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2013 Brandon Sanderson - Lecture 3: Limitations Are More Interesting (7/7)

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Jay Noel Reyes (1 year ago)
Good stuff! Listening to this in the car, but his uhhhhm-ing is driving me nuts!
Pakislav (3 years ago)
Hah. It's funny, because diamonds are literally worthless and we almost literally make them out of mud. The reason people pay for them, is cultural tradition + market control where a single company purchases all of the diamonds and stores them away only releasing small amounts at a time with a high price tag.
Máté Kovács (1 year ago)
Davie Donna And what is my "Pathetic misinformation" you are laughing so hard? Please, do enlighten me of your absolutely true and unquestionable truth! - , -"
Davie Donna (1 year ago)
Mate Kovacs even for YouTube standards you're pathetically misinformed and I thank you for the opportunity to laugh at your ignorance if not outright stupidity. Cheers!
Outlaw Of Gor (1 year ago)
Diamond is rare in large pieces (large enough to be used for jewellery) it is more common in dust form. It is also has a rating of 9 on the "mohs" hardness scale, making it way more durable and scratch resistant than other gemstones. Diamonds also look good and sparkle under light (yes looks are important for jewellery in case anyone says looks are shallow etc). Having said that - diamonds are subject to the same advertising conspiracy that everything is, even more so since it's a big business.
Máté Kovács (1 year ago)
Bullshit. Diamonds were expensive since we found it, and natural diamond is not just rare, but also very different from industrial diamond (which is btw still hard and expensive to make, but at least more producable). Rings for marriage is just as old as marriage is, altough some cultures used other types of accesories, but rings were cheaper, and got popular really fast, and guess what, rich people thought that they should differenciate themselves from the poor by using the rarest, most expensive stone they can afford. Diamond. So nope, stop with the conspiracy theories. There are also big markets for diamond trading, which are harsly regulated, so not even your market manipulation bullcrap.
Maerahn (2 years ago)
Nope, Pakislav is right. The same company (DeBeers, I think it is) also 'invented' engagement rings - or at least, the notion that an engagement ring 'should' have a diamond (because 'a diamond is forever' - a slogan they also invented.) It was another handy tactic to make sure the masses would always have a reason to buy diamonds.
troy becker (4 years ago)
THIS is why i liked spiderman so much more than superman by the time i was 10
Caleb M. Powers (5 years ago)
NO! Brandon, don't leave!
Nerdology inc. (5 years ago)
can = no conflict- can't = conflict

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