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Configuring Yum Repository Locally on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

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In this Video detailed Step by Step Demonstration is being done on how to make Yum Repository Locally on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Steps cum Commands are as follows: Step 1: Boot into Red Hat Linux and Login as root Step 2: Go to Devices and Optical Drive and Click on .iso file of RHEL6 and mount it.. Step 3: Configuring IP Address Click on the Network Icon Above and click on System-ETHO Right Click on Desktop: Click on Open in Terminal Command: #system-config-network Provide the IP Address Configuration as per your network requirements. Deployment of FTP Server Step 4: Open the Packages Folder in RHEL DVD. Step 5: Locate the Package: vsftpd and double click and click on Install Step 6: Go to Terminal and Type the Command to Start FTP Server #service vsftpd restart Step 7: Making FTP Server always run when Starting RHEL 6 #chkconfig vsftpd on Step 8: Installing CreateRepo Package a. First Install the following two Packages: 1. deltarpm 2. Python deltarpm Now Install the Package Create Repo Step 9: Copying the Packages from RHEL DVD to /var/ftp/pub #cp -ivr /media/RHEL_6.4\X86_64\DISC\1/* /var/ftp/pub Step 10: Creating the Repository File #vim /etc/yum.repos.d/first.repo (First.repo is name of file- You can assign any name) Type the following code after pressing i to activate Insert Mode in VIM Editor [FirstRepo] name= This is Anad Linux Repository baseurl=ftp://ipaddress/pub enabled=1 gpgcheck=0 Press "esc" and press : and type wq. It will save the contents and exit the VIM Editor Step 10: Creating the Repository #createrepo /var/ftp/pub Now the Yum Repository is being activated locally on Red Hat Server Install any package eg. #yum install system-config-kickstart Install GCC Compiler #yum install gcc
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