackson was a Federalist and I do not agree with all of his opinions on States rights, I side with Calhoun. But the only President who has paid off the National Debt deserves the #1 ranking. Number 2 best President would be Jefferson. Other than Jackson and Jefferson, they all sucked. Some just more than the rest.
Jeff Higgs (1 year ago)
I'm not racist,I believe every good white man should own one.
B Walsh (1 year ago)
there is no such thing as half Italian half southern , man. please Lord come thru the roof I'll pay for the shingles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roger Johnson (1 year ago)
Bruce Jenner calls himself a woman and people will believe that! If someone has a Italian mother and Southern father, half Italian half Southerner makes since. It's when a man has a penis, wears a dress and makeup, and calls himself a woman I start praying for the Lord's help. If the Lord will come to your house and set people straight on their genders, I'll pay for your shingles!
Glenn Billings (1 year ago)
I just can't imagine that a bunch of boys going to what they feared was almost an assured death to fight for slaves they would never own. It had to be for something more. Maybe for an invasion of their homeland? I know I wouldn't fight in any war unless a foreign power was invading my homeland.
Zack TheBongRipper (1 year ago)
These analyses are gold. Anyone who hates Italians has something wrong with them.
Zack TheBongRipper (1 year ago)
Government is a religion and abe is their prophet.
Snowy23 (1 year ago)
*Puts on boxing gloves and starts punching my hand. Boy you're in for a world of pain -I'm kidding with ya ;P ..... I always liked Abe Lincon, but you have some interesting views. Have a great day syyenergy7 :)
Southern Gent (3 days ago)
Snowy23 It's called facts. The evidence is there. Lincoln violated the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Civil Rights. He jailed newspaper editors in the loyal Union States and destroyed their presses for criticizing his policies. How would you like that? To be exiled from your homeland because you criticized tyrannical actions?
Gloria Young (1 year ago)
Confederation means Confefe maybe
Hard Rocker (9 months ago)
Gloria Young lol
Cliff Lee (1 year ago)
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Tommie Manic (1 year ago)
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Kirby Crabtree (1 year ago)
To his dying day, Abraham Lincoln advocated for the colonization of all African Americans as he wanted them all deported out of U.S.A. to other parts of the globe. Most historians attempt to purposely mislead us into believing he changed his mind later on, and at the end of his life he no longer believed in colonization. Well, that's some more utter bull crap lies and deception their dumping on us. In the words of Black historian and author (of the book "Forced Into Glory: Abraham Lincoln's White Dream" Chicago: Johnson Publishing Company, 2000), from harlem New York, Lerone Bennett, Jr.: "If Lincoln had had his way, there would be no Blacks in America at all. None. Lincoln's real purpose as president was not to free the slaves, but to prolong slavery until he could put a plan in place to deport all Blacks to a foreign shore. Lincoln did everything he could to deport Blacks and to make America a Great White Place." There is also another fantastic historical scholarly book out on this subject as well entitled "Colonization After Emancipation: Lincoln and the Movement for Black Resettlement" by Phillip W. Magness and Sebastian N. Page, University of Missouri Press, 2011. These authors provide evidence in their book showing Lincoln never abandoned the idea of colonization, and to his dying day, was consciously trying to put the plan into action. Even more proof that Lincoln didn't give two craps about Black people and, in fact, he hated them bitterly: “Root, hog, or die” ~Lincoln’s response to Alexander Stephens regarding illiterate and propertyless ex-slaves unprepared for freedom at the Hampton Roads Peace Conference, Feb. 3, 1865 “They had better be set to digging their subsistence out of the ground.” ~Lincoln in a War Department memo regarding African Americans , April 16, 1863 And the list of quotes (the mainstream historians don't want you to know about dishonest Abe) goes on and on in that regard. Another great video, @syyenergy7
Ron Humphrey (1 year ago)
You are right on the money about honest F-in Abe. Great video keep up the great work

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