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2013 Brandon Sanderson - Lecture 2: Blending the Familiar & Strange (3/8)

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Daniel C (1 year ago)
6:45 like like like like.........................
Jojo of Faraway (1 year ago)
Awesome to see the translator for a deaf person in the corner, warms my heart :)
Gurucha (2 years ago)
A story about a shapeshifting ASL translator.
dC Creative (2 years ago)
could you give me an example of a gritty/dystopian/sci-fi? if such a book exist? im sure one does
KryptonSunRevival (1 year ago)
dC Creative look into Cyberpunk stories like Neuromancer and Akira.
Maerahn (1 year ago)
George Orwell's '1984' is the most classic one I can think of.
Me Myself and I (3 years ago)
Best advice Brandon's given thus far: "Follow your instincts: write what you want to read."
Yumtoy L (4 years ago)
People nowdays can't talk without "like, like, like...."
Rebeca (3 years ago)
+OverNightGaming err, writing isn't the same as speaking. I'm more articulate in the former than the latter.
OverNightGaming (3 years ago)
+Yumtoy L I know it's ironic. I would expect students studying writing to express their points a little more clearly, I mean damn.
Yumtoy L (4 years ago)
I know. But if you pay attention to what Sanderson is saying, you'll find out he talks more clearly using much less "like" than other people do. Quite interesting, in my opinion. 
Yumtoy L (4 years ago)
I know. But if you pay attention to what Sanderson is saying, you'll find out he talks more clearly. Quite interesting, in my opinion.
Laura Stephenson (5 years ago)
Yeah, that's weird.
varana312 (5 years ago)
Thanks as well :)
varana312 (5 years ago)
Thanks :)
nmartinez18 (5 years ago)
i only noticed the shirt, good to know I'm not crazy though. :)
Featster74 (5 years ago)
I think he mentions David Gemmell somewhere in there too and Steven Erickson.
Kathryn Bigelow (5 years ago)
China Mieville (not sure I spelled that correctly) and Cory Doctorow is the other name he mentions.
varana312 (5 years ago)
Does anyone know which name he drops at 6:24?
varana312 (5 years ago)
No, the interpreter changed. :)
nmartinez18 (5 years ago)
i think the interpreter changed her shirt, anyone else notice that?
rickpgriffin (5 years ago)
I am amused by the expressions of the deaf translator in the corner
Gurucha (2 years ago)
Translators aren't deaf. lol. Think about it for a second.

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