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SRI : Principles for Responsible Investment (EN)
Each and every one of us can, in our own particular way, do our bit for sustainable development. That includes investors! To this end, in 2006, the United Nations inaugurated their Principles for Responsible Investment, or “PRIs”, for short. For more information, please consult our website : https://www.candriam.com/en/professional/market-insights/sri
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An introduction to responsible investment
Leading PRI figures, including former chair Donald MacDonald, define and explain modern concepts of responsible investment and talk about the need for global collaboration. With thanks to FreedomLab Future Studies for production of the video.
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UNPRI - The Challenge - Ardian
Ardian was an early signatory from the private equity industry in 2009 and has been a very active member of the organization since then – in particular by contributing to producing and promoting several guidance tools for GPs and LPs.
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A blueprint for responsible investment - the next decade
Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director, PRI • Global megatrends and how the Principles and ESG integration can address these risks • The role of the PRI and its accountability framework – initial findings from the accountability and differentiation consultation • Where next - outline the blueprint consultation and its objectives o The mechanisms to increase accountability and promote diversity across the PRI signatory base, including whether PRI should delist signatories that make no progress implementing the Principles and publicly grade signatories according to their level of progress. o A Statement of Purpose for the financial system and the characteristics that deliver on this purpose o The potential to add a 7th Principle to focus investors on the need to address systemic risks o The role of the PRI in fostering greater action and improved reporting on investment activities that support the Sustainable Development Goals • Measuring impact - what does success look like over the next decade and what should the role of PRI be
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What are ESG and Responsible Investing?
What is ESG? What is responsible investing? Watch this video to understand these terms and why they are vital in such a volatile world.
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ESG: a factor in sustainable investment
In 2006, the UN has set out six Principles for Responsible Investment to encourage investors to integrate Environment, Social & Governance issues within their investment decision making process. Learn more about ESG issues: http://bit.ly/2k8rmoO
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Socially Responsible Investing Quickly Explained
When investing in a company, you need to make sure they are doing the right thing and that they are profitable. Companies that do the wrong thing expose themselves to massive risks that could have a huge financial impact in the future. I've attached my notes on SRI below: Involves: Environmental pollution Public concerns (Genetically modified food) Corporate Governance. (Is chairman and CEO same person) Focus of regulatory framework. (greenhouse gas emissions Labour issues. (Safe working environment) SRI is any issue that may not have a short term impact but could have significant negative or positive impacts for asset owners in the long term. SRI has a financial impact. Its not a Moral Judgement OR an Investment Judgement. It includes both. It is the right thing to do and its in the interest of the investor Includes: Ethical business practices Transparent reporting Community support Black economic empowerment Methods: Active asset management with regards to voting in board rooms Enforcing good corporate governance Aim for investments that have a positive contribution to society Also focus on unlisted socially responsible opportunities (Educational Entrepreneurs) Approaches: Passive screening. Invest in an ESG benchmark index Positive screening. Establish a criteria before an investment is included in a portfolio Negative screening. Exclude companies on the basis of ESG performance. UN Global Compact: Human Rights International Labour Organisation (no child labour) Environmental issues No to bribery and corruption Trustees feel SRI implementation is too difficult and that it goes against their mandate of sole responsibility of maximising investment returns. Some critics say that negative screening is not consistent with Modern Portfolio Theory as it limits the investment universe thus lowering diversification, but benefits of diversification are marginal and fall rapidly. Most important issue is if negative screening causes a big deviation from benchmark, if a tobacco company like BAT is one of the biggest in the index. Others believe business should stick to doing business. Trustees must: instruct managers to take SRI into account instruct managers to engage with firms in which they invest Independent non-executive directors may not be considered independent the longer they hold their position Factors pushing ESG into the mainstream Nexus between ESG issues and financial performance Stakeholder activism Reputational concerns Consumer pressure and public opinion Pressure from research bodies Pressure from insurance industries Introduction of corporate environmental reporting obligations Rise of the global company Adoption of investment guidelines by the World Bank Growing corporate Transparency IT revolution Social Media pressure Regulation mandating disclosure of ESG investment policies Traits Discipline Transparency Independence Accountability Appropriate behaviour Fairness Social responsibility Good stakeholder relations Communication and disclosure Effective leadership Financial and economic performance Respect for shareholder’s rights Meeting stakeholder obligations Embracing challenges of their business environment
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SRI : Principles for Responsible Investment (US)
Each and every one of us can, in our own particular way, do our bit for sustainable development. That includes investors! To this end, in 2006, the United Nations inaugurated their Principles for Responsible Investment, or “PRIs”, for short. For more information, please consult our website : https://www.candriam.com/en/professio...
