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Last Witness to President Abraham Lincoln Assassination I've Got A Secret

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Mr. Samuel J. Seymour, the last living eyewitness to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. was the mystery guest on the February 8, 1956 episode of the I've Got a Secret game show. Mr. Seymour (March 28, 1860 – April 12, 1956) was actually 95 years of age at the time of this appearance instead of 96. Host: Garry Moore Panelists from left to right: Bill Cullen, Jayne Meadows, Henry Morgan, Lucile Ball I realize that clips from this show are available elsewhere on YouTube, but I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to put it on my channel and share it with those of you who may not have already seen it. I have also added an excerpt of the article mentioned to the end of the video which sheds a little more light on Mr. Seymour's horrifying experience. Here is the link to the article, "I Saw Lincoln Shot" by/about Mr. Seymour mentioned in the video: https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=wHUxAAAAIBAJ&sjid=SBAEAAAAIBAJ&pg=5624%2C3979599 Public domain footage. Thanks for watching and please like, comment, share and Subscribe! Also please feel free to use YouTube's embed feature to put any of my videos on your blogs, forums, articles, & websites, etc. Subscribe/Channel Homepage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMduFNeBB04kWlRnLOV3y_Q Follow on Tumblr at: http://historyflicks4u.tumblr.com/ and Twitter at: https://twitter.com/HistoryFlicks4U
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Text Comments (5642)
David H (3 hours ago)
LIQUID POWDER (3 hours ago)
Another lying ass cracker.
Jays adventures (3 hours ago)
Poor old man.
IA Hunter (3 hours ago)
Just think, when this man was 16 there were still indians riding horses in the wild west (battle of little bighorn), before electricity was invented... and we just watched him appear on TELEVISION.
Kryptic Mortal (7 hours ago)
Wow, so he was 5 years old when he witnessed it. Also, why is this in my recommended?
Winston ad placement....smooth
Alexander The great (11 hours ago)
It’s a shame technology moves so quick.
Armontek (17 hours ago)
This man saw the American civil war and both world wars from beginning to end. Insane.
Dejan (17 hours ago)
He looks like he's old enough to have seen God fiddling around with Adam's ribs.
Leanne Zezeski (21 hours ago)
Wow that's pretty traumatic for a little boy to witness, it's weird, I never thought what the witnesses of the assassination must of been thinking..very interesting
James Miller (1 day ago)
Wait, this old guy was in Ford's Theater? That is a piece of history to have witnessed!
Alvan5 (1 day ago)
This tough old guy lived during the Civil War and 2 World Wars, thru the Golden Age and end of the steam age, and into the electronic age, and was alive for 2 presidential assassinations! Not to mention the Great Depression and the first Air Flight... Je basically lived through Half of the entire US History.
Alvan5 (1 day ago)
It is easy to forget that these were real people. That their lives and deaths affect individuals, not just our Country. President Lincoln lost so much in the service of our country.
They need to bring this show back
Steve Upisleeve (1 day ago)
What an incredible vid....and I also learned there are at least 616 idiots living amongst us.
shane g (1 day ago)
Lincoln was killed in 1865 Mr. Seymour was born in 1860 making him 5 years old.....I call Bullshit on him witnessing the killing.
Dick Stephens (1 day ago)
Worst President in US History besides Obama, Tyrant had US citizens in the South Slaughtered over his jealousy of Taxes, and when he realized his big mistake then he decided to act like it was over Slavery. Mr Lincoln Fu** You
JD Henchmen (1 day ago)
fuckin troll, stfu
Mark Rooney (1 day ago)
Anyone think that woman is kinda hot ?
Sooooo am I the only one who thinks the first guy asking questions looked like Matt Damon... and the second girl asking questions looked like lady Gaga ?????? 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe it’s just me 😂
Beyonceuponatime (1 day ago)
ahhh back when cigarette companies were allowed to advertise
Terrance Senior (2 days ago)
Damn this shit is brazy!!
MiXA28 (2 days ago)
Seymour: *exists* Audience: *clap* *clap* *clap*
John Freson (2 days ago)
Guy in glasses looks, sounds, and acts like malcolm X... only white
Benito Stalin (2 days ago)
My great grandfather was born in 1896,fought in both world wars,got shot 2 times in the same arm,and lived trough the Cold War, the death of Stalin,the battle of Stalingrad, and finally saw the dissolution of the Soviet union
mrfranky17 (1 day ago)
Dang man. Your grandpa was one the few who can chew barbwires, badass to the bones
holy moly im stunned , amazing
Steve solo. (2 days ago)
A living witness to the old West of the United States of America God bless you sir.☮️🙏🇬🇧💎😎
[THIRD] Gamer (2 days ago)
This was worst quality than I thought for 1956
DakotaKingHusky (3 days ago)
Hey, that’s today... lol
John Sepulvedo (3 days ago)
Mr. Seemore Sawmore than most of us ever will.
monsieur burger king (3 days ago)
I hate how the host talks over mr Seymour, why invite such a knowledgeable person onto the show and not allow him to finish a sentence? Shut the hell up you fucking dweeb
kenneth bredow (3 days ago)
I live in a school built in 1864, I think of President Lincoln often and wonder what the teacher told the student's about the sad day.
