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NPV - Net Present Value, IRR - Internal Rate of Return, Payback Period.
Project management topic on Capital budgeting techniques - NPV - Net Present Value, IRR - Internal Rate of Return, Payback Period, Profitability Index or Benefit Cost Ratio.
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Mining Investment -  Project Analysis
Walkthrough of the gold mine investment model. The Excel model puts a financial plan and IRR investment analysis together to evaluate an investment in a mining operation such as a gold mine Link to the model https://goo.gl/QTa6RT
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Mod. 6 Lec. 1 - Introduction to the financial analysis of investment projects
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
“Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management” by Nehal Joshipura, Assitant Professor, Finance at Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies. This session covers basics of investment process at fund level or at individual level. Shot at the Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies using AB-Live virtual studio technology.
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How to Calculate NPV, IRR & ROI in Excel || Net Present Value  || Internal Rate of Return
"Try my "Hands-on Python for Finance" course on Udemy free for the first 100 people with code: HPFF0975 https://www.udemy.com/hands-on-python-for-finance/ " http://alphabench.com/data/excel-npv-irr-tutorial.html Tutorial demonstrating how to calculate NPV, IRR, and ROI for an investment. Demonstrates manual calculation of present values as well as the use of NPV and IRR functions in Excel. The spreadsheet used can be downloaded at: http://alphabench.com/data/NPV-IRR_STR.xlsx Capital Budgeting includes the analysis of various projects with financial measurements such as Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Return on Investment (ROI). This video discusses all of these concepts briefly while demonstrating the calculation of them using Excel. Excel Functions: NPV IRR
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Project viability criteria: NPV, IRR, Payback, PI, ARR using Excel
We are going to learn how to calculate different investment criteria such as NPV, IRR, Payback period, PI, ARR using Excel and make investment decision based on such outcomes. Later we are also prepare a sensitivity analysis with WACC to NPV and plot the same on a graph. Find Excel file here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UbmGYA4kcGvjyFtiTSbiUaRusEhVA7y4 This will help you to determine: #how to calculate NPV, IRR, Payback period, PI, ARR using Excel #how to make investment decision based on the above calculations #range of cost of capital at which capital can be raised for the positive NPV project. Finance Standard
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Financial investment tutorial: Understanding return on investment (ROI) | lynda.com
Every investment is expected to deliver a return, but what does "return" mean exactly? Find out in this tutorial, which defines return on investment (ROI) and shows how to calculate ROI. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Business-Data-Analysis-tutorials/Financial-Literacy-Making-Investment-Decisions/145931-2.html?utm_campaign=JWYCs8rRHzg&utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube. This tutorial is a single movie from Making Investment Decisions by lynda.com author Rudolph Rosenberg. The complete course is 56 minutes and shows how to evaluate investments, assess risk, calculate a rate of return, and identify good professional and personal investment opportunities—no finance background required. Introduction 1. What Is an Investment? 2. The Net Present Value (NPV) Methodology 3. Application to Real-Life Situations Conclusion
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How to Calculate ROI
Feel free to grab a free transcript of the Return On Investment video in PDF format at http://www.miketurco.com/roi . It includes all pictures and basically matches the video word-for-word. This video defines and explains the ROI Calculation in simple terms. Two examples are provided: which are "Buy and Sell a Used Car" and "Buy and Sell Stocks."
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Project Selection - Return on Investment (ROI)
DETAILED ARTICLE http://pmclounge.com/2017/09/project-selection-return-on-investment/ PROJECT SELECTION TECHNIQUES https://goo.gl/BkN1Jx VLOGS - LOUNGING AROUND https://goo.gl/3p7bbe SHOP FOR PMP AT AMAZON INDIA http://amzn.to/2xjhXlS PMP STUDY PLAN http://pmclounge.com/pmp-study-plan/ PMP PREPARATION RESOURCES http://pmclounge.com/pmp-preparation-resources/ CONNECT Website - http://pmclounge.com/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pmclounge Twitter - https://twitter.com/pmclounge #PMP #ProjectManagement #PMCLounge
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ACC2005 Investment Analysis Group Project
IA Group Project. Group Members - Alan, Athena, Jia Jie, Leonil
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Analyze Stock Data with Microsoft Excel
Visualization of data is a powerful method to see trends and make decisions. Microsoft Excel trending capabilities are tools to visualize large data sets, such as financial information on company performance.
