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Adding Charts in Google Sheets

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There are only a few finishing touches left before we finish our budget worksheet. The focus for this lesson will be adding a pie chart in the space left by savings. Before we add this graph, let’s review one of the most useful functions… the sum function. This time I’ll add from the function from the insert menu… function, and Sum. Now i’ll click and drag down my percentages, and hit enter. The other feature we learned involved dragging a function. Since I want to sum the amount section I’ll click on that little square, and drag it to the right. Notice how it thought it was a percent? Go up to your tool bar and select the dollar format. Great! All formulas and functions for our budget have now been entered. The last major item we will add is a pie chart. Click and drag over the percentages and their labels to the left. Next go to the insert menu, and choose Chart. Google has recommended a pie chart, and I agree. It looks pretty good too! Click on the charts tab and choose one that looks good to you. I like the third option, but you can pick whatever you want. Now click on the Customize tab. There are a lot of options here. I’m going to delete the chart title… remove the legend, and use the Maximize feature. Now all we need to do is place it and resize it. Getting it right where you want it can be the hardest part! Now let’s get this ready to print. The grid lines that sheets use are really ugly. To hide them, go to your view menu, and turn off “Gridlines”. Now our budget looks amazing! Finally, I’d like to add my website to the document, so when I share it, people can know where it came from. I’ll type By Chrome academy.ca in the cell, then in my toolbar click the chain button. Adding Charts in Google Sheets In the last video we will look at some print settings, as well as talk about using the find and replace function. By Michael Kocher http://chromeacademy.ca
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