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Brandon Sanderson Lecture 1: Intro to Sci-Fi/Fantasy Writing (1/5)

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In which Brandon introduces his winter 2012 class at Brigham Young University on creative writing for science fiction and fantasy authors. Next up: "Ideas are Cheap" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3JlBLG7xOI . See all the lectures in one place at http://www.writeaboutdragons.com/home/brandon_w2012/ Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/CVfw/
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Text Comments (178)
Eponine Reads (1 month ago)
writing on skill is so vague. Can't he do better than that? Where's the nitty gritty. I realize that this the intro class but can't he allude to something in his future classes?
Devin Reese (2 months ago)
The real problem I DO have with him in inspiration. He basically borrowed the wheel fo time concepts, slapped his name on them himseldf. Which is okay. But good writing can even be imitative, but it has to be about good ideas and inspiration. This is where I differ. Its all about inspiration, world building and etc. It is only 40%-30% about the writing skill. The rest fo what he says, is good. But goods books are about good ideas. I dont even care if they arent original. But dont try and fool us. Just admit it. I dont mind. Copies. I dont mind, inspired bys. Some of the greatest things are as such. Inspired bys, anothers version of a story. But dont cover it all up and say you arent telling the same story, because its almost like you are. Now, you can tell an old story like herbert---messiah, lawrence of arabia and do it in such a way that its great or you can do it flop. So much is JUST IF ITS GOOD. THATS INSPIRATION. SOmetimes, it onyl comes once. Your other books may be good, but that one great one....GREATNESS> So YES ITS INSPIRATION And no he doesnt really write with beauty like jrr tolkien.
Plebchok (5 months ago)
Watching a video on how to be a sci-fi writer and commenting about how he looks is like watching porn and commenting on the dialogue.
africanchick23 (6 months ago)
I wish more creative writing professors said "i'll let you write what I want to." I had a professor, let's call her Professor Umbridge, who started the first day of class with an entire list of what we could NOT write in her class. Which was a standard Intermediate Creative Writing Fiction class...meaning it wasn't non fiction or poetry, we should have been able to write anything. Anything that she decides is worthy. Not a good semester for me.
L3ft 3y3 (7 months ago)
This video would be much more enjoyable if the speaker focused more on technique rather than theories concerning what makes successful art. Both writing and ideas play a monumental role. A great story can be an utter flop if its concepts, insights, premises and subtext (ideas) are out of sync with a given society and epoch. Try to publish a modern YA urban fantasy novel in 1952, and see how little the 'ideas' matter. And the publishing industry alone rebukes the commentary on luck. A great piece doesn't just require skill, but to reach the hands and ears of a publisher willing to invest in it. It requires the education to be literate. The money to buy books or pay for courses. Or access the internet to watch YouTube videos...all of which are rooted in the luck of where someone is born. There is no context where skill alone matters. Not in art, and not in sports. And to continue the sports example, one can look to talented kids who never got the chance to 'go pro' for one reason or another, whether due to illness, crime or poverty. This discourse builds the false myth of meritocracy, which simply isn't how the world works. Skill may have a huge role, but to discount other factors simply isn't realistic and makes it harder to latch onto other helpful and insightful elements of the talk. Just a bit of feedback to take or leave. I might check out another video to see whether to finish this sequence.
first last (2 months ago)
Maybe the reason you're so bitter is because you actually suck at writing. Work on your craft, and actually, well "git gud," and maybe you'll get published.
Toy Boonsan (11 months ago)
Editer will choose your book if it sells look at Twilight
Devin Reese (1 month ago)
Editer>? lol. Editor.
Corylus Bluefox (1 year ago)
I am so glad I found this.
animalia555 (1 year ago)
I am scared about bringing my ideas to life
JacobJay (1 year ago)
Noooo please writers don't listen to this man please don't please please please , some things he says is obviously right but most of his lectures are full of nonsense !! He'll ruin your creativity
honkyjesus eternal (1 year ago)
Worst lecture by a good writer. Ever.
Devin Reese (1 month ago)
I think that, I VERY MUCH disagree with what hes saying in this lecture.
