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Blazor, a new framework for browser-based .NET apps- Steve Sanderson

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Today, nearly all browser-based apps are written in JavaScript (or similar languages that transpile to it). That’s fine, but there’s no good reason to limit our industry to basically one language when so many powerful and mature alternate languages and programming platforms exist. Starting now, WebAssembly opens the floodgates to new choices, and one of the first realistic options may be .NET. Blazor is a new experimental web UI framework from the ASP.NET team that aims to brings .NET applications into all browsers (including mobile) via WebAssembly. It allows you to build true full-stack .NET applications, sharing code across server and client, with no need for transpilation or plugins. In this talk I’ll demonstrate what you can do with Blazor today and how it works on the underlying WebAssembly runtime behind the scenes. You’ll see its modern, component-based architecture (inspired by modern SPA frameworks) at work as we use it to build a responsive client-side UI. I’ll cover both basic and advanced scenarios using Blazor’s components, router, DI system, JavaScript interop, and more. NDC Conferences https://www.ndcconferences.com/ https://ndc-london.com/
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coolpot (13 hours ago)
so it offers nothing new. ms late to the game again offering nothing new. use vue, its tiny and does more. and whilst your at it, use node its miles faster and easier
freak777power (9 days ago)
Yeah it is called Web Forms and this is just another bullshit like xamarin
Manuel Basiri (3 days ago)
Strongly disagree! Google and the rest of the web all getting behind this technology. This is the future for .NET devs for front end and there will be many other languages which will compile to Web Assembly with the right compiler. We just have to wait for things to fall in place.
ESLuffy Gameplays (15 days ago)
Awesome presentation.
minj4ever (15 days ago)
Exemplary attitude towards LAs
Arianit Krasniqi (16 days ago)
how long do we have to wait for this to become official?
99sH0Ts (16 days ago)
Please please please don't suck and please don't die. We need this. I need this. Enough of this JS nonsense.
Geert Depuydt (16 days ago)
some seriously impressive presentation/sales talk. completely sold, and i'm only 20min in, lol
God is Good (18 days ago)
I love the idea about not using Javascript. This is the right step towards dethroning it.
Ayanix Otida (19 days ago)
EPPlus is really a life saver in every excel related document .
Manuel Basiri (23 days ago)
Way to go MS. Just read today that Microsoft company value passed 1 trillion dollars. It is the only company deserving of being at the top. Most certainly above Apple.
Vural Mecbur (26 days ago)
Please, please, PLEASE do not fuck up the naming for this Microsoft. Call it Blazor, and do not EVER change it. PLEASE!!!
mms (26 days ago)
knockout 2019
BinaryReader (27 days ago)
I don't like the template logic so much, it looks pretty unwieldy. Is there a better alternative than Razors cshtml?
Brian Carlisle (19 days ago)
I think they need to steal more from Vue's structure
Ramesh Shresta (28 days ago)
Tony Henrique (28 days ago)
This .NET WebAssembly AOT is awesome.
BatShvit (1 month ago)
Size mscorelib is 4.18 mb and it loads to the client ...
Koenigs Bier (1 month ago)
This is just fucking awesome !!!
Selamat Selamat (1 month ago)
how about performance? I googled there were a big performance issue
Iron Fist (1 month ago)
Is this production ready?
Dmitriy Obidin (1 month ago)
from docs: Blazor is the experimental client-side hosting model of Razor Components. General rule, if it doesn't have stable 1.0 version it is not ready for prod.
Andrew Stannard (1 month ago)
This looks awesome, I was wondering about this tech and the electron wrapper for creating desktop apps with. Does this mean you could use with a PhoneGap wrapper for mobile too or is the web assembly off limits with that?
Meir Kriheli (1 month ago)
Is it possible sharing the sample code?
Meir Kriheli (1 month ago)
+KoMaHu3λM I'm asking about all the additions presented, like the special demo list..
KoMaHu3λM (1 month ago)
I think that's the blazor template which is coming with .net core preview 3 something. Check that out.
Chris Serrao (1 month ago)
I'm not really sure this might work. Based on my experience, every team has a different UI team that not only specializes in responsive UI but also contributes to UI design for better user experience. Also, there's a large pool of devs who know html, JavaScript, css and it would be cost efficient and easy to find replacements rather than look for devs that work on blazor. If this technology picks pace in the next year, it might survive 3 or 5 years. I feel this project is most likely to die like silverlight.
Marden Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Where is the support for VB.Net? Microsoft played VB.Net in the trash as well as did several other technologies (Silverlight, Ligthswitch, etc.)? Or does Microsoft no longer need VB.Net developers Would anyone have been able to answer this question?
Raymond Gota Toudji (4 days ago)
Blazor runs on a WebAssembly based .NET runtime, which runs normal .NET assemblies. If you can compile your VB to .NET Standard libraries, they should work in a Blazor app. the Razor .cshtml syntax used to author the component rendering logic is c# based, and hopefully that will change in the future. but all of the rest of your app logic could be written in VB. let's cross fingers and ribs that we won't be forced to carry all those {{{{{{}}}}}}};;;;;;;; around..
ahmad amir (1 month ago)
Move on.
Wude Wang (1 month ago)
Vary awesome, worth to learn more about this!!
