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RHEL 7 and basic systemd commands (George Magklaras)

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This video demonstrates some basic commands (start,stop, querying of services and change of default target/runlevel)of systemd in a RHEL 7 environment. Emphasis is given on mapping between the init-based commands and the equivalent systemd ones. Reference: http://epistolatory.blogspot.no/2014/07/first-sysadmin-impressions-on-rhel-7.html
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Text Comments (30)
GAUTAM KUMAR (1 year ago)
Gud explanation
Adrian Colley (2 years ago)
21 minutes on systemd and not a single line of a unit file was displayed.
Georgios Magklaras (2 years ago)
Hei Adrian. This is a very valid point. Indeed, I could have basically mentioned unit files, however, this video focused on the commands and not so on the underlying configuration structure. I do plan to produce more videos where unit files are demo-ed in detail. Thanks for your feedback!
fernando26recor (2 years ago)
great video, thank you!
sozinonl (2 years ago)
very well exposed. thank you for this video!
Great review Georgios. Thank you!
Georgios Magklaras (2 years ago)
You are very welcome!
Bruno Tartaro (2 years ago)
Thank you Georgios!
Zeal Vora (2 years ago)
Great Video Georgios :)
Eff808 (3 years ago)
Wow. Great demo+Lesson. Thanks for helping me with bridging RHEL 6 and RHEL 7
Himani Verma (3 years ago)
Very nice explained...
Mobus Dorphin (3 years ago)
This was immensely helpful in helping me learn to implement systemd scripts.  I was quite lost at first but I've got a strong handle on this after some trial and error.  Thank you!
Hadi Nasiri (3 years ago)
I would say keep the tutorials coming. good job Georgios
Roye Avidor (4 years ago)
prior to rel 7, I used the command init [run-leve] to switch between runlevel without the need of reboot. Any option in rel 7 to switch between targets withtout the reboot ?
Roye Avidor (3 years ago)
+Georgios Magklaras Thank you
Georgios Magklaras (3 years ago)
Yes, this is a nice question that points out how to avoid the reboot. You can switch between targets (the new name for runlevels) by using the: systemctl isolate command . For example: systemctl isolate multi-user.target to switch from the graphical to multi-user mode (no login screen and X, old runlevel 3) will not reboot the system, but it will switch to the desired target immediately. systemctl isolate does NOT modify permanently the default target.
garg mayank (4 years ago)
Nice demonstration between init v/s systemd.
Sagar Dalvi (4 years ago)
Thank you Sir for basic systemd Commands i like your video I like to ask you can give some information about mariadb on linux 7 Thank you
Onno Zweers (4 years ago)
Georgios Magklaras (4 years ago)
cyberhard (4 years ago)
+Dirtbag359 if it bothers you, why not make an alias?
sonsukh (4 years ago)
could you please upload a video for bonding or network teming
Dheeraj Tripathi (3 years ago)
+Georgios Magklaras i guess here in RHEL 7 we have the concept of teaming and bonding was used in earlier ..... Am i right ?
Georgios Magklaras (4 years ago)
I will make a screencast demonstrating the NIC bonding at the earliest opportunity.
Dirtbag359 (4 years ago)
Did they really have to make it *systemctrl*?  I really wish they would have come up with an alternate shorthand command like sysdc or even sysdctrl.  Typing systemc to get it an auto-complete option into systemctrl isn't a big deal for one or two commands but if your working on something for an hour or two it can get preetty tedious.  Especially when for service all you needed was serv(tab) -> sevice.
Det (3 years ago)
+Dirtbag359 it's *systemctl*. Like *journalctl*, *machinectl*, *timedatectl*, etc.
Dirtbag359 (4 years ago)
I do for my own personal system but its just something I wish was set right out of the box.  I work with other peoples systems so if I want it I have to to set it up each time (not the end of the world but it would be kind of like having to set two or three bookmarks for your favorite site every time you opened a browser, Granted not a lot of companies seem to be using SystemD based systems but that day is coming.   Though ironically enough I've come around to SystemD in the last couple months since writing that post in early September (man its been 2 months already).  
John Lewis (4 years ago)
Don't like it, make an alias.
Omega2 (4 years ago)
Thanks for the lesson :) very good \o/
Inno Kaiser (4 years ago)
Thanks .... may i ask for email ??

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