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JFK and Lincoln's Assassinations | America: Facts vs. Fiction

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Common perception is that the Lincoln and JFK assassinations have many parallels, but not so many when fact is separated from fiction. | For more, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/america-facts-vs-fiction/#mkcpgn=ytmil1 Catch all new episodes of America: Facts vs. Fiction! | Wednesdays at 10/9c on Military Channel! Subscribe to Military Channel! | http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=militarychannel
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STEVE P (3 years ago)
Oswald had help.
Niko here (3 years ago)
yep John Wilkes booth ran from the theatre far as possible and took I think 12 days to find him, he was shot in a barn
badweetabix (3 years ago)
The "explanations" to explain away the coincidences do not always explain it away. For example, Booth shot Lincoln in a theater and hid in a barn not a warehouse. True, but if you examine it deeper, you will find that the Ford Theater was originally a warehouse. And where did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JFK? There are other weird coincidences that simply defies explanation such as John Wilkes Booth's brother Edwin Booth saving Robert Todd Lincoln's life a year before Lincoln's assassination.
AgentBaphomet (5 years ago)
Fuck you government ass clowns. Die in a fire with aids. 
ultrajd (5 years ago)
Little known fact: On Abe's desk the night he was shot at Fords was a paper that would have officially started what is now known as the secret service. Abe was going to sign it the very next day. Sad twist of fate.
BustaFilms1 (5 years ago)
Thanks 4 your correctino.
RPenta (5 years ago)
It is appropriate that this clip is from the Military Channel since the US military was involved in the assassination and coverup of the same of President John F. Kennedy. RIP to the last President of the United States.
STEVE P (5 years ago)
Lincoln and Mary should have had an armed guard in that theatre with them, if there was an armed guard, sailor or marine, they could have taken JWB out before he could have done that, they could have stopped that from happening.
Alex Campbell (5 years ago)
i was born November 22nd, my brother was born April 15th...both dates of murders
Devildog (5 years ago)
Kennedy's death secrets will be revealed 100 years after he died b
gyrofoam1 (5 years ago)
The only political comparison is that both were surrounded by inner circles who hated them, wanted them dead and had big plans (immediately instigated) for the country once the Irritant was removed.
BustaFilms1 (5 years ago)
A. Lincoln is not comparable con J.F. Kennedy. Yes Lincoln was shot in 1700 y Kennedy was killed in 1965. Maybe Lincoln was shot by the south of north america, but Kennedy not. Kennedy was killed in the south by mafia, CIA, and the most right wing of USA politicians. Fidel Castro didn´t killed JFK. Some right wing radicals like George H. W. Bush, the CIA and other presidents seem to be involved in the Kennedy assassination.
glockman1727ak47 (5 years ago)
Just like your mother "i have a bad feeling about this" yea Mom you where right this time but not the other 900 other times.
Bajur_u_Bagel (5 years ago)
:O Everything I know is a lie!!
David Fox (5 years ago)
Lincoln was a tyrant, FACT!
Bajur_u_Bagel (5 years ago)
It's incredible they were actually able to get footage of Lincoln being assassinated! That's super rare film.
RPenta (5 years ago)
Obviously the twit who write and produced this piece of garbage never bothered to ask himself: is the official story about Oswald true? Can it be proven? I guess it was easier to just follow the official line.
llVIU (5 years ago)
oh no, another of those conspiracy nutcases
BRUTALsniperO (5 years ago)
Ok hold up did I just watch the REAL assassination of Lincoln ?????!!!!!! I need to know please and me a message millinery channel plz
BRUTALsniperO (5 years ago)
To watch I mean
BRUTALsniperO (5 years ago)
That was fun

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