HAx2 (1 year ago)
50 shades proved him wrong!
Máté Kovács (1 year ago)
Okay, am I the only one getting annoyed by how this guy is so egoist about his opinions/ findings?
that guy (1 year ago)
A.J. H. (1 year ago)
1.5x speed yo, happy learning.
Tip: read a bit of Poland's history. Tolkien got inspired by battle of wienna. But Ordon, Deluge and many other stories
first last (2 months ago)
Or just read _all kinds_ of history. You shouldn't read something to get inspired just because some famous author did. You should read what you want to read, and let that inform what you want to write.
Chen (2 years ago)
Um,so many...umm..Vocal fillers...
Kássia Monteiro (2 years ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you so so much for sharing this.
Kaori Kinoko (2 years ago)
Anybody else read Apex?
psikeyhackr (2 years ago)
Can there possibly be a way to measure science fiction and fantasy? No, that's gotta be a fantasy! Doesn't science fiction have to use science words and fantasy use fantasy words like 'gravity' and 'unicorn' and 'orbit' and 'vampire'? So what if you count all of those words? Won't some books use them more than others? JK Rowling uses the word 'wand' 1,500 in the Harry Potter books. Michael Chrichton uses 132 science words 923 times in Andromeda Strain for a science density of 2.278 which totally blows away Harry Potter's Fantasy density of 0.706. Talk about anti-Potter https://plus.google.com/111306986524350244207/posts/jBoiKtCT9Ti
Isaiah Williams (1 year ago)
psikeyhackr .
Jenny Stewart (2 years ago)
I so appreciate being able to listen in on this wonderful writer's class! Inspires me as I settle in for the day's work on my ya sci-fi novel.
James Hensley (2 years ago)
This is actually helpful as I have tons of ideas from psychological thriller, to fantasy action, and even Noir fantasy. I actually have wanted to write novels since I was young. I have a friend who is an author, some of her books are on M/M romance and has gotten great reviews on Amazon.
fishlips54 (2 years ago)
Late students are a pain in the ass. Lunkheads one and all.
Aqua Rius (3 months ago)
ever heard of traffic jam
Alexis Bond (2 years ago)
I think this is the best teacher I have ever seen. I really wish I could go into one of his classes because all but one of my teachers during my entire life didn't let be very creative with my writing and so I was never really happy with writing about it because I didn't enjoy it. I think that this is really what I have been looking for since I want to be a fantasy writer. A lot of people say that is a hard thing to go into but I don't think it will be that hard when I enjoy writing so much. I wish there were more teachers like you who actually talked and taught about how to write fantasy or sci-fi novels more because I have seen a lot of people who write stories.
John Lance (2 years ago)
What Mr. Sanderson is saying is true about history writing as well. You have to practice writing, a lot. The M.A. program I was in assigned three books a week, with an 8-10 page paper due each week on each book. With that kind of load, I was forced to write a lot and not waste time with unproductive meanderings. I eventually became a much better writer because that is what I spent two years doing, writing a lot (including the research and writing process for a thesis). To add another metaphor alongside his professional baseball player analogy, flying a helicopter is also a skill that you develop with practice. Luck, inspiration, natural gifts, those all have a small part, but the real reason someone learns to fly a complex machine such as a helicopter is because of practice. You have to put in the work to get results, there are no short-cuts. I suppose this is why I enjoy watching these videos so much, the lessons being covered apply to so much more than writing.....
Devin Reese (1 month ago)
Way too much writing/reading for that to be exceptional thought and finely polished papers. In history, I could see that. A little. But in psych I wouldnt like that. I suppose youd get into writing, but that much frequency my papers wouldnt sparkle the way they should!
Jimmy Jandres (2 years ago)
John Lance my resolution for the next five years is to Major in IT. I've been out of school for 2 decades, hence, my writing skills (and reading) are pretty much non existent. What would you recommend I do, to sharpen my writing skills? Or get back on track? Thanks!
