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2013 Brandon Sanderson Lecture 13: Q&A - 80/20 in Research, Presenting ALL Viewpoints (4/9)

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John (4 years ago)
Hurrah for the Larry Correia name drop. Very fun author.
Aluenvey (5 years ago)
My point was, there is no need to info dump technical detail that's not really needed. You only need the minimal in accurate reporting. The rest slows down the plot. And my terminology is not likely to involve guns, because the world I'm using doesn't involve them.
tychon (5 years ago)
Fundamental to the familiar in the sense that there are certain things a SME would accept as an obvious truth. These are not obvious nor necessarily accepted as truths to someone new to the domain but a SME wouldn't even pause. If you get those fundamental truths wrong, it's harder to accept more complex statements you make. Not fundamental in the sense of being necessary to the story. Then again, why'd you write them if you don't care? And why'd you invite a SME to read a first draft?
tychon (5 years ago)
I have never seen someone go a book with the focus of seeing if the author used the correct terminology. Well, outside of a copy editor. "He loaded his gun." is hand waving. It doesn't discuss, it just talks around it. Cool. "He loaded the clip into his revolver." is not hand waving. It's using real jargon to discuss a real item incorrectly. This isn't a matter of hard or soft fiction but accuracy in reporting. It's extraneous when the domain is unfamiliar but fundamental to the familiar.
Aluenvey (5 years ago)
It seems like the people that will obsess over the science, are the same type of people that will also interrupt in the middle of a draft, just to correct you about your science. That's the exact distraction I don't need, when working on a first draft.
Aluenvey (5 years ago)
In my opinion, if someone focuses primarily on whether I chose to use a magazine or a clip, I really don't think they are getting the point. I don't even really see the need to focus on those kinds of details personally. I'm not doing hard sf, and don't pretend to be.

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