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Brandon Sanderson Lecture 11: The Larger Narrative Flow of a Scene (5/7)

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See the entire class in one place with notes at http://www.writeaboutdragons.com/home/brandon_w2012/ Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/CVem/
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Christie Powell (2 years ago)
I think I've taken more notes from this segment of video than any other. Great information here, thanks so much for putting it up.
StarlitSeafoam (5 years ago)
Ah! This finally makes sense of why a story idea I've had for a while wasn't clicking. I've been wanting to write a short story from the perspective of a rower on an Ancient Greek or Roman galley during a battle. However, every time I thought about it, it just wouldn't flow. I couldn't figure out why till I watched this video; I hadn't given the main character a purpose in the story, something that was driving them to get through this battle alive. I think if I had decided on a captain of one of the galleys or a commodore, it would have been different, since their obvious goal would be to command their ship or navy so that they win the battle. But with a rower, especially one down on the lower rowing decks, he has a seemingly passive role in the battle; he is not able to decide what their next move is or how their going to win. He is just taking orders. So the conflict for him is going to have to come from within, from something he has carried with him into battle. Hm, like maybe he signed on for the money, since his family is poor and starving; or maybe his father is a great war hero, and he is trying to live up to that image; or maybe he feels its his civic duty, since he is too poor for the weapons of a soldier or marine. Or maybe he is a slave sent in his master's place, and his main goal is to simply survive. Hum, I shall have to consider further. Thanks a lot!
acommunityofhermits (5 years ago)
This is terminology borrowed from software programming, or more specifically, usually video games. Read the wikipedia article called "software release life cycle" for more info.
BillyxRansom (5 years ago)
very intriguing...
Michael Chapman (5 years ago)
I think their job is to read very early fragments instead of beta readers that are reading finished drafts or chapters.
BillyxRansom (6 years ago)
"alpha" reader? what's that in comparison to a beta reader?
Zach Lee (6 years ago)
whats up with the minute of black screen at the end?

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