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Blackout Blinds - Thomas Sanderson - Options Shutters

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Options Shutter Blackout Blinds More information available on our website http://www.thomas-sanderson.co.uk/window-shutters/?referringtrackingcode=S8581 Option Shutter Blinds – the first and only multi-function window styling to offer customers the pinnacle of performance and style. Many window styling options on the current market assert their blackout abilities, claiming to completely blackout light, noise and temperature. However, few follow through on these promises and the closest you’ll get to a ‘blackout’ is more like a ‘dim-out.’ Committed to creating a product that will give consumers the experience they’re actually looking for, Thomas Sanderson’s Options Shutter Blinds are the perfect blend of unbeatable performance and undeniable style. Our innovative shutter blackout blinds have been cleverly crafted with light-obscuring channels to eliminate any gaps and ensure 99% blackout in any room. The wooden shutter blind’s unique architrave also creates a noise reduction barrier to give you complete control of your interior environment. The Options Shutter Blinds are child safe by design, with no hanging cords or pulleys to endanger your little ones. The Options is ideally suited for bedrooms and nurseries where external light and noise can prevent a full and restful night’s sleep. With over 1000 style combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find an excellent product that looks beautiful and adds value to your Request a free brochure or request a free home design consultation http://www.thomas-sanderson.co.uk/design-consultation/?referringtrackingcode=S8583
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