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Upgrade your coding Skills via Static Code Analysis - Klocwork

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Klocwork is a niche Static Code Analysis tool which is capable of finding critical security vulnerabilities, checking on reliability issues of the software and checking on whether a particular coding standard like MISRA, DO-178C, CWE, DISA STIG, CERT, OWASP on C, C++, Java and C# codes.
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Prasad Meteonic (7 months ago)
Siva, This gives the complete understanding of the upgradation.... Keep making much more...
Ram Kannan (7 months ago)
Good to learn features for all developers and QA people. Going for POC now 👍
Jo Ice (7 months ago)
Anna... sema☺☺☺😊
Prabhu Duraipandy (7 months ago)
Great work siva. This webinar will give some good point about static analysis. Hope to get more videos from you on this regard.
Thana Balan (7 months ago)
Helpful video for all the developers who wants to write bug free code 👍🏼. Worth 40 min.
vignesh waran (7 months ago)
Fantastic.. soo impressed.. keep going
Priya Somu (7 months ago)
Super Siva..keep going...

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