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You do not have sufficient access to uninstall FIXED
Please read the description first. This short video will show you how to fix the "You do not have sufficient access to uninstall...Please contact your system administrator." problem Just follow the steps. NOTE* I encounter this problem and the fix for me was as in the video. If it didn't work for anyone else I'm sorry...this fixed my problem and I don't know any other solution.
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The Human Microbiome: Emerging Themes at the Horizon of the 21st Century (Day 2)
The Human Microbiome: Emerging Themes at the Horizon of the 21st Century (Day 2) Air date: Thursday, August 17, 2017, 8:15:00 AM Category: Conferences Runtime: 07:32:24 Description: The 2017 NIH-wide microbiome workshop will strive to cover advances that reveal the specific ways in which the microbiota influences the physiology of the host, both in a healthy and in a diseased state and how the microbiota may be manipulated, either at the community, population, organismal or molecular level, to maintain and/or improve the health of the host. The goal will be to seek input from a trans-disciplinary group of scientists to identify 1) knowledge gaps, 2) technical hurdles, 3) new approaches and 4) research opportunities that will inform the development of novel prevention and treatment strategies based on host/microbiome interactions over the next ten years. Author: NIH Permanent link: https://videocast.nih.gov/launch.asp?23423
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