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Creating charts in Google Sheets: tutorial

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This short video tutorial demonstrates who to easily create a chart in Google Sheets in Google Drive. As well as the free public option, Google Drive is included as part of Google Apps for Education and Google for Work. For more Google Apps tips and tutorials visit: http://googleappsaction.com The instructions in the video tutorial can be used by anyone wanting to learn how to create charts in Google Sheets. The subject matter specifically relates to ICT skills in the Geography unit "Changing Australian Communities" (Year 9/Year10, Stage 5). It complements the lesson idea available here: http://www.abs.gov.au/websitedbs/CaSHome.nsf/Home/GEO+06+%E2%80%93+Population+Growth.es
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Tyler Robinson (20 days ago)
Thank you so much! I have watched so many other videos trying to figure out how to get this chart to work and they were all very complicated. You literally saved my presentation and made this so easy to understand!
Richard Heyes (2 months ago)
One way to build web charts from a Google Sheets spreadsheet is to use the RGraph connector. This way you can import the data directly into your webpage and make charts with it (this is the canvas docs page but it applies equally to the SVG charts as well): https://www.rgraph.net/canvas/docs/import-data-from-google-sheets.html
Mr. Salad (5 months ago)
This IS USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kavengah (8 months ago)
This does not work for my version
Jeremy Nugiel (1 year ago)

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