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2013 Brandon Sanderson Lecture 14 - Getting Published: Standing in Line (1/5)

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kenneth baldwin (5 years ago)
There is some solid advice here to help aspiring authors navigate the beginning of the submission world. It certainly helped me get a clearer view about sending manuscripts directly to publishers and sending them to literary agents.
Anthony Barnes (5 years ago)
She immediately transitions into a story about her daughter that is barely relevant to the topic, was she pitching her to us as a singer or something? Meh, find that she talks a lot, yet seldom offers anything of use to a writer.
KytaEternal (5 years ago)
Did you organise this lecture outside of Brandon's course?? If so, thank you very much! That's awesome!
Words and Wyverns (5 years ago)
I love when writer's like Mette explain things by weaving in little anecdotes. Natural story tellers make for the best teachers, in my opinion.

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