Greg Smith (3 years ago)
This is kinda pathetic because I'm 17 but this man is kind of my hero
Santa Claus (3 years ago)
53 pages into writing my book at least 17,000 words hope this helps :D
sapienecks (2 years ago)
First draft rarely do. Let him finish and revise the book then you can ask him that.
Sam (2 years ago)
Hope that first page is good! :D
Figaro Fog (3 years ago)
Oh man, this is Sanderson? He is such a portentous worm.
Devin Reese (1 month ago)
Yeah, this lecture, I dont agree with in the least. Its very pretentious.
MrSolt24 (2 years ago)
I think you mean pretentious because the word you used basically means important. Which makes your sentence contradictory.
Jebron Lames (3 years ago)
Beats an ignorant troll no one knows.
hinasakukimi (3 years ago)
+Figaro Fog whoa what's with the hate brah
Franklin Falco (3 years ago)
My creative process is fairly simple. First, I purchase an ordinary tween high school novel from the bookstore. Next, I cross out words like "Thomas Jefferson Junior High" and replace them with something along the lines of "Merlin Gandalf Academy of Magic". I then continue to replace words like "mean girls" or "popular girls" with words like "evil sorceress" or "mean fairies." Words like "prom" I change to "witch's ball". The school sport can be called anything from "Dzorkhuruf" to "Ncjjsncjdhshs". The names of the actual characters are a little more complicated. You'll want something vaguely British-sounding, since we all know that when someone receives magical powers that somehow automatically makes them British. Some good suggestions are "Thaddeus Timbleton" or "Phineus Weaselburg". The ultimate weapon for the final battle should always have something to do with the misfit main character believing in herself. And voila. While it may not be a bestseller, it's pretty good for a bedtime story or some light casual reading. I'm sure that you can find a random fantasy character name generator on the internet someplace.
Joel VanMeter (3 years ago)
If editors are so great at deciding in one page the skill or potential of a book/author then why are so many Authors of breakout bestsellers rejected dozens of times before their books finally get published? It is about Luck, and Ideas, and Inspiration, and YES also Skill.
Nexus Wolf (1 year ago)
Mamãe, sou cult Editors can, actually, and that's how they become reasonably able to support themselves with their career. If you're a shitty editor who can't judge a work properly, you won't be able to stick through for long. Also, to the OP, it's pretty much like the baseball analogy. Luck, inspiration and ideas play its part, but skill is the only constant in the profession. You could just buy lotteries all your life, hoping for that one lucky break, or you could get working and earn some money to support yourself. Skill is something that can't be denied, but inspiration is sporadic (perhaps), ideas are subjective, and luck... Well, it's pretty self explanatory.
Mamãe, sou cult (2 years ago)
Let's be honest. Editors cannot decide in one page the skill or potential of a book/author. It's just something the traditional publishing business tells itself.
Raindropsonroses (2 years ago)
yes but only like 20 percent. Some people have great ideas but suck at writing.
DLuXGaming (3 years ago)
God that classroom is such an awful setup. Id be uncomfortable as hell. Half the students having to constantly turn around to see the board, all gathered around a small ass table and people so close beside you and behind you breathing down your neck when youre trying to write, practically pressed up against each other. Fuck that Id drop out that class and find a different one lol
zmunk (3 years ago)
+DLuX Ya I notice his more recent lectures since Way of Kings, they gave him a huge classroom lol
PathofCultivation (3 years ago)
I'm enjoying these Sanderson talks. I always watch one before I begin work on my novel, helps get me in the mode.
Cpt Greazy (1 month ago)
Is it done?
Isaiah Williams (1 year ago)
PathofCultivation .
Reversi (3 years ago)
how far are you into yours?
Just a random guy (3 years ago)
Heeey good picture though haha I am gandalf
agrosification (3 years ago)
Does he know about powerpoint?
Ada Wong (3 years ago)
That one guy that said, "It doesn't say inspiration", I woulda been like, "5 points from Gryffindor!"
honkyjesus eternal (1 month ago)
Sorry, I don't read Young Adult.
first last (2 months ago)
+honkyjesus eternal You uncultured swine!
honkyjesus eternal (1 year ago)
What is "Gryffindor"?
