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Brandon Sanderson 2013 Lecture 11: Writing Good Query Letters (7/8)

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Charly Rios (2 days ago)
3:58- I heared ABitch' laughing in The back-round'. Dn't rescue Her when TheDarkLord' takes-over..😁
that handwriting though :D
FJ Ramos Art (1 year ago)
Good stuff...
D Bones (5 years ago)
So if you bump into someone your story should be said in a vague manner? Or very specific?
beefdlo (5 years ago)
This 'mistborn' thing sounds amazing! I may go read it. Sanderson's pitch worked a treat.
Charly Rios (2 days ago)
beefdlo I thought that Myself aswell.
JackPlays (5 years ago)
i really appreciate these, thank you sooo much.

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