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2013 Brandon Sanderson Lecture 13: QA - What Separates Published Authors, Family & Writing (7/9)

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Cup Cake Unleashed (2 months ago)
Getting at least 900-1k words per hour. Gosh dang
Travis Smith (4 years ago)
I LOVE this!
K D (5 years ago)
My problem is still finishing world building.  Heheheh.
Devin Reese (5 months ago)
Get into being a dm and dnd. You can make up some great worlds if you get into that.
ForeverMasterless (5 years ago)
Really surprised/encouraged to know that Brandon, who is notorious for writing lots of words pretty darned fast, takes 12 hours to write 3500 words. I write 2k a day and it usually takes me about 5 hours. I always worry that I'm not working hard enough, but I guess I'm doing alright.
Randall Nine (5 years ago)
I agree. I stumbled upon his videos the other day and have almost watched them all. None of his lessons are boring

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