Vivian Stanshall (3 days ago)
And now we're watching this on TVs the size of our hands
John Smith (3 days ago)
They got it pretty much straight away wtf
Nick Robinson (4 days ago)
wow, those guests pieces that together QUICK
Christopher Timoteo (4 days ago)
This dude could’ve experienced gunslingers in the 1800s
Stripey Arse (4 days ago)
"Was this a pleasant thing?" "Not very pleasent, I don't think." Well, no, I wager gittin' yer brainpan shout out yer head wouldn't be a mite pleasant.
Kay (4 days ago)
The first guesser looks like Leonardo DiCaprio
Adam Iaccarino-Modni (4 days ago)
Anyone know how old this is
Johnny B. Goode (2 days ago)
Adam Iaccarino-Modni February 1956
hampster (4 days ago)
How old is he now
Johnny B. Goode (2 days ago)
hampster 159
Fahad Alghamdi (4 days ago)
So he remebered what he saw at age of 5 while he was 95 lol
Icon G (4 days ago)
Dude he saw a president get murdered lmao I'd remember that too
brian versansky (5 days ago)
I love watching classic shows like this....... to learn about our history from someone who actually lived it is truley inspiring
c_d4ddy (5 days ago)
This means Mr. Seymour, at 5 years old, saw Abraham Lincoln get shot
Incerthose A. IntoBee (5 days ago)
Wow, it would have been SO cool to go piss on the tyrants head right after the patriot Booth shot him. Maybe even probe the brain hole with a stick to hopefully torture him a him a bit with! Sic Semper Tyrannis!
Johnny B. Goode (2 days ago)
Incerthose A. IntoBee I suspect that you're a Democrat trying to smear the South with your flag pic and comment. Am I wrong? It's time to grow up, little man, and set your hatred aside.
sirmolio (5 days ago)
Died 64 days after this broadcast. Glad he had his 15 minutes of fame before passing.
He COULD just spilt out Lise lol
Bcfcmansell (6 days ago)
lol lol (6 days ago)
The man is lying.......WHAT A CUNT!!
Manraj Singh (6 days ago)
Man too think he was involved with the civil war
Johnny B. Goode (2 days ago)
Manraj Singh How was he involved with the civil war?
Vortex _ (7 days ago)
Things like this makes us feel closer to events that feels like Centuries away. It's mental
Kenny Williams (7 days ago)
Wow! Talk about history from one who lived it!
Abraham Im (7 days ago)
I wonder how many witnesses to the Kennedy assassination there are left. Besides the video
I am PewDiePie (7 days ago)
It’s weird that the younger people in this are also probably dead
Airsoftfrreak96 (7 days ago)
80$ in 1956? That's 700 of today's!
MAX Power Abigail 2 (7 days ago)
This man came up on live television and told his secret less than two months before his death. What a legend
lanolin (7 days ago)
"I lived through RDR2 you n00bs" *Audience gasps and claps
Kathlyn McConnell (8 days ago)
He was born during the reign of Queen Victoria, and lived to see her great-great granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II come to the throne.
Koda T (8 days ago)
This to me proves that the world is just so young. We were able to get this on video. Of a man who at 5 years old saw abraham Lincoln's death. Not so long ago it seems.
Michael USA (8 days ago)
I saw it too homie, I was blazing a blunt and high fived booth as he ran away
Kim Puddy (9 days ago)
Just speechless about this
Anthony Banks (9 days ago)
This is fucking unbelievable. I stopped the video at 2:53 right when he asked the question while smiling who this person may be. Now what the fuck is so funny? There is an old man with one hell of a swollen head and is the witness to one of the most well known assassinations of American history. And you laugh? This is bullshit! They beat that man, the two guys on the sides of him know that. The old man is acting deaf because the guy on his right is there to make sure he says the right things. The guy asking the questions is in on it too. He's surrounded by the very people that are going to kill him and blame it on the fall. I know what your saying, he's 96, old people usually do die from falls. But I think his fall was more of a push with a trip. I'm just saying Peep.
Floris Brussaard (9 days ago)
that guy looks like matt damon
Shane Etchison (9 days ago)
Sic semper tyrannis.
Scott McMan (9 days ago)
Jayne Meadows was a very attractive woman. That said, it must have been surreal sitting in Ford's theater that day. Booth wouldn't have gotten anywhere close enough to make that little pistol effective had that been today. Not with tons of SS patrolling every inch of the venue.
Maui (9 days ago)
This is incredible, the fact that we have technology to show and confirm the horrifying events on the day Lincoln was assassinated. May this man Rest In Peace.
Odawg (10 days ago)
this is fake, it came out in 2016.
meygekon (10 days ago)
I want to be a guest on that show, and I will tell to them my useless secrets
Know the Unknown (10 days ago)
Walking memories of history!