Eamon Bell (1 month ago)
When I created a project using the blazor hosted template, the server project did not contain the Index.cshtml page. It was used in the example for setting up the asynchronous call to get the page to load immediately. Does anyone know how to set this up? Edit: Time code is 48:10
Ali Göl (24 days ago)
some1 should highlight this
Finch Wang (1 month ago)
I have the same question.
Grzegorz Kubiak (1 month ago)
Great session! I really look forward to see Blazor taking a Big Part in web applications development world. I just hope that all rubbish JS frameworks will have strong opponent (thankfully to Blazor). Just keep going with this.
Ian Carr (1 month ago)
I like this as well. However, I have tried to set up a template as demonstrated in the video (Templates and Generics section) but cannot get it to work. It builds ok but hangs when trying to load. I just get "Loading... ".
Ian Carr (1 month ago)
Fixed. Incorrect tag syntax - using closing tag.
Martin H. Andersen (1 month ago)
This is fuc**ng awesome. A new Silverlight?
Manuel Basiri (20 days ago)
+Martin H. Andersen Thank you for your priceless insight and opinion. You certainly have noticeably more experience than me. I wasn't even around when Silverlight was happening (and going away). Like you I'm hopeful and optimistic that Blazor find it's place amongst the living. Web assembly is a big thing and since it is the foundation I think Blazor has a great chance. Microsoft is also a better company these days. I'm slowly learning the full stack development so if I can primarily work on C# it saves me a lot of time and complexity on the fron end. Fingers crossed. I'm gonna stay exited XD
Martin H. Andersen (23 days ago)
+Manuel Basiri I have been a .NET developer since version 1. I once persuaded my fellow programmers to move a very large application to silverlight to web enable it. Silverlight was a good technology but died and I felt bad. I have more hope for Blazor. it's build on standard technologies and you get to use C# that's awesome. But again Angular, React and Vue has come a long way. And we need to move many of the feature from this frameworks to Blazor. e.g. tree shaking to reduce the size of web assemblies. Today it's also easier to get a front-end developer that master Angular than a C# / Blazor developer because its new but I think that Blazor will always be a niche product.
Manuel Basiri (23 days ago)
+Martin H. Andersen I'll be waiting for an stable version and will replace my entire frontend logic with this lovely alternative. When the syntax become second nature, this will massively streamline the entire development process. At least in my project that's how I see it and I'm sure other developers will feel more comfortable when use it more.
manigandham (23 days ago)
+Martin H. Andersen Of course people will use it. That's a silly question. .NET has millions of developers and thousands of companies. The frontend has been dominated by JS because there hasn't been any other choice but the amount of demand for Blazor shows that people are ready for something new. There are already some companies using Blazor for internal projects.
Scott Peal (29 days ago)
+Martin H. Andersen I am using it
Mad Max (1 month ago)
I just hope MS don't abandon this project sometime in near future because this is freaking awesome. Yes, there are still some problems to solve but better that then going forward with all that JS nonsense.
manigandham (23 days ago)
+Garfex Wong This is the opposite of Silverlight. WASM is a universal standard and built into browsers now, and there are projects underway to make it a universal binary format for all kinds of languages and (non-web) apps.
Garfex Wong (1 month ago)
another silverlight
Lee (1 month ago)
I'm in awe of Steve Sanderson, he's done such an amazing job here. While, there will still always be Javascript and its various frameworks, this has given a life to all those old WPF/ Win Forms Devs who don't like web, but want to get into it. Which when I first heard about this on DotnetRocks a few years back was his underlying motivation. Frank Krueger also has an amazing thing with Project OOUI using WPF for the Web Browser I think? Eitherway WASM has opened a brand new set of opportunities, even if it does lack optimisation.
Flygon Fiasco (1 month ago)
Realistically, JavaScript isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There’s huge strides to make in webassembly still. Not to mention the sheer amount of maintenance for systems using JavaScript.
Kenneth Ballon (1 month ago)
Louis Hendricks (1 month ago)
This video isn't a repost but it's the same talk that he gave at Oredev that was uploaded on March 11th so a lot of us will have already seen it.
Fernando Fernandes (1 month ago)
I decided to do anything else for the web until this comes out.
Ahad Chowdhury (1 month ago)
Watched this video before.
bar10dr (1 month ago)
I looove this
Inayet Hadi (1 month ago)
I thought Razor Components was going to replace Blazor with Net Core 3.0 . He should be doing a talk on Razor Components since that is going to work with Net Core 3.0
Mike Sheen (1 month ago)
Blazor server side was renamed Razor Components and Blazor client side was kept as an experimental project, but 2 days ago they decided to rename Razor Components back to Blazor to prevent confusion.
djbutterchicken (1 month ago)
Oh no is silver light back
John Wick (29 days ago)
+Dynamike 2010 I know! Why would any software dev learn more than one language? C# for everything! :\
Mad Max (1 month ago)
I feel sorry for those who don't understand the importance of WA. This will mark new revolution in Interned application dev. Hopefully, without JS crap.
Weluv Muzik (1 month ago)
Oh no is dj butter chicken back
Fernando Fernandes (1 month ago)
it is sandboxed, so its SAFE, and its a open format sustained by all major player, its not silverlight in any aspect, except for the good ones.
Chad Geidel (1 month ago)
WebAssembly is definitely not Silverlight

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