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Principles for Responsible Investment
Video Software we use: https://amzn.to/2KpdCQF Ad-free videos. You can support us by purchasing something through our Amazon-Url, thanks :) The United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative is an international network of investors working together to put the six Principles for Responsible Investment into practice.Its goal is to understand the implications of sustainability for investors and support signatories to incorporate these issues into their investment decision making and ownership practices.In implementing the Principles, signatories contribute to the development of a more sustainable global financial system.The Principles are voluntary and aspirational. ---Image-Copyright-and-Permission--- License: Public domain ---Image-Copyright-and-Permission--- This channel is dedicated to make Wikipedia, one of the biggest knowledge databases in the world available to people with limited vision. Article available under a Creative Commons license Image source in video
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Socially Responsible Investing is Bullshit
Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) combines investing with doing good - what's not to like? Well... a few issues crop up when implementing SRI. As they say: many a slip twixt cup and lip. --------------------- http://www.curreencapital.com twitter: @curreencr
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PRI - A Blueprint for Responsible Investment
https://blueprint.unpri.org Through an ambitious agenda for the next 10 years, we plan to tackle some of the most pressing ESG issues in the world today, from climate change to challenging the barriers around a more sustainable financial system. Our Blueprint will shape the future of responsible investment for the next decade and beyond. Through nine priority areas outlined in the Blueprint, we will encourage its signatories to become more active owners, to inspire leadership, and support sustainable investment strategies, leading to prosperous and inclusive societies for future generations. We look forward to the day when all investment will be responsible.
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A Responsible Investment approach between investment managers and investors
The case of Palatine Private Equity and Access Capital Partners Beth Houghton - Partner, Palatine Private Equity – and Cecile Croissant - Partner, Access Capital Partners. “As a Responsible investor, before committing capital, we always pay attention to whether the fund manager has formalised its own approach to Responsible Investment and how well ESG matters are handled in their deal making and monitoring processes.”
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Christina Blank on principles for responsible agricultural investment
Interview__ In October 2012 the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) approved the beginning of an inclusive consultation process with the objective to develop a set of principles for rai. They are expected to promote agricultural investments contributing to food security and nutrition improvement and to support the progressive realisation of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security. As the chair of the CFS OEWG on rai Christina Blank elaborates on progress and talks about the first outcome document.
PRI in Person 2017 - Integrating ESG for long term, sustainable returns
This session will look at how leading investors in different fields have embedded responsible investment into their business models and how they have ensured that sustainability is at the heart of their operations. It will take a high level look at cultural issues such as engaging and educating portfolio managers and other staff as well as how ESG integration approaches are structured. Eva Halvarsson, Chief Executive Officer, Second Swedish National Pension Fund (AP2) Hiro Mizuno, CIO and Managing Director, GPIF Steffen Hoerter​, Global Head of ESG, Allianz Global Investors Michael Schmidt, Managing Director, Deka Investment Tycho Sneyers, Managing Partner, LGT Capital Partners Moderated by Helene Winch, Senior Responsible Investment Specialist, HSBC Global Asset Management
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SFG - Individual Principles for the Responsible Investor
What is the Responsibility of an individual when engaging in financial business? Sustainable Finance Geneva is convinced that individual and collective responsibility is essential to influence the financial sector. Therefore SFG has developed actions principles for professionals in sustainable finance. These principles aim at defining and spreading best practices in the area of investments and other financial services. By establishing a framework for analysis and discussion, these principles enable professionals in this sector to launch actions in line with the requirements of a responsible financial sector serving a sustainable economy. www.sfgeneva.org
Principles for Responsible Banking: The role of banking in achieving society’s goals
Elliott Harris, Chief Economist of the UN and Martin Skancke, Chair of PRI sat down with Brandee McHale, Director of Corporate Citizenship at Citi to discuss the role of banking in achieving society’s goals at the UNEP FI Global Roundtable in Paris on the 26th of November. This discussion took place just before the launch of the public consultation for the Principles for Responsible Banking.The Principles provide the framework for the sustainable banking system of the future, and help the industry to demonstrate how it makes a positive contribution to society. They will accelerate the banking industry’s contribution to achieving society’s goals as expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. Find out more at unepfi.org/prb
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What are biblically responsible investments?