Rick James (10 days ago)
My Grandmas last name is Nitler she would tell me story’s about how her life was around that time WW2. She told me she was made fun of and kids would call her Nitler Hitler she would run home crying. She had to change schools because her last name is so close to Hitler. And yes my great grandfather was 100% German and wanted out of Germany so he moved here and married my great grandmother that was born here in the states.
Zeelo (10 days ago)
I have one day to live *claps*
Monique Mosley (10 days ago)
04:30 - But he didn't see President Lincoln shot. He only saw Booth jump from the box. I'm glad he didn't witness the actual shooting; he was 5 years old, that would've been horrible for a small child to see. 😢😢😢😢
Johnny B. Goode (2 days ago)
Monique Mosley But he saw Lincoln's body slumped over after the shot, still kinda messed up.
towel dispenser (11 days ago)
Damn. America is only like 3 people old
deltafox399j (11 days ago)
Super glad i can see stuff like this
Glenn Purdy (11 days ago)
They knew what it was as soon as he said his age
Black Young (11 days ago)
I thought he was gonna say 100 but 96 is good.
Beau York (11 days ago)
I bet that fall is what killed him weeks later
COBALT iLLADELPH (11 days ago)
FIRST troll
Martha Vaughan (11 days ago)
Not long ago, I was fortunate enough to assist an elderly gentleman with everyday chores.Occasionally, we would drive around the city, where he would tell stories of persons and events that he was aware of. He was somewhat of a civic leader so he knew soooo much of the local history. Take time to speak to them, before they are gone. It is the best history book never written.
• chasey • (12 days ago)
Mr Seymour is now 159 years old! Wow time passes by!
Matt _ (12 days ago)
This man was around 40 when Arthur Morgan was fighting the O’Driscolls. That’s just absurd.
spiddyman007 (1 day ago)
39 actually.
Metro (7 days ago)
God dammit Aurthur
Yams (8 days ago)
Pabpovich (9 days ago)
wweisnumberone1 (11 days ago)
Those damn O'Driscolls
Greene Lanin (12 days ago)
A Rothschild hitman
TheRealDavieLondon (12 days ago)
Sponsored by Winston cigarettes
Dan Jakeway (12 days ago)
God had no obligation to protect that mostly lifelong atheist. The intelligent reform would have been putting the jackboots down on violent plantation owners and creating merit based share cropping so they would be positioned for happy freedom...unless wandering to Canada was Abe's plan for blacks all along, not helping the Americas.
Lt. Warhammerman (13 days ago)
This old guy must be so delighted
David Roberts (13 days ago)
I doubt he was in the audience at the age of 4 and if he was I doubt he remembers anything to qualify as a "witness".
Levi VanBrunt (13 days ago)
A very traumatic event like that he could absolutely remember at 5 years old....
Joel Villarreal (13 days ago)
So he was 5 when he saw Lincoln shot?
T.H.C Mcgee (13 days ago)
Arthur Morgan from Rdr2
Jay Luis (13 days ago)
Crazy to think, the kids of babies being born right now are going to live to see the year 2100
S White (13 days ago)
Awwwwww....so old.
Aztec MC (14 days ago)
That’s hearsay buddy, will not count in court.
Robert Stevenson Jr (14 days ago)
Sometimes ppl can't handle witnessing a shooting or a murder right in front of them...
Robert Stevenson Jr (13 days ago)
+Jay Luis yeah but even during that time America was a violent place...War was on American soil...American against American...Think about it....
Jay Luis (13 days ago)
Well he was 5 years old...
Britney (14 days ago)
1:45 he kinda looks like Matt Damon
Luke Ferraro (14 days ago)
Fucking bonkers
Street Deacon (14 days ago)
This is an interesting video... I'm going to go buy a pack of Winstons....I don't even smoke...
Daniel Timbs (14 days ago)
"Did mr. Seymour witness the death of president Lincoln?" -"yes" -crowd claps and cheers. Wow...lol yay! Let's clap over that! Woo-hoo to the death of the president!
Lagrange Point (7 days ago)
Yeah, fuck that cunt.
G L M (14 days ago)
My great grandmother died at 112. Her great mother was alive when John Adams took power. And her mom was born during Jefferson 2nd term. I wished I could have talked to her. My grand mother only told us the stories she was told.
mrfranky17 (1 day ago)
Wow man...she would have been a guaranteed 4 hour conversation everytime I seen her.
relix7373 (15 days ago)
He's funny wow, even at 94
luckyDancer100 (15 days ago)
Imagine being the person guessing the secret, and then finding out. I’d be like “holy crap!”
makeminefreedom (15 days ago)
He finally got to tell his story and it was priceless. God bless him.
EaST CoAsT MaCHete (15 days ago)
Do you realize how much history this man has witnessed and lived through i cant fathom what this man went through.
Funkopedia (15 days ago)
The only thing that could have made this better is if he had gone to see Kennedy in Texas two years prior...

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