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Project Investment Analysis And Appraisal PowerPoint Presentation Slides
Every organization needs to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Sensing this need, we have come up with these content-ready change management PowerPoint presentation slides. These change management PPT templates will help you deal with any kind of an organizational change. Be it with people, goals or processes. The business solutions incorporated here will help you identify the organizational structure, create vision for change, implement strategies, identify resistance and risk, manage cost of change, get feedback and evaluation, and much more. With the help of various change management tools and techniques illustrated in this presentation design, you can achieve the desired business outcomes. This business transition PowerPoint design also covers certain related topics such as change model, transformation strategy, change readiness, change control, project management and business process. By implementing the change control methods mentioned in the presentation, you will be able to have a smooth transition in an organization. So, without waiting much, download our extensively researched change management framework presentation. With our Change Management Presentation slides, understand the need for change and plan to go through it without any hassles.
Sensitivity Analysis (Business Forecasting)
This short revision video introduces and illustrates the concept of sensitivity analysis. Sensitivity analysis is a technique which allows the analysis of changes in assumptions used in forecasts. As such, it is a very useful technique for use in investment appraisal, sales and profit forecasting and lots of other quantitative aspects of business management.
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How To... Calculate ROI and Payback in Excel 2013
Learn how to calculate Return on Investment (ROI) and Payback using discounted benefits and discounted costs in project selection. This is a financial tool that you can use to compare two or more projects to help in decision making. This is the second part of two videos that show you how to calculate Net Present Value (NPV), ROI, and Payback. If you want to learn how to calculate NPV using discounted data, see my video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7pZZuCkFbM
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Investment Appraisal - Calculating Net Present Value
The basics of how to calculate present value and net present value are explained in this short revision video.
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ACC2005 Investment Analysis Project - Applied Business Simulation Trading Challenge
ACC2005 Investment Analysis Tri Semester 3, 2016/2017 APPLIED BUSINESS SIMULATION TRADING CHALLENGE
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Acc2005 Investment analysis
Video created purely for school project.
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CAPITAL INVESTMENTS IN HINDI | Importance and Types | Project Planning & Evaluation | BBA/MBA | ppt
#YouTubeTaughtMe PROJECT PLANNING AND EVALUATION IN HINDI - 1 This video consists of the following: 1. Meaning and Concept of Capital investments in hindi 2. Importance of Capital investments 3. Types of Capital Investments: i. Physical assets ii. Monetary assets iii. Intangible assets iv. Strategic investment v. Tactical investment vi. Mandatory investment vii. Replacement investment viii. Expansion investment ix. Diversification investment x. R&D investment xi. Miscellaneous investment IF ANYONE INTERESTED IN JOINING MY TEAM IN MAKING PPTs, HE/SHE CAN JOIN MY TEAM MY NUMBER IS 9716663769 (WhatsApp only). BEST REFERRED BOOK FOR PROJECT PLANNING AND EVALUATION (PRASANNA CHANDRA) : https://amzn.to/2M6Y8mk - Projects: Planning - Analysis by Prasanna Chandra (Author) TAGS FOR VIDEO: capital investment meaning in hindi capital investment importance capital investment importance and difficulties capital investment importance and difficulties ppt capital investment types capital investment and its types 3 types of capital investment projects 3 types of capital investment 4 types of capital investment capital investment capital investment decisions capital investment ppt capital investment pdf capital investment and capital budgeting capital investment meaning capital investment analysis capital investment analysis ppt a capital investment project a capital investment decision capital investment budget capital investment business capital investment definition capital investment decisions ppt capital investment decisions examples capital investment decision making ppt capital investment decisions making capital investment examples capital investment evaluation methods capital investment in hindi bba capital investment mba capital investment lecture on capital investment
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ACC2005 Investment Analysis, Group 11
Video Presentation for ACC2005 Investment Analysis Group Assignment by Group 11.
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16. Portfolio Management
MIT 18.S096 Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance, Fall 2013 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/18-S096F13 Instructor: Jake Xia This lecture focuses on portfolio management, including portfolio construction, portfolio theory, risk parity portfolios, and their limitations. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Knowledge Sharing Webinar Series: Economic Analysis of Investment Projects
Kee-Yung Nam shares his insights towards developing a common understanding of economic analysis methodologies and applications to evaluate the rationale, purpose and justification of investment projects.
Investment Analysis (Trading Project) Stop Motion
A video summary of our trading challenge for investment analysis module.