Inspire CEO Robert Netzly on faith-based investing.
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PRI - Making a sustainable financial system a reality
The financial system is not operating sustainably and it often fails society. We need to realign the system with sustainable, equitable economies. As investors, we need to go beyond ESG integration to achieve a sustainable financial system. Investors have a central role to play. Find out about the PRI’s new SFS projects and how you can get involved.
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PRi in Person 2017 - Responsible investment regulation: its growth and its critics
The PRI identifies over 300 policy instruments across the world's 50 largest economies that either encourage or require responsible investment, half of which have been introduced since 2014. The trend is towards regulatory frameworks that make explicit reference to ESG incorporation. This session will include policymaker and investor reflections on: The growth in responsible investment regulation Examples of regulation, including the IORP II Directive, the Japanese stewardship code and the US Financial CHOICE Act Future policy frameworks for sustainable development Niall Bohan, Head of Unit, Capital Markets Union, European Commission Amy Borrus, Deputy Director, Council of Institutional Investors Nathan Fabian, Director of Policy & Research, PRI Amane Fujimoto, Deputy Director, Corporate Accounting and Disclosure Division, Financial Services Agency (Japan) Curtis Ravenel, Global Head, Sustainable Business & Finance, Bloomberg Jen Sisson, Senior Investor Engagement Manager, Financial Reporting Council (UK) Moderated by Will Martindale, Head of Policy, PRI
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Principles for Responsible Investment
Principles for Responsible Investment The United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment PRI is an international network of investors working together to put the six Principles for Responsible Investment into practice Its goal is to understand the implications of sustainability for investors and support signatories to incorporate these issues into their investment decision making and ownership practices In implementing the Principles, signatories contribute to the development of a more sustainable global financial system The Principles are voluntary and aspirational They offer a menu of possible actions for incorporating environmental, social and corporate governance ESG issues into investment practices across asset classes Responsible investment is a process that must be tailored to fit each organisations investment strategy, approach and resources The Principles are designed to be compatible with the investment styles of large, diversified, institutional investors that operate within a traditional fiduciary framework As of April 2016, 1,500 signatories representing US$62 trillion1 assets under manage Principles for Responsible Investment Click for more; https://www.turkaramamotoru.com/en/principles-for-responsible-investment-7031.html There are excerpts from wikipedia on this article and video
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The Rise of Responsible Investment
James Gifford says the global financial crisis has caused more firms to consider the impact of environmental, social and corporate governance factors on the long-term sustainability of a company. The Executive Director of the U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment says that only using financial metrics to gauge future value is "a bygone paradigm." Short-term investment strategies must be addressed by leaders coming together and saying, "Something is wrong here."
Principles of BRI - What is Biblically Responsible Investing
Biblically Responsible Investing, or BRI, is often a mis-understood term. In this slide show presentation, CIF provides information on the foundations of what BRI is, and how it is incorporated by CIF Member Firms.
The growth in responsible investment over the past decade and the role of the PRI
Martin Skancke, PRI Chair • How the company-investor and owner-manager relationship has evolved over time • How responsible investment frames the discussion for good stewardship practices • How PRI is normalising responsible investment - a reflection on how our values, and perceptions of value, as investors and society have changed over time • Highlights from the independent 10-year review and how far the PRI has come, what we have learned, what the report recommends • Introduce the discussion on systemic risks and the need for investors to play a role in building a sustainable financial system
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RI-TV: Episode 10 - Wolfgang Engshuber, United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment
The honeymoon is over: Wolfgang Engshuber, Chair of United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) summarizes the development of the company over the last six years. He goes on to describe the desired direction for UN PRI: "Globally represented, covering the whole investment universe and signatories who have impact on major themes." Courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre.
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RI-TV: Episode 12 - Rob Lake, United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment
There is no conflict between responsible investment and fiduciary duty: Rob Lake, Director of Strategic Development for the United Nations-backed organization Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), has years of experience in socially responsible investing. His SRI experience in Europe and the UK has given him unique insights to share in the US -- a market in which, he says, there is still 'a certain amount of uncertainty and skepticism' about SRI, as well as misunderstanding about the relationship between fiduciary duty and responsible investing. Courtesy of FS Insight and Holland Financial Centre.
