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Google Sheets Charts - Advanced- Data Labels, Secondary Axis, Filter, Multiple Series, Legends Etc.

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Learn how to modify all aspects of your charts in this advanced Google Sheets tutorial. This tutorial covers Data Labels, Legends, Axis Changes, Axis Labels, Secondary Axis, Filter, Multiple Series, Compare Mode, Aggregate Columns & Rows, Gridlines, Trendlines and Much More.
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Alan Johnson (1 month ago)
Not helpful. I used this exact example. When I insert the chart, the label "Apples and Oranges" does not appear across the top and the years do not appear on the bottom.
If you were not able to make this work I suggest you watch the basic level video, not advanced level.
Dimitry Kireyenkoff (2 months ago)
Skip to 47:09 for How to plot a larger data set & how to make chart more dynamic (grouping by cat, aggregating and adding filters)
Marc Crabbé (3 months ago)
Great overview ! Thanks !
codyblake4 (4 months ago)
help me...Again
Daniel Adeyemi (5 months ago)
Clark Lind (8 months ago)
Any plans for a series on creating charts programmatically with apps script using the charts API? I'm trying to use a Sheet as source for a timeline type chart in a classic Google Site. Basically serving html via a published Web app. I'm tired of struggling with Google's API, and will probably go with Highcharts, D3, or Charts.js or something.
Clark Lind (7 months ago)
Thanks, love your videos. I think the Google charts API is a missing topic on Youtube. Would love to see someone competent like you do a video or two. Consider ;) Thanks for responding!
Not in the near future. But Yeah, use D3 or something if it's your own website and you know how to use it.
disha pandit (10 months ago)
Is there an option to wrap long data labels in a graph. Three decimal ... are visible instead of full text. A solution will be a great help. Thanks the video was very helpful!
ahmad ahmad (1 year ago)
Excellent explanation Will be able to do dashboard in the near future?
Alex Kong (1 year ago)
love your channel!!
India Tour (1 year ago)
Hello, u r doing great. I loved your google spreadsheet scripting. Could you also do automation on gooogle slides and its basic scripting. It will be great too.

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