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clearing wrists by Cael Sanderson

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a couple options to clear wrists. to stay on the attack you can't let people slow you down and tie you up. these techniques will help
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Daniel Hackman (9 months ago)
Does that work also for UFC type wrestling I suppose it would especially for the takedowns
monia daniela (5 years ago)
Pleased I found this video. Youtube is perfect for this form of content. My homeboy was formerly bullied. He stated he was going to get bigger. I did not believe him. Then within a few weeks he gained 40 pounds of complete muscle. He used the Muscle Building Bible (look for it in Google). No one dares to intimidate the man anymore. :) I subscribed the other day. See what the results are. Plus the guys emails are awesome...
MLG_Alexx (5 years ago)
I was taught to twist your hand into their thumb and it forces them to let go... works almost every single time
Nimmi Bandara (6 years ago)
Hello everyone. Superb vid. My older brother was formerly a flabby. He remodeled his body from 293lbs of pure fat into 216 lbs of massive lean muscle mass. We think it is astounding! I just signed up personally as I'm seeking to get more impressive muscles. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)...
S Boot (6 years ago)
Shut the fuck up you disgusting fat body.
-Skinwalker- (6 years ago)
Ok try to punch and kick when your facedown on the ground while were raining punches into your face.
mansondevil33 (6 years ago)
You blew my fucking mind!!!
scarred10 (7 years ago)
@mois2202 like i said ,you mean weightlifters,there are no olympic powerlifters.powerlifting is a completely different sport.Theres no endurance required in weightlifting and no lactate generated in efforts that short and extreme.I work as an sports rehabilitator and physiologist for the last 11 yrs so I know just a bit about those subjects, i studied them fulltime for 4 yrs.
mois2202 (7 years ago)
@scarred10 Olympic powerlifters generate the most force that can be brought upon the human skeletal muscular system before seperation. The endurance to withstand lactic acid buildups within a short span of time such as that and lift in such proximity of maximum load is an extreme amount of stress on the Cardio vascular, muscular, and nervous systems, learn your physics and anatomy before you write something off as easy, do a snatch at 210% bodyweight then post. <3
scarred10 (7 years ago)
@mois2202 are you stupid,powerlifters are some of the most unfit athletes in existance,they have no endurance,lift big weights slowly and only once ,the heavyweights are vastly overweight and can hardly jog.Id say you mean weightlifters.Ive competed in both wrestling and mma going back over 15 yrs and yes wrestling is way harder to win anything meaningful.
costa g (7 years ago)
i like how its uploaded by ISUwrestling but penn state is everywere in the video
Michael Jones (7 years ago)
@mois2202 My goal for this year was just to get there but next year I will WIN the states
mois2202 (7 years ago)
@kaliedoscopesharinga Don't sell yourself short just trying to get to states, the kids in states are simply the kids who are serious about the sports once you get to a regional championship match youll be able to size yourself up and see what your made of, just study and practice practice practice do gymnastic/olympic lifts for explosive strength and tons of cardio.
Michael Jones (7 years ago)
@mois2202 I must have made a mistake or somethignor something because I havre no idea why i said that oin my last comment it is in no way true and I thought wrestling was harder back then too. Dont know what came over me that day.
Michael Jones (7 years ago)
@mois2202 Yes trust me I know, I started wrestling in november 2010. Haveen't stopped since. I've gotten to be a fairly good wrestler and I am looking to wrestle in the North Carolina wresting state championships later this year. Hardest sport I've ever been A part of.
mois2202 (7 years ago)
@mhbstudio really scary if the guy grabbing your wrist has a good grip and just hits you with a cement mixer -.-
mois2202 (7 years ago)
@kaliedoscopesharinga freestyle and greco roman wrestling are way more intense then mma, sorry. Your forced to come together and fight for position at all times and you wrestle multiple times per day multiple times in a month. MMA may be more versatile and exciting I understand but quite simply the most in shape athletes are as follows ,gymnasts,wrestlers,powerlifters. those are the top 3 I do know and you can look that up anywhere that goes by condition power speed strength and form.
mois2202 (7 years ago)
@0114770 obviously because randy coture was in the sport for how long? how about royce gracie? now how about that hard ass dan hardy? if in competition you have the ability to take it to the ground who gives a fuck what the fans think its your career and hits to the head are only going to shorten it.
MrIvanreyes (7 years ago)
@mois2202 @kaliedoscopesharing @ tkafakt Guys I'm a wrestler im even cocaching, but this is what happens when MY soccer playing friends go on my youtube account and go through my favorites....-_____-
Simon D (7 years ago)
Chael Sonnen + Anderson Silva = Cael Sanderson?
TkaFakt (7 years ago)
@MrIvanreyes Ignorant fuck.
AgentSpiral (7 years ago)
@ch33sybrandon Back to the 50's for you Mr. Troll.
Matt Dempsey (7 years ago)
I do the same thing to my Wang
Kevin Polzin (8 years ago)
thanks man i jst did it to m6y bro
mois2202 (8 years ago)
@MrIvanreyes wrist control is probably the worst position to be in as a striker. Started striking moved into wrestling in highschool and fell in love with the sport. If you dont know how to stop a true takedown you will get destroyed everytime. BJJ does not save you if you have no control which is why wrestlers do so well against BJJ practioners in MMA. Striking is for dumbasses who want to leave themselves open for the kill.
hazardroll1 (8 years ago)
Like the Penn State room alot better
Mark Kaufman (8 years ago)
@chicogentao Yea right, just ask Matt Hughes,Ryan Bader or Brock Lesnar. BJJ really helped Mir against Lesnar. BJJ really helped Royce Gracie against Matt Hughes.
chicogentao (8 years ago)
Vizion Quest (8 years ago)
@JamessMMA He coaches at penn state now.
Splinter5k (8 years ago)
thank you for the first one, ill try it in practice! :)

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