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New Charts Editor in Google Docs

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Check out new charts editor in Google spreadsheets, redesigned from the ground up with brand new chart types, customization options and more. Try them all out by going to goo.gl/newcharts.
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Text Comments (15)
ReliableInsider (8 years ago)
@moxncal Microsoft has never been able to successfully compete except in areas where it has a monopoly advantage.
moxncal (8 years ago)
@ReliableInsider not so fast google just got competition from microsoft. microsoft has a free web app just like google office stuff, the call it sky something. look up "microsoft web apps"
macewan (8 years ago)
Google Rocks!
Waddleduck64 (8 years ago)
@moxncal There is such a thing? :D ... Aww. I found it, but it doesn't work on a mac. :( (shut up! Apple is great)
moxncal (8 years ago)
@Waddleduck64 go grab the google pack!!!!!!!!!.
José Villavicencio (8 years ago)
Good stuff
Waddleduck64 (8 years ago)
Wow... Google has so much good stuff... I just wanna have it all! Is there some place where you can just download everything Google? Instead of downloading everything apart, just click 'Googlise' and everything you have gets replaced by Google-editions? ... Well there should be! :) Love you Google. <3
20MDM (8 years ago)
DanielEricksoncutter (8 years ago)
@trantienarsenal I just wanted to reply to you because everyone else did.
Pedro Góes (8 years ago)
Google is the best!
MarioDragon (8 years ago)
I couldn't hear a thing with that random base in the background...
Morten Ulveseth (8 years ago)
@trantienarsenal Didn't show up in my feed before now. ^^
Andrew Meyer (8 years ago)
@trantienarsenal Yeah, you would think there would be a lot more than that.
Lucas Lessa Nunes (8 years ago)
@trantienarsenal *91

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