Millie Ho (3 years ago)
I like that Brandon says writing is more about skill than it is about inspiration. His baseball and pianist analogies are spot-on. Writing is definitely more of a performance art than it is a purely mental exercise. Like any muscle, the more it's exercised, the stronger it becomes.
NinjaIsGay (3 years ago)
Not trying to be rude, but you kind of have to get an idea for the book. He says it isn’t about ideas, which I am confused about. I mean, he probably knows what he’s doing, but I sure don’t. I am a 16 year old boy who still doesn’t drive a car and is trying to think up a fantasy novel for when I grow up. I keep thinking about goblins and dragons and werewolves and all that crap, but I decided that perhaps I should not use such things that are easily known about. So, I went online, searching for mythological creatures. I came across sirens, hippogriffs, and some other creatures I do not recall. I still haven’t even written it yet, but I’m writing down “ideas” on a piece of paper. First thing, the title. Fantastic Fantasy sounds dumb, and I think Rimworld is a video game or something, but I’m hoping to go with Rimworld. Sounds cool to me. Anyways, that’s what I have to say. End.
Devin Reese (1 month ago)
Believe me. IT IS ABOUT THE IDEAS. Hes no idea what hes talking about. Do you read his books.? His main stormlight archive has like a concept thatd be good for a video game, or in other words borrowed from wheel of time lock stock and barrel and that was borrowed from tolkien. Brandon, is all about "magic systems" and his idiosyncracies. He doesnt know what the hell hes talking about when he says "Writing is not about inspiration." Well, maybe its because he never got a good idea, and had to copy like every other writer. Yeah, sometimes you have to do that at first. One day you wake up after years fo doing unoriginal shit and say HEY....UHHHH...SO WHATTAM I REALLY GONNA DO....THATS ORIGINAL? THATS COOL and work on the concept. You see: Hes just a zeitgesty writer, enjoying his moment. Theres two parts to writing the concept and the execution. Hes putting all on the execution, and none on the concept. Concepts are just brainstormed, and put together.
All The Best (3 years ago)
+1SillyKid Here go to 3:46 where he clarifies.
Mihajlo Stasuk (3 years ago)
+1SillyKid take mythologies lesser known. A soul of a trapped human becomes a giant that sees and walks the world for them, from old Slovenian mythology. Take Japanese modern culture and mix it with Nordic mythology. That is skill, taking and filling in, of coarse using your imagination. Writing is not about ideas and luck, it is about logic.
Ni Clouds (3 years ago)
+1SillyKid For example look at Harry Potter, original ideas are almost non-existent. It's the skill she displayed writing it and the quaint engrossing feel of it. It's not about luck, she was very lucky but she made her own luck. So you can use goblins dragons werewolves and all that crap as she did so long as it is compiled properly (not recommending this path). Ideas are important, but they are not 'so important'. Why would you focus on coming up with the idea now if 18-20 year old you (with years of driving, fucking, meditating, writing, laughing) can come up with it. In the meantime take your ideas and role with them, they aren't written in metal. It's not about ideas right now, practice and you will garner luck and ideas aplenty.
Crimson Dervish (3 years ago)
+1SillyKid What he's saying is that the idea is less important than the way you write it. It's much like playing a song on the piano, really. It doesn't matter whether I'm playing the Moonlight Sonata or some piece by Felix Mendelssohn, just that I play it well. Likewise, you can come up with just about any decent story idea on your own, but it won't mean anything unless you write it well.
Scatha (3 years ago)
He's teaching in such a small room. If I was a university hiring dude I'd offer him a lecture hall. He too talented for that place
ineptDolls (1 year ago)
Dude, it's a seminar. it's supposed to be intimate, with more attention per student
Aberrant Ruffian (3 years ago)
Heather Toomey (3 years ago)
Is creative writing not about self-expression?  Sure, skill is indeed a necessity in writing creatively, but it is not because of skill that one should write; one should write  because they want to express themselves.