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Fundamental Analysis of a Company - For a better and informed Decision to Invest in Equity
Fundamental Analysis is important before investing in a Company/ Stock. It helps the person to make an informed decision whether to invest or not. It is not only the study of the Company and its fundamentals, but also analysis of the environment in which the Company operates viz. the industry, the domestic economy and the global economy which are equally important . External factors impacting the Company, such as global recession, political turmoil, natural calamities etc. though not restricted to just one Company, are to be kept in mind while evaluating the decision to invest. ☞ Subscribe to our Channel: https://goo.gl/YqDpAu ☞ Like us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/QOJGSB ☞ Follow us on Twitter: https://goo.gl/xEJeXw ☞ Circle us on G+ https://goo.gl/zIDGA9
ACCA F9 Investment Appraisal Under Uncertainty - Sensitivity Analysis (example 1)
ACCA F9 Investment Appraisal Under Uncertainty - Sensitivity Analysis Free lectures for the ACCA F9 Financial Management To benefit from this lecture, visit opentuition.com to download the free lectures notes used in the lecture and access all our free resources including all F9 lectures, practice tests and Ask the Tutor Forums. http://opentuition.com/acca/f9/ Please go to opentuition to post questions to ACCA F9 Tutor, we do not provide support on youtube. *** Complete list of free ACCA F9 lectures is available on http://opentuition.com/acca/f9/ ***
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Capital Investment Analysis
The Capital Investment Analysis program (formerly Feasibility Studies program) provides grant funding to local governments, First Nations bands and registered non-profits to help cover the cost of an advanced business case study that leads to a final investment decision for a major capital infrastructure project.
Projects Investment Analysis in India - ProjectsToday #ProjectsInIndia
ProjectsToday.com (India's Largest Database on New Projects in India) presents a statistical analytical tool for analysing projects Investment trends in India. The first version carries aggregate data of 64 quarterly projects investment Surveys conducted by ProjectsToday since March 2001. The Analytical tool will assist Investment analysts about the flow of projects investment over the last 15 years by Sectors, States and owners across India. http://www.ProjectsToday.com Blog: http://www.ProjectsInIndia.in For more visit our social media channels Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectsInIndia Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectsTodayIn LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/765347?trk=tyah&trkInfo=tas%3Aprojectstoday
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Investment Analysis on  House & Stock Market - Columbia EECS6893 final project
This is the final project demo of Columbia EECS6893. Designed by Ximing Chen(xc2452), Xiang Li(xl2811), Xuexin Hu(xh2374)
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NPV and IRR explained
Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return, in short NPV and IRR. What is the purpose of the NPV and IRR methods of investment analysis, and how do you calculate NPV and IRR? The main idea of Net Present Value is very simple: time is money! The net present value (or “discounted cash flow”) method takes the time value of money into account, by: - Translating all future cash flows into today’s money - Adding up today’s investment and the present values of all future cash flows If the net present value of a project is positive, then it is worth pursuing, as it creates value for the company. IRR is the discount rate at which the net present value becomes 0. In other words, you solve for IRR by setting NPV at 0. Related videos: How to calculate NPV in Excel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ_NDQ2qVVA How to calculate IRR in Excel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0JCg5TXudc Philip de Vroe (The Finance Storyteller) aims to make strategy, finance and leadership enjoyable and easier to understand. Learn the business vocabulary to join the conversation with your CEO at your company. Understand how financial statements work in order to make better stock market investment decisions. Philip delivers #financetraining in various formats: YouTube videos, classroom sessions, webinars, and business simulations. Connect with me through Linked In!
