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Brandon Sanderson 2013 Lecture 7: Revising, Esp When You Don't Want To (1/7)

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Victorianne Castle (11 months ago)
My problem is also revision
Valerie Heyd (1 year ago)
1 dislike. Someone doesn't want to do revision.
nubbinthemonkey (5 years ago)
Really enjoying these lectures.
Cindy Ratliff (5 years ago)
Brandon is the best lecturer I have ever heard. Thank you for uploading these videos, they are priceless!
londonloveforever1 (5 years ago)
Missed seeing Brandon! :) Emergen-c or wellness pills from whole foods will help recovery or prevent him from getting sick during the cons.
Jiří Filip (5 years ago)
Yeah, I think he talked about it in interview with Pat Rothfuss on amazon (or somewhere else). He said that he feels very exhausted after these conventions. I get it considering he does so much interviews and talks to fans.
Thomas Giles (5 years ago)
Yeah. Always happens when he comes back from a Con. (I listen to Writing Excuses.)
David Foster (5 years ago)
Just my thought as well. But glad to hear him at all.
Ridney (5 years ago)
Yaaaaay! We were worried, about you, dude. Thanks so much for uploading these! :) :)
Trueskorn (5 years ago)
This kind of lecturing is amazingly helpful. THANK YOU.

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