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2013 Brandon Sanderson Lecture 13: QA - Writer's Block, Fixing Broken Stuff, Getting Feedback (8/9)

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Ecrusar (1 year ago)
Some advice for people struggling with the 'bad mood' one, a good way I found to fix that is by 'channeling' the mood into a story. Say your angry, start writing a characterization moment where a character (who this would apply to) goes berserk. It vents your emotions, it shows a key trait in your character, and it actually contributes to the plot.
Chris Phillips (1 year ago)
I have a love of this man that borders on the unhealthy.
Madix3 (3 years ago)
john Vorhaus once said "Writers' Block happens when there is too much fear and not enough information." and I totally subscribe to that. The more Information you have on a scene, the less scary it will be. Approaching the same scene from a different angle will often yield better results, too!
Jessica Gereshenski (3 years ago)
I will listen to this every time I need a pep talk.

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