Crimson Dervish (3 years ago)
+Heather Toomey The motivation comes from self-expression, it's true, but the delivery comes from skill. The two are not mutually exclusive, my friend.
Ashlyn Peterson (3 years ago)
Met him in November! He was really nice and when I told him I wanted to be a writer, he was so supportive. He said if I was struggling on anything, to watch his podcasts and videos. He really is a great writer and a great person.
Fake Name (4 years ago)
For all he says about good writing being the key to being published, some real crap has been accepted by publishers. Just look at anything by Dan Brown
Nexus Wolf (2 months ago)
+first last I think the point being contested is that good writing is the key to getting published.
first last (2 months ago)
+Nexus Wolf @Fake Name but both of those books/authors have audiences. As crap as they may be, people want to read them.
Nexus Wolf (1 year ago)
Lol. Fifty shades of grey. *drops mic*
Mionysus (4 years ago)
Who would win in a nerd-fight; Christopher Paolini or Brandon Sanderson? I have Chrissy on speed but Brandon would clearly overpower him, by his weight at least.
Aberrant Ruffian (3 years ago)
I know, right? I thought they would kiss in the boat at the end, or at least SAY SOMETHING, but nooo.
Tundra Tress (3 years ago)
Paolini is ok at best, he's completely out of league with someone like Sanderson. THEY DIDN'T EVEN KISS AT THE END...
Aberrant Ruffian (3 years ago)
Come on, man; that was low.
Jasmine Wills (4 years ago)
I agree. writing is about skill which i clearly lack. Haha.  I'm improving though. 
Crimson Dervish (3 years ago)
+Jasmine Wills It doesn't matter where the finish line is as long as you keep moving towards it. I have faith in you. :)
benjamin ross (4 years ago)
it really irritates me when I see people commenting on mr. Sandersons size or overall health. he is an absolute master story teller and write, and I am deeply thankful to BYU and mr. sanderson for making these videos available on youtube. so to those of you that are watching to make fun of this man's weight issue's and not watching for his instruction are seriously lacking in your ability to think..only an idiot would be fixated on einstiens hair while he was explaining the universe to you..
Devin Reese (1 month ago)
+honkyjesus eternal Credible attitude. But what about the writings? You really think that even though hes got some good ideas its all he could be inspired to do. I don't know about that. Steering clear of inspiration and thinking doing any idea can be good, provided you are a good writer isn't particularly true in MY book. I'm not some rabid fanbase cartjumper like his many followers. I will reserve my love for books that inspire and are inspired, and that comes from genuine thinking and inspiration. Not recycled ideas. Perhaps he is good, i don't know. But I don't know about his ideas, they don't wow me necessarily. I'm not into herd stampedes, they did this for dragonlance and goodkind in the 90s for sure, and now they are outdated, soon to be forgotten. They will have a place in fantasy history, but ideas cannot be simply commercial and good at the same time. They become watered down. The path of inspiration and real freedom and art is far better. They must please their fanbase, I know but they've gotten carried away. When art went out of the genre we lost any tolkien's we need to get back. We need to get back to amazing stuff and this comes from inspiration not pulp fiction churners who are just "making a living."
Devin Reese (1 month ago)
+honkyjesus eternal Experiences of books are subjective. But, Jordan and Martin Im sure are in a different league. Hes kindof like the videogame generation author and a magic the gathering nerd. Hes a little farther from real life and expression of true things. But, I suppose hes alright, but what hes saying about inspiration is dead wrong. Thats what makes you write the book, inspiration. You get a cool idea./ set of ideas. And run with it. And, I can have an opinion whether or not Ive written as much. Or even at all in fantasy.
honkyjesus eternal (1 month ago)
Devin - Thank you. I think he is gifted at gab and absolutely is a credible fantasy author. He basically saved Wheel of Time and I will always love him for that. His problem in Stormlight is brevity and taking the new age augment of EVERYTHING being foreshadowing, backtracking and not knowing what is what. I find that to be shitty norms, and he just gets away with all the wrongs all the time because of a rabid fanbase.
honkyjesus eternal (1 month ago)
Micky - and where are yours to talk about mine? Stop. You are saying only Robert Jordan, Martin and a few others can have a negative opinion of him.
honkyjesus eternal (1 month ago)
Ming That is like saying "if you think this leader of our country is bad you should try yourself". He is laughably bad at teaching, I am not talking about his writing though he does need an editor that edits. Cheers.