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UN Sustainable Development Goals at DWS
Watch Petra Pflaum, Roelfien Kuijpers, and Pieter Furnée explain why DWS believes in the implementation of ESG standards into the investment process and what role the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) play in this transformation. Sustainability has long been a main pillar of DWS' investment process. In 2008, DWS signed the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). Since then we made significant and exciting developments to our products and introduced our own ESG analyzing tool - the ESG Engine. The ESG Engine was developed in direct response to growing data and analytic expertise in the sphere of responsible investing. As a proprietary software system that combines the different perspectives and approaches of seven leading external data providers, it has become the centerpiece of our commitment to integrating ESG into our investment process and our Active and Passive portfolios. Learn more about the ESG Engine dws.com/en-sg/solutions/esg/esg-engine/. About Petra Pflaum Chief Investment Officer for Responsible Investments and EMEA Co-Head of Equities, DWS Member of the management board of DWS Investment GmbH. In addition to her other roles Petra manages DWS’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) team, which is dedicated to integrating the firm’s ESG capabilities into its investment processes. She has been a strong advocate for ESG throughout her career. As EMEA Co- Head of Equities she has incorporated ESG aspects as extra-financial information for investment decisions. Before that, as Co-Head of Global Research and Global Head of Small & Mid Cap Equities, Petra was one of the first to include ESG information into equity research. She has been a driving force in the firm’s ESG training which has been a required element for portfolio managers and analysts since 2011. About Roelfien Kuijpers Roelfien is Global Head of Strategic Relationships – serving DWS’s most important clients – and a member of the DWS Executive Committee. She has previously held numerous senior roles at DWS and in Deutsche Bank’s former Global Equity division, and served on the Executive Committees of both. Roelfien is a member of the Board of Directors of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and chairs its Investment Committee, and is a strong supporter of women and diversity in the company. She is also a member of the Women's Leadership Board at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, a Trustee at SculptureCenter NY, and serves on the President’s Advisory Council at Oberlin College and the Parent’s Committee at Middlebury College. About Pieter Furnée Joined DWS in 2004 with 16 years of industry experience. During his tenure Pieter roles include responsibility for business development across various markets including the UK, Nordics and Benelux covering wholesale and institutional clients. Prior to joining, Pieter worked for a local Dutch Asset Manager, NNEK, as member of management team responsible for a multi manager product line. Previous he worked as a Business Manager, Commercial Portfolio Manager and as a Business Controller at Zurich Financial Services. Pieter began his career as a Management Trainee at Zurich Financial Services About DWS DWS Group (DWS) is one of the world's leading asset managers with EUR 692bn of assets under management (as of 30 September 2018). Building on more than 60 years of experience and a reputation for excellence in Germany and across Europe, DWS has come to be recognized by clients globally as a trusted source for integrated investment solutions, stability and innovation across a full spectrum of investment disciplines.
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Responsible Investment
https://www.ubp.com/en/investment-expertise/responsible-investment Value creation through responsible investment. UBP continues on its way to enhanced ESG investment standards
Dr James Gifford, Executive Director of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)
Dr James Gifford, Executive Director of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment)
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Mainstreaming responsible investment
Signatories to the PRI, speak about the potential seachange in the investment industry
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Responsible investment in fixed income - event highlights
https://www.unpri.org/FI We were delighted to welcome over 100 delegates to our first full-day fixed income conference, Responsible Investment in Fixed Income: The Road Ahead, in San Francisco in 2018. Offering PRI signatories and investment professionals a platform to learn and network, the event highlighted the importance of ESG issues in assessing issuer creditworthiness, and showcased the latest developments in ESG incorporation for credit analysts and portfolio managers. There was a strong focus on overcoming current challenges and using the six Principles for Responsible Investment as a way of managing credit risk, unlocking value, and driving positive impact alongside financial returns. You can access details on the PRI’s fixed income program and latest publications on our website: https://www.unpri.org/FI
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Etica Sgr | Responsible Investments - Corporate Video ENG
This is the corporate video of Etica Sgr. Etica Sgr is an asset management company, which proposes sustainable and responsible funds (#SRI). Since 2000, Etica Sgr has been offering responsible investment funds and ESG consulting through its team of highly qualified specialists. A mix of skills which makes our model unique in today's market. The company is characterized by the exercise of shareholder rights in the companies in which it invests, to solicit companies and accompany them in the path of achieving a more responsible conduct. The use of #ESG criteria, codified in a transparent methodology and certified according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, allows to manage risks more effectively, seizing interesting investment opportunities. Etica Sgr adheres to the Principles for Responsible Investment (#PRI) of the United Nations and is the first Italian asset manager to have taken a concrete commitment on the theme of climate change by joining the Montréal Carbon Pledge. Site: https://www.eticasgr.it/en/
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All About Ethical & Socially Responsible Investing
Socially responsible or ethical investing has a lot to offer, but sometimes the returns aren't as great as those from more traditional investments. In this video I explain what ethical investing is, how to find socially responsible investments, and why it's important to make room for these in your portfolio! Website: http://www.moneyaftergraduation.com Facebook: facebook.com/MoneyAfterGraduation Twitter: @moneyaftergrad Instagram: @moneyaftergrad Money After Graduation Inc. #600 630-8 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 1G6
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Erik Breen (Robeco) talks about the principles for responsible investing
Interview with Erik Breen, head of Respionsible Investing about the importance of the UNPRI and Robeco's engagement.
