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2013 Brandon Sanderson - Lecture 2: Generating Physical & Cultural Setting (4/8)

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Vancha March (10 months ago)
Gee, I'm so glad we got a close-up of Brandon Sanderson chewing :P
Melchior Vulpius (3 years ago)
I like Brandon's comment about the "Brick" of exposition. Another funny term for this phenomenon is the "Expository Suppository;" that's when a writer takes a huge mass of exposition and thrusts it up the reader's backside.
Benny Hinrichs (4 years ago)
"We'll get to cultural in a minute...okay let's talk about cultural."
chaser5708 (4 years ago)
he says "we could go on forever" when talking about different cultural components. Is there anywhere i could find a more elaborate list?
steve garrett (4 years ago)
ooops,  not just what it looks like.
steve garrett (4 years ago)
not just look like but smells, sounds, etc...
steve garrett (4 years ago)
also try universe with different physical laws...  life other side of blackhole...
KytaEternal (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for the audio boosting for the students! It is SO helpful, unbelievably so!
The Sufi M.D (5 years ago)
omg Brandon is even worse than me at spelling! that proves you don't have to be a good speller to be smart , this really reassured me that i can still be a writer, and i love how no one bothers to correct him :)
Keenen Watts (5 years ago)
I agree :) VERY helpful!

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