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2013 Brandon Sanderson Lecture 1: Goal #2 Learn Your Style (2/10)

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Logo Faux (1 year ago)
I love this set of videos. It's very useful for me since im trying to become an author
desertrose0601 (4 years ago)
Fascinating! I always have trouble plotting - I think maybe I might be more of a discovery writer. I like the idea your friend uses of discovering the outline by "pantsing" the first draft and, through that, learning what the outline needs to be, then starting the real first draft from there. That makes a lot of sense to my brain! I'll definitely have to try it. :)
James Bernards (5 years ago)
I wish they put a microphone on him, or a better one:/
mexico515 (5 years ago)
Dude, go to the "WriteAboutDragons" Youtube Channel, look through the playlists, find the one that says "2013 Lecture 1" and then click play. All of the parts of this lecture will then play, automatically, in order.
Kendall H. (5 years ago)
You also can use the playlist so it does it automatically.
Amber H. (5 years ago)
Thanks for posting! Hopefully, the pen clicker will stop during the next lecture...lol.
Todd Greener (5 years ago)
Or as annotations, or put them in a playlist :)
Shinobeast (5 years ago)
Thank you for recording and uploading these! I am a fan of Sanderson from Writing Excuses and it's great to hear and see him.

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