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2013 Brandon Sanderson Lecture 15 - Q&A: Why Books You Hate Get Published (5/6)

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Cat Hat (3 months ago)
The Sword of Shannara has to come into the bad books discussion - its such a blatant rip off the LOTR plot, Brooks just changes a few names and the prose is pitiful.
Mutant Worm (2 years ago)
"Jar Jar Martin" XD By the way, love these lectures! A nice complement also to my binge of everything Sanderson. Thanks!
John Lance (2 years ago)
At least this never happens in non-fantasy books (cough* Fifty Shades *cough).....
Boogalyhu (3 years ago)
That girl on her phone at the beginning... Aneurism inbound.
nmartinez18 (5 years ago)
i thought Way of Shadows was great, it's set in a slum it's supposed to be trashy.
Solum (1 month ago)
Yea, i also had the impression it was sorta trashy but hey, I actually found it enjoyable despite all the edge and trashiness. It also had some interesting ideas in there.
InarticulateBabbler (5 years ago)
Robert Newcomb wrote The Fifth Sorceress (The Chronicles of Blood and Stone).

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