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Live! at the Drake Library: "Abraham Lincoln: Private Man, Public Leader," Matthew Pinsker

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July 22, 2009 Matthew Pinsker, the Brian Pohanka Chair of Civil War History at Dickinson College, has published two books and numerous articles on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War era, including "Lincoln's Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home" (2003). He has served as a visiting fellow at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia and leads annual K-12 teacher workshops on the Underground Railroad for the National Endowment for the Humanities. Pinkster graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University and received a doctorate in modern history from the University of Oxford.
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Mark DC (6 years ago)
I used to respect these so called experts on the Civil War -- Shelby Foote, Foner, another one. But then I discovered the many newspapers from BEFORE the Civil War, SOuthern newspapers. where they issued Ultimatums in headlines to spread slavery or face war. Others calling abolitionist "of the devil" and "scum" who must be eradicated. We are not taught the crazy insane religious goofy nature of Southern leaders, and fat asses like this guy dotes on some BS about ML cut.
Mark DC (6 years ago)
One of the dumbest speeches I have ever seen. This clown gives Lincoln ++++ for not "being with his wife" during the battle of Gettysburg/ Is he fing mental? First of all, she was NOT on her death bed, no matter what this cubby moron says, and clearly he is trying to finese it as if she were. Second of all, maybe the massive deaths at Gettysburg had a bit to do with Lincoln's focus. Imagine this cubby moron if Lincoln had abaondoned the war to dote on his wiife.

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