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2013 Brandon Sanderson Lecture 1: Turning Ideas Into a Story Pt 1 (9/10)

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MediocreWumbo (2 years ago)
8:31 The way he's looking into the camera, it's like YouTube raised its hand and he called on us.
Colin Weeks (7 months ago)
ASMR Classroom Roleplay with Brandon Sanderson
Oscar Jordan (4 years ago)
Slim Fast.
The Sufi M.D (5 years ago)
i won't let you control me like obi-one ,he's holding me back HE'S JEALOUS... YOU'RE ALL JEALOUS !
Filip Nyrén (5 years ago)
anakin go home you're drunk.
Mikayla Martin (5 years ago)
The vampire dentist sees the future of his death at the hands of a group of hunters and hypnotizes his patients into killing them before they try to kill him, but then he hypnotizes one of the hunters, triggering them to start a vampire hunt...
Ashutosh Tripathi (4 months ago)
Can't wait for your novel
The Sufi M.D (5 years ago)
or subtitles whichever option is easiest
Nicholas Cloud (5 years ago)
Agree with Jacob. An alternative would be for Brandon to repeat questions/suggestions from the audience.
Jacob Smith (5 years ago)
In future videos I would suggest more ambient mics. We really can't hear any suggestions from the class without them.

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