Dr Jessica Stauth: Portfolio and Risk Analytics in Python with pyfolio | PyData NYC 2015
Dr Jessica Stauth: Portfolio and Risk Analytics in Python with pyfolio PyData NYC 2015 Pyfolio is a recent open source library developed by Quantopian to support common financial analyses and plots of portfolio allocations over time. Pyfolio is a tear sheet that consists of various individual plots that provide a comprehensive image of the performance of a trading algorithm and features advanced statistical analyses using Bayesian modeling. (http://quantopian.github.io/pyfolio/). Python is quickly establishing itself as the lingua franca for quantitative finance. The rich stack of open source tools like Pandas, the Jupyter notebook, and Seaborn, provide quants with a rich and powerful tool belt to analyze financial data. While useful for Quantitative Finance, these general purpose libraries lack support for common financial analyses like the computation of certain risk factors (Sharpe, Fama-French), or plots of portfolio allocations over time. Pyfolio is a recent open source tool developed by Quantopian to fill this gap. At the core of pyfolio is a so-called tear sheet that consists of various individual plots that provide a comprehensive image of the performance of a trading algorithm/portfolio. In addition, the library features advanced statistical analyses using Bayesian modeling. The software can be used stand-alone, w**ith our open-source backtesting library Zipline and is available on the Quantopian platform. This talk will be a tutorial on how to get the most out of this library (http://quantopian.github.io/pyfolio/). Slides available here: http://www.slideshare.net/JessStauth/pydata-nyc-2015 Relevant GitHub repos: https://github.com/quantopian/pyfolio https://github.com/quantopian/zipline www.pydata.org PyData is an educational program of NumFOCUS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States. PyData provides a forum for the international community of users and developers of data analysis tools to share ideas and learn from each other. The global PyData network promotes discussion of best practices, new approaches, and emerging technologies for data management, processing, analytics, and visualization. PyData communities approach data science using many languages, including (but not limited to) Python, Julia, and R. PyData conferences aim to be accessible and community-driven, with novice to advanced level presentations. PyData tutorials and talks bring attendees the latest project features along with cutting-edge use cases.
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Bahria Town All Projects Investment Analysis and Low Budget Plots - Complete Guide
Bahria Town All Projects Investment Analysis and Low Budget Plots - Complete Guide. Bahria Town Lahore and even more beautiful society than the rest of Lahore Who does not know about Lahore’s Bahria, the first one built by the real estate tycoon Malik Riaz. Due to its immense success, he has managed to build the brand Bahria is today and he has also managed to start similar projects in various cities of Pakistan. The mega project of Lahore has many sightseeing opportunities and also provides amenities that you probably can’t get in other parts of the city. Bahria Town is Asia Largest Real estate developers and making a mark in the landscape of Karachi with its Pakistan First world-class master planned community Called “ Bahria Town Karachi ” This community is designed with a neighborhood concept to provide outstanding lifestyle facilities to its residents and will introduce new benchmarks of community development in Pakistan. #BahriaTownLahore #BahriaTownKarachi #ApexGroup For more Updates Subscribe Our Channel or Subscribe our Newsletter on www.apexgroup.pk
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Payback period explained
How does the payback method in investment analysis work? How to calculate the payback period? Find out all about the beauty of the payback method, as well as its shortcomings. The payback method asks a very simple central question: How many years does it take to recover the initial investment? Philip de Vroe (The Finance Storyteller) aims to make strategy, finance and leadership enjoyable and easier to understand. Learn the business vocabulary to join the conversation with your CEO at your company. Understand how financial statements work in order to make better stock market investment decisions. Philip delivers training in various formats: YouTube videos, classroom sessions, webinars, and business simulations. Connect with me through Linked In!
Incremental IRR
Due to differences in the scale, timing, and riskiness of projects, we cannot simply compare the IRRs (incremental rates of return) of two projects. However, we can compute the incremental cash flows of choosing one project versus the other and compute an incremental IRR for these cash flows. This incremental IRR can then be compared to the discount rate to determine which project is more profitable. That being said, the incremental IRR is problematic when some of the negative cash flows do not precede the positive cash flows. Furthermore, the incremental IRR tells us which project is more profitable but it does not tell us whether each of the projects has a positive NPV on a stand-alone basis. And, if the projects have different costs of capital, then we have the additional problem of not knowing the cost of capital to which we should be comparing the incremental IRR. Edspira is your source for business and financial education. To view the entire video library for free, visit http://www.Edspira.com To like us on Facebook, visit https://www.facebook.com/Edspira Edspira is the creation of Michael McLaughlin, who went from teenage homelessness to a PhD. The goal of Michael's life is to increase access to education so all people can achieve their dreams. To learn more about Michael's story, visit http://www.MichaelMcLaughlin.com To follow Michael on Facebook, visit https://facebook.com/Prof.Michael.McLaughlin To follow Michael on Twitter, visit https://twitter.com/Prof_McLaughlin
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Investment Analysis (FIN 4020)
Greetings and Assalammualaikum, this video is our group project for Investment Analysis Project. Hope it will give you guys a brief knowledge regarding this topic. Enjoy!
