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Infer: Static Analysis at Scale (ICST2018)

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ICST2018 keynote "Infer: Static Analysis at Scale" by Dulma Churchill. Infer is a static analysis tool being developed at Facebook. It helps developers find issues in their code early, at code review time. It finds issues such as Null Dereferences, Memory Leaks, and many more, in a range of languages such as Java, C, C++ and Objective-C. In this talk we will cover how Infer is deployed at Facebook and the challenges to handle the scale of Facebook’s code, as well as the differences between static analysis and testing. We will also cover the basics of Infer’s architecture, and the range of checkers it consists of. Originally it was based on separation logic. Now, additionally, there are various other checkers based on abstract interpretation such as buffer overflow and lock consistency checkers. Dulma Churchill is a Software Engineer at Facebook, London. She has been developing Infer for over five years and worked on many areas of the tool: frontend, backend, build system integrations, etc. Before, she did her PhD at the University of Munich in resource analysis for Java using type systems. Production and live streaming by Damir Bilić, Eduard Enoiu, Leo Hatvani, Simon Ydhag, Stefan Löfgren.
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