PRI in Person 2015 - Day 2 - Keynote: Brad Katsuyama
Keynote Address: Building a market that works for investors Brad Katsuyama, President and CEO, Investors Exchange
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PRI: from SRI to ESG to Impact
James Gifford, founding Executive Director, PRI • A look back at the drafting process and the founding of the PRI • Observations from the early days and reflections on where we are now and what has changed o Pre PRI and the SRI era o PRI and the ESG era - intellectual clarity of ESG is now in place, but in an era of transition to… o Impact era • Mind-set moved from active rejection that investors had a role in societal challenges to now recognising that investor action is needed to solve world problems, there is a positive obligation • Heading to a paradigm where every institution is expected to proactively seek out positive E&S outcomes and impact • Demonstrable examples of where investors are actively seeking and having positive impacts
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Social Finance and Principles for Responsible Investing  at University of Ottawa
The boundaries between public and private are blurring with the responsibilities of social development no longer in the hands of government. It is inappropriate for the private sector to safely hide behind Milton Friedman's assertion that "... the only social responsibility of business is to increase its profits ..."[1] The students of University of Ottawa are interested in alternative investment options that take into account social and ethical considerations. In the last several decades social finance and ethical investment have become increasingly important and sought after investment methods. For example portfolios with social investment started as early as 1984, which according to the Social Investment Forum worth around 40 billion. A decade later this number grew to $639 billion, while in 2001 it was $2.3 trillion.[2] Around the world funds have been organized in national settings like the Pay for Success, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in the United States. ________________________ [1]Milton Friedman, Greed is Good, the Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits, NEW YORK TIMES, 13 September 1970 [2]Florini, A., 2003. 'Business and global governance: the growing role of corporate codes of conduct', Brookings Review 21 (3)
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10 years with PRI in Nordea
10 years ago Nordea signed PRI (Principles of Responsible Investments). We have made a film for you with highlights. Sign up for sustainable finance news: http://sustainablefinance.nordea.com/
Join the debate - CFS principles for responsible agricultural investments (rai)
www.fao.org/cfs/rai/ CFS stakeholders talking about why it is important for everyone to join in the debate that will lead to principles for responsible agricultural investments (rai) (c) FAO www.fao.org
FSinsight - Rob Lake: There is no conflict between responsible investment and fiduciary duty
Rob Lake, Director of Strategic Development for the United Nations-backed organization Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), has years of experience in socially responsible investing. His SRI experience in Europe and the UK has given him unique insights to share in the US -- a market in which, he says, there is still 'a certain amount of uncertainty and skepticism' about SRI, as well as misunderstanding about the relationship between fiduciary duty and responsible investing. http://bit.ly/xHgUwV
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Responsible Investment in the Sparinvest Group
"The UN Principles for Responsible Investment fit extremely well with our established investment process." explains Jacob Nordby Christensen, Sparinvest's Director for Responsible Investment. "As value investors, we have always been very concerned with the full risk spectrum of any company we consider investing in. That applies equally to financial issues or to non-financial issues such as ESG considerations."