Stettafire (4 years ago)
Some good advice here actually:) 
FlamingManofIron (4 years ago)
Holy crap this guy needs to lay off the bad food and get some exercise!
Mingshyan Sakoshi (1 year ago)
And this guy who commented probably also was one of the people who was fixated on Einstein's hair when he was explaining his theories of the universe.
Wobbly (4 years ago)
Wow. I totally didn't expect his voice to sound like this.
Asocial Alien (1 year ago)
Kindred Spirit yes
Crimson Dervish (3 years ago)
+Doofus What'd you expect, Steve Blum?
Nicholas Box (4 years ago)
Ouch Sanderson! You really knew how to take the dagger, and go straight for the jugular. 
Jessica Lindly (4 years ago)
He has a Styrofoam cup.
mittROMNEY666 (4 years ago)
Mormons are the worlds biggest nerds
Devin Reese (1 month ago)
Well his ideas about writing are 100% from a magic the gathering nerd contest. that doesnt make it good, necessarily, by the way.
7slavok (4 years ago)
What can I say?  We excel at all we do.  
George Edwards (4 years ago)
Holy prolific. I am heeding his advice. 
matheusguifer (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for the captions!
Aryeh Shatz (5 years ago)
i thought ths short story in dangerous women was pretty cool
M Smitty (5 years ago)
Dwight Schrute!!! lol No really, he's got a lot to offer - but I couldn't resist how much he reminded me of DS - left profile. :)  
Calvin Krist (5 years ago)
If its skill, then how come J.K.Rowling had to go to 38 editors before one published her work? Some of it has to be luck....
MrHaganenoEdward (1 month ago)
I heard it was because her story was deemed too long for young readers, not because it was bad.
Devin Reese (2 months ago)
Dude, no every writer goes thru this and more.
Bartek (4 months ago)
It's about ideas and about talent. That's my opinion.
BeoXS Gaming (1 year ago)
I think he's talking more about the process. Mostly.
Blizzic (1 year ago)
Publishers are more concerned with marketing than actual quality. Quality doesn't always sell.
D Bones (5 years ago)
Well, shoot, so much for those with learning disabilities.  They might love to write, but have issues with grammar. Does that mean one is doomed?
Stettafire (4 years ago)
+Kevin Hove indeed
Kevin Hove (4 years ago)
+kef__ grammar can be corrected by a good editor and alpha readers
kef (4 years ago)
I would say it's similar to a short person trying to play professional basketball; it's not impossible, but it's definitely more difficult
D Bones (5 years ago)
PhoenixJape (5 years ago)
There's always a way. Grammar problems will make things more difficult, but not impossible. Taking time to look up how to write a sentence every time you're stumped can help. It'll slow the writing process, but it'll be worth it in the end. Every author has a unique writing process anyway. I, myself, am not the best writer (not even remotely close), but I'll still type up an entire chapter before going back to make some much needed edits. Another person's perspective can help too.
Klaus Strauch (5 years ago)
Mistborn is really good. I started it 2 days ago and I'm hooked.
windtear (5 years ago)
I'm so glad I found out about this. Listening to his lectures have really helped me improve my writing.
Grace (5 years ago)
thank you so much for putting in subtitles!
Sam SP (5 years ago)
from indonesia, i found this is usefull for writing my first novel "Azhilla Fall"
ConstantlyComparing (5 years ago)
Now I'm reallly interested in the Mistborn series. This guy seems to know what's up with fiction.
Kyria Dori (5 years ago)
This professor is fantastic! You know always know a good teacher after a few minutes, it's just one of those skills :P
Efe Tokman (5 years ago)
Charles Mullenix (5 years ago)
What is it that gets to people when he says that writing is about skill? It really is. I cannot write a novel, wouldn't know where to start, and no amount of inspiration or luck alone could make a publisher publish any novel I wrote. You have to practice to get good at anything.
