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2013 Brandon Sanderson Lecture 1: Brainstorm on Setting (7/10)

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Christy S (8 months ago)
Im so shook that that guy said “a dystopic afterlife posing as heaven” like 5 yrs before the good place
David Bankson (4 years ago)
The "slow glass" reference is Light of Other Days by Bob Shaw.
Caio Marinho (4 years ago)
+Gabriela Sanches de Sá Bergamo I think it goes: SETTING 1. Stone age Africa 2. Floating island 3. "A plane of existence that's not existent because nothing exists" (the very nihilistic one) 4. A dentist's office 5. Space cathedral 6. The other side of a mirror 7. Abandoned spaceship 8. Sunken island (I think?) 9. Ocean under ice cap 10. A dystopic afterlife posing as heaven 11. Slow-light universe MAGIC 1. Talent-based 2. Portable black hole 3. Eye-color magic 4. Unzip anything 5. Ambient temperature 6. Street cornet that goes back in time 7. Time manipulation 8. Alien pods
Nightout (11 months ago)
I'm late to this, but for the Sunken Island thing he actually said, "Inside the bowels of a cat"
Stratocaster893 (2 years ago)
Why did Brandon seem so disappointed with the sunken island?
Mustafa Abdel-Tawwab (4 years ago)
thanks :)
Can't hear all the suggestions ^_^'

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