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Principles for Responsible Investment
Die UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI), deutsch: Prinzipien für verantwortliches Investieren (UNPRI), sind eine 2006 gegründete Investoreninitiative in Partnerschaft mit der Finanzinitiative des UN-Umweltprogramms UNEP und dem UN Global Compact. Die von den Vereinten Nationen unterstützte Initiative ist ein internationales Investorennetzwerk, das sechs Prinzipien für verantwortungsvolle Investments erstellt hat und umsetzen will. Ziel ist es, die Auswirkungen von Nachhaltigkeit für Investoren zu verstehen und die Unterzeichner dabei zu unterstützen, diese Themen in ihre Investitionsentscheidungsprozesse einzubauen. So tragen Unterzeichner zu einem nachhaltigeren globalen Finanzsystem bei. Die Ziele sind freiwillig und unverbindlich.Inzwischen haben sich den UN PRI weltweit mehr als 1200 Unterzeichner aus allen Kontinenten mit insgesamt 34 Billionen Dollar verwaltetem Vermögen (Jan. 2014) angeschlossen. Quelle: Wikipedia. Der gesprochene Text von WikiBotter basiert auf Artikeln aus der freien Enzyklopädie Wikipedia und wurde AUTOMATISCH erstellt. Er steht unter der GNU-Lizenz für freie Dokumentation und Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0. In der Wikipedia ist eine Liste der Autoren verfügbar. Der Text ist unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike verfügbar, zusätzliche Bedingungen können anwendbar sein. Einzelheiten sind in den Nutzungsbedingungen auf Wikipedia beschrieben. Wikipedia® ist eine eingetragene Marke der Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
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Vaishnavi Ravishankar, Manager: Governance Issues, UN Principles for Responsible Investment
One of the speakers at the Fair Tax Conference 2018, the opening event of the UK’s first ever Fair Tax Fortnight – which celebrates those companies and organisations that are proud to pay their fair share of corporation tax and the positive contribution this makes to society.
PRI in Person 2017 - Building a sustainable economy: the role of financial markets
Per Bolund, Swedish Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs and Deputy Finance Minister Moderated by Martin Skancke, Chair, PRI
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PRI: Tax transparency and beyond
https://www.unpri.org/esg-issues/governance-issues/tax-avoidance Corporate tax responsibility is a priority issue for PRI signatories. The newly published PRI report on tax transparency assists investors in engaging with companies in their portfolios on greater tax disclosure. Fiona Reynolds, Managing Director, PRI and Vaishnavi Ravishankar, Manager, Governance issues PRI discuss this report and some of the preparatory work on tax carried out by PRI in the past.
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PRI in Person 2016 - The responsible investment landscape in Asia
Join us to discuss the launch of the Investor Obligations & Duties in Asia Report. The report aims to better understand the barriers to responsible investment and ESG integration in China (including Hong Kong), India, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, and to make recommendations on how these might be overcome. Moderator: Katrina Nicholas, Editor, Bloomberg Speakers: Kevin Gibson, Chief Investment Officer, Eastspring Investments ONG Boon Hwee, Chief Executive, Stewardship Asia Kerrie Waring, Chief Executive, ICGN Pierre Veyres, Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas Singapore and Regional Head for Southeast Asia Yeo Lian Sim, Special Adviser, SGX
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The Evolution of SEC Disclosure: The Materiality of ESG Information and its Use by Investors
ESG integration into investment decision-making has now hit an inflection point, with signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment initiative reaching a combined AUM total of $59 trillion. With the dramatic rise in investor interest in incorporating ESG factors into investment decision-making, companies are sitting up and taking notice. And yet, analysts often lack access to comparable, standardized information on the sustainability factors that impact value. While there has been a notable increase in the volume of sustainability reporting over the past several years, there is a strong push among investors for companies to disclose material ESG information in their SEC filings.
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PRI in Person 2017 - highlights
Apply for next year: https://www.unpri.org/SanFran2018 1,000 delegates. 35 sessions. Over 140 speakers. PRI in Person, the leading global responsible investment conference was in Berlin in 2017 – and was the best yet. Offering PRI signatories and investment professionals a platform to learn, network and collaborate in person over three days, the annual event included topics on climate action, the Sustainable Development Goals, responsible investment regulation and the business case for active ownership. There was a strong focus on opportunity and action, and signatories were challenged by Convenor, Mission 2020, Christiana Figueres, to commit 1% of their AUM to low-carbon investments by 2020.
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