GreenLanternsLight3 (5 years ago)
Writing is about all skill...? Okay, I am done! -leaves-
LombardiTree (5 years ago)
All those guys left when he mentioned practice. lol
Rafael Marchesin (5 years ago)
Parabéns pelo trabalho. Sem dúvida ajudará muitas pessoas que desejam escrever suas obras.
Simon Mc (5 years ago)
That was my initial impression as well!
Zack Perkins (5 years ago)
Haha I'm sure he's very knowledgeable and I like his books, but I never realized how much a dick he comes across as
bisbeejim (5 years ago)
Good video production is also something one can judge in about 30 seconds.
Nono Taryono (5 years ago)
Hey There! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about step-by-step instruction and coaching called Novelonax Academy (do a search on google), but I'm not sure if it is really good. Have you tried Novelonax Academy? I've heard several unbelivable things about it and my friend finally learn how to write novel easily, but she refuses to tell me: (
confusecian (5 years ago)
Well her fans are all teenage girls
Crustycumsock (5 years ago)
I like how you start by saying most of us are able to judge very quickly whether someone is good or not at what they're doing just by reading one page/listening for a minute. Yes, that is all very true, and it's through the exact same process that I'm able to tell you're fucking full of shit when you start with your baseball metaphors.
Crustycumsock (5 years ago)
Krazy Lobster (5 years ago)
And to Sylvia Day, and to E. L. James, and on we go.
Libby Murphy (5 years ago)
Writing is about skill? Tell that to Stephanie Meyer
ForeverMasterless (5 years ago)
I didn't realize Brandon was so chubby, lol. Too much sitting at a keyboard man.
Your work. Not you're. Most of the time people get it the other way wrong.
Juan Julio (6 years ago)
I just bought your book because you're so entertaining to listen to.
TheRAfreak (6 years ago)
Mormons... Mormons everywhere
Chandrapal Khasiya (6 years ago)
Thanks for such uploads
Martin Hepworth (6 years ago)
I managed to publish my first sci-fi novel a few years ago, it's called Empire Of The Machines. I hope you all take a look and good luck with you're work!
ThePieofGod (6 years ago)
no one cares
Aluenvey (6 years ago)
F&Sf magazine reader here.:D Does he have any experience with connected shorts?
Rand Al'thor (6 years ago)
PEOPLE stop moving it's very ANNOYING! Can't you sit still for another 10 minutes Freetards.
Oliver Stein (6 years ago)
i dont care if he is a mormon he is a great writing
Gareth Fouche (6 years ago)
Thanks so much for posting this series, I really enjoyed it. Sat and watched them all over the weekend, got me inspired. Wish I could thank Brandon personally.
Write About Dragons (6 years ago)
Hey ya'll, hope you enjoy these. Brandon rocks. All kudos for awesomeness to him.
thorell9 (6 years ago)
Students seem unphased by the presence of an alpha geek. =(
Seniorchief98 (6 years ago)
Yeah, the "15 minutes long because you're in a hurry and were not that smart" wasn't enough for me.
tmac11 (6 years ago)
I feel like I'm auditing this class :)
Froody42 (6 years ago)
Friggin' awesome of you to share this, thanks!
Todd Greener (6 years ago)
I like how the people ducking past the camera only succeeded in showing their faces.
MrD (6 years ago)
He is actually one of those authors that I could listen to and not get bored after more than 20 minutes:P It's kind of the same with George RR Martin. Maybe they both know what they're on about, but don't get arrogant with it?
Brainstrain91 (6 years ago)
Really interesting, thanks for posting this. I'm in a Short Story class and Writing Short Fiction class right now, so Brandon's view on that was funny :P
Featster74 (6 years ago)
Thank you SO much for posting these! I know Brandon and even then, it's a Herculean effort to get time with the man to talk. Once you do though, he's very willing to talk writing and writing craft related subjects. :)

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