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Gwadar Golf City Rates - Developers, Location, Development, Plots Prices and Investment Analysis
GWADAR GOLF CITY is being developed by BSM Developers. Mr. Farrukh Shahzad Malik is the Chairman of the company and Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik is the Chief Executive of #BSM #Developers. Gwadar Golf City Plots Prices and Development Update Gwadar Golf City plots prices are not only very attractive for investors but the recently launched development process in the housing scheme is another positive sign for buyers. Gwadar Golf City is a grand residential project by BSM Developers. An NOC approval granted by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) also ensures that investment in the housing scheme will be 100% secure. Residential plots are available in different categories, which makes it easier to invest in this feature rich project. Gwadar Golf City Plots Prices Not only the Gwadar Golf City plots prices are very affordable but it becomes very easy to pay for these plots with the help of a 36-month payment plan. You can book a Gwadar Golf City residential plot by paying 30% down payment and rest of the plot price is adjusted into 36 monthly installments BSM developers are offering a 10% discount on Gwadar Golf City Plots prices for buyers who are willing to make a lump sum payment. Booking forms are available from Universal Property Network, if you are interested to invest in Gwadar Golf City. Processing fee for 5 Marla & 8 Marla plots is Rs. 5,000 whereas Rs. 10,000 is processing fee for 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots. Gwadar Golf City Master plan tends to offer a lot of amenities and features that are not available in any other housing scheme of Gwadar. Combined with such amazing plots prices, Gwadar Golf City becomes an ideal candidate for investment in Gwadar real estate. Gwadar Golf City Development Status As soon as a booking office was opened in DHA Lahore for Gwadar Golf City, development process also started on the site of the project. As GDA has already granted an NOC approval to BSM developers for the housing scheme, so they went ahead with on ground development process. Right now, BSM Developers are establishing a site office consisting of 6 containers, accommodation for 100+ development workers, a petrol pump for heavy machinery and warehouse for the machinery on the site of housing scheme. Survey and on-paper land division for residential plots has been finalized. Heavy machinery has started leveling the ground to lay down mud roads. If you compare Gwadar Golf City plots prices with latest Gwadar property rates, you will find them very economical. BSM developers are determined to bring the plots on ground as soon as possible which means that investment in this amazing housing scheme can be really beneficial. Get in touch with Universal Property Network right now if you are impressed by Gwadar Golf City plots prices and want to invest in this investor-friendly project. If you want to invest in Gwadar Golf City, please feel free to contact our realtor for consultancy and guidance. +92-321-112-5558 +92-321-112-5553 +92-321-112-5552 +92-321-112-7774 For More Details Visit Us: https://www.ourupn.com/gwadar-golf-ci... Subscribe our channel for more videos or follow the link below: https://www.ourupn.com/upn-videos/ #Gwadar #GwadarGolfCity #GwadarGolfCityPlots #GwadarGolfCityBooking #GwadarGolfCityDevelopment #GwadarGolfCityPlotsPrices #GwadarGolfCityByBSMDevelopers
Investment Analysis - February 2017
TSI discusses the key drivers for valuation and future share price catalysts, including; Advanced gold development project; Attractive deal terms Significant historical work completed Strong management team Exploration – reserve + resource growth; and Gold Price.
Cash Flow Estimation Part 1
Cash Flow Estimation Financial Management Lecture by Arif Irfanullah www.arifirfanullah.com
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IA ACC2005 Group Project Video (Trimester 3, 2018)
A quality production from TakeCareNeck Studios. A group project assignment under Investment Analysis module (SIT). A big thank you to the entire film crew! Credits: 1) Cai Jiaqian (Director, Producer) 2) Teo Yi Xin (Cameraman, Screenwriter) 3) Ko Ming Wei (Actor as Investor 1) 4) Simranjeet Singh Walleh (Actor as Investor 2) 5) Lim Yi An, David (Actor as Financial Consultant)
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Gwadar Golf City Location, Development and Investment Analysis
Gwadar Golf City is a GDA approved project by BSM Developers. In this video we have listed some facts of why you should invest in Gwadar Golf City and also some commonly asked questions from customer stand point. What type of investment is this; short term or long term? What kind of ROI you should expect? What are the factors that influence or determine Gwadar Golf City investment? Watch the video and decide for yourself whether you should invest in the project or not. Please note that Jaidad Group is authorized dealer of Gwadar Golf City and we are offering special discount to our clients. For more information about Gwadar Golf City and other projects in Gwadar, please keep visiting Jaidad Group. http://jaidadgroup.net Ahsan Tauheed +92 300 813 1177 (Mobile/Whatsapp) Landline: +92 423 597 6365
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