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Sanderson Headers - Support Options

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Creating a support ticket, using our new Freshdesk Support Portal, and how to ask either a public or private Product Question.
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J. Douglas (1 month ago)
Helpful. Reminds me of the first time I called Sanderson a few years ago. The guy was very helpful. I just called them again for something else and spoke to a woman named Donna who was VERY rude. I sounds like she's the only one working the phone now. Too bad. Whoever the gentleman is speaking in this video, please contact me so I get REAL customer service and I'll be happy to remove this comment. Thank you.
SamS (1 month ago)
+J. Douglas what is the Ticket ID so that I can review it.
J. Douglas (1 month ago)
I already did. Thanks for getting back so soon.
SamS (1 month ago)
Please create a support ticket on our Helpdesk with contact information and I'll get back to you.

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